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The waves rise in darkness, and the steampunk ship made of extraordinary steel roars for a long voyage.

The whale fell into the deep sea, and the siren called to the extraordinary sailors who hunted mermaids with beautiful songs.

Secret time hunters who follow the ancient rules are looking for their prey.

A born “hero”, with his destiny on his back, has already embarked on the journey of creating history.

The ancient “sealed objects” hurriedly opened the door of the seal, and they wanted to release the newly derived “extraordinary memes”.

The “superior genetic warrior” combining steam science and transcendence ushered in the dawn.

The young dragon who had just broken the egg saw the dragon-slaying warrior and used a knife to gouge out his mother’s heart.

Scourge creatures, sharpen their swords, they want to make their debut with this extraordinary era.

The wave of the times has swept violently, with dark and mysterious fog…

Unspeakable horror is bred…

The abyss is staring…

And the young man in a certain ruin city, determined to become a flesh-clad master, is hanging up.

Welcome to the extraordinary era of steampunk!

- Description from MTL


Short Title:TMS
Alternate Title:肉装法爷会挂机
Author:Black Sky
Weekly Rank:#723
Monthly Rank:#534
All Time Rank:#1576
Tags:Cheats, Clever Protagonist, Evil Gods, Fantasy Magic, Magic, Pharmacist, Resurrection, System, Transmigration, Weak to Strong, Wizards,
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8 Comments on “Tanky Mage System
  1. The ending was so unexpected lol, the author was planning on creating a grotesque world filled with immorality, danger and horror. Just like the lord of the mysteries, the core of the world itself is made out of fear. There exists many creatures filled with mysteries such as Cthulhus (?). The world is under constant threat with the presence of alien creatures. Refreshing read overall. Though the mtl sometimes makes little sense, you can Still make out the general storyline.

  2. since im almost finished with this novel let me tell you about this one. mc has a gamers body. he has like 1 revive per month which stacks and uses it to improve or remove the debuffs he recieves . you might think mc is super OP. well your right. but through reading this novel you wont feel sick of it because of a lot of more op characters in the novel. its a fun read and hope it has a nice ending. lol

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