Chapter 2041: Inner Pill Tibetan Seal

Can't connect with each other?

Jiang Xiaoye understood.

"It's closed to you, try to see if you can make it open to you, but there may be some bad memories to convey to you." Jiang Xiaoye also got some vague memories at that time, they are all deep in the heart of Toad Immortal of.


Zhao Wuliu shouted.

With a red light, Zhao Wuliu's expression solidified, his expression changed from joy to dullness, and then, his face was full of sadness, tears could not stop streaming.

"Fuck... I'm not to blame!" Jiang Xiaoye felt that Zhao Wuliu was miserable...

The sadness of the ancient arrow spirit is shared!

"Ouuuuuu, Xiao Ye, what's wrong with me? Ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu's whole person is covered by the sad breath, standing next to him can feel this A sense of sadness!

This comes from the sadness of the ancient arrow spirit, and now part of it has been shared by Zhao Wuliu!

"woo woo woo woo!"


Jiang Xiaoye was speechless. After checking it, he found that there was no harm to Zhao Wuliu.

"The sadness accumulated over countless years has been shared with him. No wonder this little arrow spirit used to be incompatible with all immortals. It seems that this is the sadness formed by the accumulation of many feelings."

The phantom of the toad immortal appeared from behind Jiang Xiaoye, his third eye opened and checked.

"Not a big problem!"

Jiang Xiaoye feels nothing, isn't it just sad? Zhao Wuliu is so happy on weekdays, and it is quite good to experience sadness.

"Ooo, Xiao Ye, oooo, I feel so uncomfortable in my heart, oooooooo!"

"What's wrong with me? Why do I keep crying? Uuuuuuu!"


"What's wrong with me? Oh!"

Zhao Wuliu couldn't stop his tears. It seemed too miserable. Jiang Xiaoye took Zhao Wuliu home. When he gets better, let him feel the current archery skills.

Along the way, Zhao Wuliu made many villagers feel strange.

"What the **** do you look at? Oh, oh, haven’t you seen the tears that can’t stop your eyes when you hit your nose? Ooh, let’s look at you again!" As a village tyrant, suddenly became a rare animal, Zhao Wuliu was caught The look in his eyes was so angry, but he was sad and wanted to cry.

"Zhao Wuliu, are you broken in love? Don't be photographed and searched immediately, hahahaha!"

"So you cry too?"

"I didn't cry when I was young, but now I cry? Hahahaha!"

"Laugh a shit, oh oh who dares to take pictures? I see who your wife and daughter-in-law dare to take a bath, oh, why can't these tears be stopped, Xiao Ye quickly help me, oh!"

Weeping all the way to Jiang Xiaoye's house.

Xiao Hei is beating Xiao Huang at the door of his house. Xiao Huang hides in the corner, roaring and waving his paws. Now the little guy already knows that he can't escape, he wants to fight!

It's just that I get beaten harder.

"Wang?" Hearing the cry, Xiao Hei tilted his head to look, then wagging his tail and ran towards Jiang Xiaoye.

The little brown bear also went to Jiang Xiaoye to complain.

"Wang Wangwang?" Seeing Zhao Wuliu crying so sad, Xiao Hei curiously yelled in the past.

"Xiao Hei, oh oh, I'm uncomfortable, oh oh!" Zhao Wuliu watched Xiao Hei run in front of him, knelt down and hugged Xiao Hei and started crying.

The little black dog's eyes were rounded, his neck stretched, look at Zhao Wuliu, then Jiang Xiaoye, and began to think about the dog's birth!

Is Lord Hei crazy, or is this guy crazy? Even if you don't hide when you see yourself, you still hold yourself?


Is it deliberately suing?

Xiao Hei thought supernormally, so he yelled a few times quickly. Little Master, you listened to Master Xiao Hei's explanation. He hasn't beaten him for several days. He wants to make a false accusation!

"Don't be the best." Jiang Xiaoye picked up the little brown bear and came over to pat Xiao Hei's head.

Seeing Zhao Wuliu crying all the time, Li Lan couldn't help but ask Jiang Xiaoye several times with curious eyes.

"How can this be done?"

Jiang Xiaoye couldn't help it, Zhao Wuliu's state might be sad forever.

"In fact, this should be released because the ancient arrow spirit didn't understand it. Some of my vague memories were intercepted by you before, but I quickly blocked it. It shouldn't take long."

Toad fairy knew the reason.

"Zhao Wuliu, just let the ancient arrow spirit take back this emotion."

Jiang Xiaoye reminded Zhao Wuliu, otherwise he would be cold in this crying state.

"Woo, I'll try, woo!"

"It's too miserable... You work hard first, I'll go out to see something."

Jiang Xiaoye got up. He was going to see the dragon egg. The dragon egg of the ancient flying dragon was absolutely weird. Although there was a dragon's shadow inside, Cang Song talked to him today, which made him wonder.

Why don’t the creatures in the egg come out?

The little brown bear was sitting in the baby chair eating breakfast. He yelled twice when Jiang Xiaoye was gone.

"Eat yours!"


The little brown bear extended his paw and pointed at the little black under the table.

Xiao Hei barked his teeth, Master Xiao Hei did not have the same treatment as you before, and Master Xiao Hei will beat you to death!

"Hurry up and eat!" Li Lan put another Wowotou, and the other gave it to the little dumpling sitting next to him. The two ancestors now have to wait and serve every day.

The sea of ​​flowers fragrant, Jiang Xiaoye arrived, and immediately Yafeng flew over and circled Jiang Xiaoye.

Baby Bee flew out and happily revolved on top of Jiang Xiaoye's head.

"I didn't care about it before, and I really haven't found it. There is another power in the kite. Although it is weak, it does exist. If you don't step into the Tianzun and look carefully, you really can't find it."

Jiang Xiaoye felt the baby bee, and there was a trace of weird power in the baby bee.

From kites and dragon eggs!

"Buzzing?" Baby Bee was curiously lying on Jiang Xiaoye's forehead, staring with big eyes.

Jiang Xiaoye touched it, and his figure flashed into the dragon's nest.

Kite opened his eyes for the first time, raised his huge head, and extended his neck affectionately to greet Jiang Xiaoye.

"Isn't it out yet?"

Just like before, Jiang Xiaoye came over to take a picture of the kite, and then began to look at the blue dragon egg under the kite. The life of the dragon egg was very thick. The creatures inside were obviously fully formed, but they never came out.

"this is……"

Jiang Xiaoye's eyes turned golden in an instant, and the huge size of the kite seemed to be seen in an instant. When he habitually injected the power of the mountain gods into the kite, he suddenly began to search the kite's body carefully today. Unexpectedly, it was on the kite's skull. , There is a mark!

One was very weak, and was always covered by the kite's inner alchemy, and Jiang Xiaoye did not notice it many times.

This time, with the improvement of strength and doubt, who knew this trial, it was troublesome!

"Tian Zun Yin!"

Jiang Xiaoye's expression became solemn, this is not his own seal of Heaven!

Kite has a master!