Chapter 2042: Rebirth Technique

He retracted his hand and looked at the kite.

I originally thought that this ancient flying dragon had only recently woken up, and its strength was very weak at the beginning, but now it seems that this is probably some of the back players left by the ancient Tianzun, and it may even be left by the mountain god!

I thought that the location of the ancient flying dragon was too close to the location of Mine No. 3. The five Tianzuns in Mine No. 3 and the human skins pressed down by Tianzun Yin were all full of weirdness.

The kite obviously didn't know anything, maybe the memory was blocked, maybe, it was used some means without knowing it.

"Kite, a hundred years ago, was this egg lifeless?"

Jiang Xiaoye stretched out his hand and placed it on the dragon egg. After the life inside noticed him, he began to fall asleep, without any vitality before.


Kite thought about it, then nodded.

The half-dead egg, what hands and feet have been laid!

Jiang Xiaoye understood this, and felt a little uneasy. Whether it was the Western Evening God or the Canghuang God, all the mountain gods, except for the North Mountain God, probably left behind!

"Who is it?" Jiang Xiaoye began to look at the dragon egg little by little.

The baby bee also flew down and lay down comfortably on the dragon egg.

"Found it!" Jiang Xiaoye saw that in the dragon egg, there was a mysterious aura, which has been hidden in the body of the creature in the egg.

The breath comes from Tianzun!

what happened?

Is it another move? This was what Jiang Xiaoye was considering in his heart. I was afraid that it was not the mountain **** from the mountain **** period, or the Tianzun from the mountain **** period. There must be something for him.


Toad fairy emerged, his voice decisive.

Jiang Xiaoye found out, and naturally he also discovered the secret. The Tianzun seal left by Tianzun must be of great use. Nothing in general, Tianzun will not leave this kind of Tianzun that can exist for many years and many years. Printed.

"No, this Tianzun seal is combined with the kite's inner alchemy and soul. This method is probably to prevent the kite from becoming extraordinary, or even the Tianzun, to prevent the Tianzun from printing accidents. It is not available now."

After taking it, it is estimated that something will happen to the kite.

This mysterious aura dominates everything in the dragon egg.

"I want to see, what the **** are you!" Jiang Xiaoye's hand, a curse mark appeared, he wanted to try to see if he could seal the Tianzun seal!

The seal of Heavenly Sovereign hidden in the inner pill and soul of the ancient flying dragon did not explode at this moment, but was hidden more thoroughly. Jiang Xiaoye understood that this Heavenly Sovereign was estimated to be much stronger than him before.

"The times have changed!"

Jiang Xiaoye stretched out his hand, and Tianzun was printed on the kite's somewhat resisting gaze, and pushed onto its head.


The kite is a bit painful, but it believes Jiang Xiaoye.

"This doesn't seem to be the breath of a mountain god." For the five mountain gods, Jiang Xiaoye clearly remembered their aura. The Heavenly Sovereign Seal explains everything, and this Heavenly Sovereign Seal is obviously not left by the Mountain God.

The strange Tianzun seal began to hide, obviously there was a trace of soul hidden in it.

"Since you won't come out, then I will force you out!"

A golden light flashed in Jiang Xiaoye's eyes, and the Tianzun seal in his hand was directly shot into the head of the kite.

The Tianzun seal began to collide, and the kite raised its head in pain. It didn't know what had happened.

"Little friend, you are too much!"

A consciousness came from the strange seal of Tianzun.

"Don't hide it? Then give it to me!" Jiang Xiaoye found that the other party's seal was very fragile. Naturally, he said that it was compared with his seal.

If it doesn't come out, I'm afraid the kite will be more ill-fortune in the future.

"The time is not at the best moment, little friend, can you not haunt me?"

"Then you leave by yourself!"

Jiang Xiaoye increased his strength.

"Hey!" A faint sigh, full of a sense of helplessness, and then, the dragon egg exudes a dazzling light, and a mysterious air current seeps out.

At the same time, textures suddenly appeared on the abdomen of the kite, followed by a faint light.

"This is... the rebirth technique, this evil rebirth technique actually exists!"

Immortal Toad was surprised and quickly reminded Jiang Xiaoye: "Be careful, the other party is Tianzun. He is going to be resurrected. Take the opportunity to kill him, lest he grow up in the future!"

"Rebirth technique? Senior Toad Immortal, what on earth is this?"

Jiang Xiaoye didn't know what this was. He seemed to have raised an incredible thing, and he had never discovered such a big hidden danger.

"The symbol of self-essence and blood, inspired by the power of the soul, and based on the flesh and blood of the parasite, regenerates his own body that has been withered. The soul of Tianzun is immortal for thousands of years. Obviously, this is the way to prepare for the rebirth of the first life. Flying Dragon and her children."

Toad Immortal knows a lot about these things. After all, in the fairy gate, many people like to study some weird things.


The soul breath flows into the abdomen of the ancient flying dragon, and the curse mark on the abdomen burns immediately.

"Roar!" The kite struggled violently in pain, and at the same time, the dragon egg seemed to be burning.


With a crisp sound, a slimy little blue dragon directly exploded the dragon egg, and the rich life breath instantly covered the entire dragon nest!

"Understood, this is when the Tianzun left this hand, pour all the life force into the dragon egg to block it, and release it a little bit to revive the dragon egg."

Jiang Xiaoye understood this scene.

This egg, originally had no vitality, was saved by this heavenly deity.

A slimy person came out of the kite's abdomen and fell to the ground. On the top of his head, the Tianzun seal flickered back and forth.

The kite was limp on the ground, losing a lot of blood and blood, making it extremely weak.

"Thanks to your common people's power, otherwise it will be difficult to survive. It is also your common people's power that gives me the opportunity to complete this technique. Unfortunately, the timing is a bit early."

The ancient Tianzun slowly stood up, looking at Jiang Xiaoye, panting a little embarrassedly.

"Grandmaster..." Jiang Xiaoye discovered that the other party was just a grandmaster...

This is not as good as my own dog...

"I remember, boy, the sequelae of this technique are very serious. It is possible for Tianzun to become an ordinary person. It seems that there is nothing to worry about."

Toad Immortal didn't feel nervous after seeing that the other party was just a great master.


Jiang Xiaoye waved his hand abruptly, and the old Tianzun who had just been reborn couldn't react, and fell to the ground with a "thump".

"Seal it first, and then check it out."

Jiang Xiaoye is now well-informed. He is no longer the ignorant boy he used to be. First is the **** of West Evening, and then this weird Tianzun...

It is estimated that this big game is about to begin!