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Robbers and female supporters can be regarded as an ancient industry with a long history in almost any world. After all, the threshold for engaging in these two practices is extremely low. Generally speaking, as long as you can choose to enter the industry, you do n’t have to go through a professional. Various certifications as complicated as the system, just put your arms on your sleeves and just go straight.

Therefore, in this case, whether it is a bandit group or a female branch, almost all have the characteristics of unevenness. In the case of robber groups, the most prominent feature is the uneven strength. After all, because the members of the robber group come from a variety of people, many robber group leaders may be very powerful, but their hands are just a group of chaos. .

As for the other possibility, there are unruly mercenaries or adventurers who pretend to be humanoids, but secretly do the work of thieves and robbers. Although such mercenaries and adventurer unions have always been severely cracked down, the results have been repeatedly banned.

What's more, the entire mercenary regiment itself is a common guise of a robber regiment.

Therefore, under normal circumstances, the bandit group formed by spontaneous people will not target the caravan that Zhang Yang is at the moment. After all, a group of ordinary people who raise weapons will never be the opponents of professional mercenaries. Therefore, the lone businessman, A small caravan with no more than twenty people is the target of the small miscellaneous bandit group.

In contrast, the strength of medium-sized robber groups requires most business travelers to pay attention to it. It is important to know that although the number of robber groups is not the key to evaluating the overall strength, the number and average strength of the professionals in the group, the strongest of which The ranks of the ranks, and even the striking 'big deal' that has been done, will become the standard for evaluating its strength.

So although the attacking robbers are just hiding cold arrows in the trees at the moment and did not show up, from the perspective of professionals, only this arrow rain painted with black and shot with a fairly accurate head is absolutely It's not something that can be achieved by a riotous group of spontaneous people.

So even in this case, Zhang Yang had already vaguely warned the caravan, but at the moment the caravan was at the camp for cooking, so suddenly a few slow-moving businessmen fell to the ground. But perhaps the vigilance and resilience of the merchants who have been away for a long time are relatively strong. Although the first wave of Arrow Rain successfully hit several people, only one unlucky guy was shot in the neck and died on the spot. The rest Basically, they are small injuries of arrows in arms and legs.

Faced with this situation, members of the 'Golden Leaf' mercenary regiment, who had not relaxed their vigilance, were naturally impossible to watch. While the injured personnel were rescued to a safe place in the first place, the remaining personnel quickly transported the goods. The carriage was a barrier, and a simple line of defense was established in less than half a minute.

Seeing here, Zhang Yang also nodded insignificantly, whether it was a merchant in the caravan or a member of the "Golden Leaf" mercenary group under the sudden attack, the response was good. The only thing that was missed was that there was no first time Arrange the manpower to dispose of the light source in the camp, so that not only all of your own arrangements are exposed to the enemy's sight, even the enemy robbers only have a little patience, and then let the archer shoot In the last dozen rounds, even if there are carriages on the caravans acting as barriers, the number of casualties who have been completely crushed for a long time will surely rise.

Therefore, in order not to be too noticeable, I only used the "Bow of Blessings" to condense a three-sided ice shield with the size of a human head, and control Zhang Yang, who was easily blocked by the arrow that was shot at him on one side, and finally from the position where he just sat Stand up, and then holding the lyre in one hand, holding the fourth-order staff that Ophelia forced him to bring in one hand, and quickly hit the fire in the camp several times.

So in a flash of light, the light blue magic core embedded in the top of the staff in Zhang Yang's hands lit up slightly, but a group of crystal clear water polo was born directly from the position of the head of the stick, and then fluttered tremblingly to the camp, followed by more Extinguish all sources of fire exactly!

That's right! This ball of water, which is obviously not lethal, is nothing else, it is the zero-order magic of the water system [Recovered Water]! You must know that Zhang Yang, a counterfeit magician, is not a genuine product. Not only all the spell-like skills released are released through the 'Brace of Domination', but even the attributes are completely based on water magic.

