Solar Era, Blue Star Alliance, Yanjing Fortress.

New regiment, Chaos Battalion.

"Ancient humans had only twenty-three pairs of chromosomes in their bodies."

"But after the catastrophe, all human beings have an extra pair of chromosomes in their bodies."

"This makes us humans have abilities similar to monsters."


On the podium of the martial arts field, the Chaos Battalion of the new regiment led the army, and was explaining the key points of inheritance to the new recruit Danzi.

Xu Mo stood quietly behind the crowd, his eyes confused, and a large number of fragmented memories poured into his mind.

Just a moment ago, he was an ordinary blue-collar worker at Blue Star.

Unexpectedly, after getting out of the elevator at the construction site, he found that he had traveled through time.

Travel to a world parallel to Blue Star, but three thousand years after Blue Star!

Following the explanation from the leader of the Chaos Camp, the memories of Xu Mo and the original owner of the same name were integrated.

The memory of the blue star in front of him three thousand years later was read out by him.

Three thousand years ago, the Blue Star suddenly appeared with nine stars in the sky.

After the nine stars connected together, Blue Star underwent a sudden change and its volume expanded countless times.

Affected by it, the creatures on the entire Blue Star have mutated to varying degrees.

All living things, almost no one is spared!

Bizarre changes have occurred in the genes of animals and plants. In particular, the size of animals has increased unscientifically, and their temperaments have become extremely manic.

The originally docile animals became very aggressive and ferocious.

Nowadays, mutated animals and plants are collectively called monsters by humans!

Mutated monsters cannot be destroyed by humans through thermal weapons, even nuclear bombs, which are known as the weapons of destruction!

As a result, the human world order completely collapsed.

This is the beginning of mankind's catastrophe.

The crazy monster seems to have developed intelligence, and its hatred for human beings who have been hunting for a long time has reached the extreme.

As a result, the monsters formed a tacit understanding and began to attack human cities in an organized manner.

In just one year, the world's population plummeted by more than 60%, and the human living environment has become extremely harsh.

Fortunately, the Nine Stars Lianzhu affects not only animals and plants, but human genes have also mutated.

Mutated humans, under special circumstances, will inherit special beast-like abilities.

For this ability, humans named it - bloodline inheritance!

"The blood inheritance mentioned to you now is a kind of superpower that all humans over the age of 18 have a high chance of acquiring during the seven-star continuum moment at a fixed time every year!"

Wan Jun's voice was extremely loud at this moment, and his expression was unprecedentedly serious.

Xu Mo was awakened by the loud voice and subconsciously raised his head to look at his leader.

"In ten minutes, it will be your only big day in this life!"

"You are all orphans rescued from the dead by the Alliance. Now is the time for you to prepare to serve the country!"

"Inherit the superpower, from now on, just like your predecessors, dedicate everything you have to the alliance, to mankind, and to the future of mankind..."

Wan Jun's voice became louder and louder, and all the recruits listening to his speech were excited!

Everyone's eyes were shining with eager eyes.

For the development of the alliance and for the future of mankind, just like their predecessors, they will continue to struggle!

Xu Mo's eyes also became firm.

The fragments in his memory allowed him to see countless predecessors generously die for the continuation of humankind's fire, which almost brought tears to his eyes.

"Now that I am Xu Mo in this world, I will definitely inherit the legacy of my predecessors and become a successor who fights for mankind!"

From Wan Jun's introduction just now, Xu Mo has learned that only the inheritors are the mainstay of this world!

The strong man flies into the sky and escapes from the earth, burning mountains and boiling seas!

With any spell or forbidden spell, a medium-sized fortress can be easily destroyed!

Imagining such a scene, the eagerness in Xu Mo's eyes became even more intense!

“I’m really looking forward to it!”

"Bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamonds, stars..."

"I wonder what level the bloodline I will be able to inherit in the end will be? Gold is best, platinum is even better, diamonds are possible, Star Glory..."

Xu Mo was in a trance as he recalled the memories left by his original body.

For the inheritors of this world, inheriting the bloodline is only the first step.

After inheritance, you still need to practice hard to further improve your strength to the level of bloodline.

For example, if one inherits the silver one-star bloodline, the inheritor's initial strength is only one bronze-star.

Only through continuous efforts and raising the strength to Bronze Nine Stars can one have the opportunity to break through to Silver One Star and reach the same level as the bloodline, thereby exerting the true ability of the bloodline!

In the memory of Xu Mo's predecessor, the bloodline he inherited from the governor of the Yanjing Fortress where he is now was at the gold level at the beginning.

It was only after he reached the same level as his bloodline through continuous efforts that he became a strong man dominating the Yanjing Fortress!

"Everyone, remember, if you don't inherit the bloodline, don't feel sorry for yourself at all!"

"You are all the pillars of the alliance, the elites of mankind. Today, our alliance's technological strength is no longer as bad as it was thousands of years ago!"

"If anyone is unable to awaken, they can join the Alliance Arsenal family and continue to serve the Alliance!"

"Okay, don't say much. There are still three minutes until the Seven Stars Connect. Everyone, make final preparations and relax. UU Reading try to relax..."

Almost the next second after Wan Jun finished speaking, the originally clear sky suddenly turned gloomy.

Suddenly, seven points of light as bright as the sun appeared in the sky and were slowly forming a straight line.

In the process of connecting these seven light points into a straight line.

The world was suddenly filled with a powerful aura.

That aura quickly enveloped the entire blue star, releasing an indescribable wave of energy.

Xu Mo stood in the crowd, looking up to the sky, his eyes burning like a torch. Just as Wan Jun said, he completely relaxed his body and mind.

According to what Wan Jun said, only those who are completely relaxed can get more benefits of the blood inheritance brought by the Seven Stars Lianzhu!

The seven light points finally formed a straight line!

In an instant, countless thin and colorful streams of light fell from the sky.

Quickly and accurately penetrated into the body of every adult on Blue Star who had never received inheritance.


At this time, the entire Blue Star let out a cry like a mythical beast from the prehistoric era!

The long chirping sound made everyone feel confused.

But at this moment, the body of each inheritor suddenly burst out with bright brilliance.

The top of each inheritor's head shows the phantom of their respective bloodline inheritance.

Xu Mo saw this scene clearly. Although he couldn't see his own, he was sure.

This is the phantom of each inheritor, the beast passed down by bloodline!

At this moment, a pleasant voice suddenly came into Xu Mo's mind.

[Ding, the energy fluctuation of the bloodline body has been detected, and the ancient beast system has been activated...]