However, if this is the case, the problem is that even though Zhang Yang can release spell-like spells through the vindictive bracelet, and seeing whether its power, quantity, or so-called 'casting speed' are enough to scare ordinary people, the problem is that somehow Zhang Yangming can pass the vindictive bracelet. Releases similar to first-order [ice bomb], second-order [ice hand], third-order [ice cone] and [ice ring] and fourth-order water magic [ice shield], [ice burst], [ [Icewall], so many kinds of magic that have both offensive and defensive skills, but in any case, the most basic [recovered water] out of water magic cannot be used, not to mention other auxiliary magic such as [water element resistance].

In fact, Zhang Yang himself is very clear about this situation. After all, the reason why he can use such "magic magic" is to extract the magic of the water system directly from the "treasure bracelet" by his powerful soul, and then reshape it into Various forms of magic are launched, so that they look like magic.

So in essence, Zhang Yang is still unable to release magic, even if he barely controls the grudge bracelet to make a so-called 'water ball', but it is only an aggregate formed of pure water elements, not a water system that has a slight healing function and humans can rest assured to drink. Elementary Magic [Recovery Water]!

So in the face of this situation, Ophelia ’s main reason is that there has never been a water magician who will not [restore the water] this magic, supplemented by that that staff is more like a magician, and also with you. That bearded man is more suitable 'This excuse that Zhang Yang seems to be unreasonable at all, even somehow dig out this wand that is called' superior '!

In fact, this staff in Zhang Yang's hands is really very good in terms of level. After all, the rank of the fourth-level magic weapon is there, and the cost of the material cost is a few thousand gold? Under normal circumstances, if it is sold at the standard of a fourth-order magic weapon, it can theoretically sell at least about 10,000 gold coins ... in theory ...

The problem is that even if Zhang Yang can't use the first-order water magic [Recovered Water], he doesn't have to find him a wand that can only release the [Recovered Water]! ? Is it funny to spend so much manpower and material resources to make this stuff? Which master likes to use [Recovery Water] to take a bath, so he made such an unlucky thing?

That's right! Although this rod given to Zhang Yang by Ophelia was a fourth-order magic weapon with a serious sense, but this thing can only use the inherent magic of [Recovered Water] almost indefinitely! However, if this is the case, Zhang Yang will use it as a ‘water bottle’ for the head office, right? Even when it ’s okay to travel, it ’s okay to “make” [recovery water] and wash your face, right?

but! This unlucky staff even has a terrible limitation, that is, it can only be urged using the fourth-order magic core! In other words, if you want to use this thing, you need to first place a fourth-order magic core ... that is at least 500 gold coins a starting thing! Even if Zhang Yang is "not bad for money" today, is it not fragrant to save this magic core and set it on the "brace of grudge"? !

Well, even if we do n’t consider the question of money or money, in theory, the magic reserves in the fourth-order magic core can completely release nearly 900 times of zero-order magic [Recovery Water], but Zhang Yang found in the experiment that His super keen perception estimates that after a new fourth-order water magic core is embedded and used five times [Recovered Water], the total amount of magic power remaining in the magic core is only about 99%. !

In other words, not only the magic that comes with this broken staff is almost rubbish, but even the conversion efficiency of magic power is low. Zhang Yang even doubts whether this thing was accidentally made by a bear child of an alchemist master? Otherwise, materials of the same price can at least make dozens of first-order ‘Repaired Water Staff’, right?

Whenever I think of Zhang Yang, I do n’t get angry, say no, this thing is a part of Ophelia ’s heart anyway, not to mention that now Ophelia is already the queen of the Moxim Kingdom. It's not good to say that Zhang Yang is given something to Zhang Yang, even if he only cares about his face, right?

But even so, Zhang Yang always has the feeling that Ophelia simply deliberately added a bit of blocking to him. The problem is that Zhang Yang thinks carefully that he seems to have no place to offend this big sister, right? So where did this 'innocent disaster' come from?

However, Zhang Yang may not be bad, but when it comes to women's minds, he is at best a rookie. So I'm afraid he can't guess how he thinks because the problem is that Neil Jelina has grown too fast, and many places are more like him.

However, some of these things Zhang Yang had time to think about. In contrast, because he shot out all the sources of fire in the camp in one fell swoop, this was to make the surroundings suddenly shrouded in darkness at the same time. Naturally became the priority target of the bandit group!

So just three breaths after the light source disappeared, at least ten arrows were shot at Zhang Yang alone! More importantly, the dim environment after night may block the sight of most of the enemy and the enemy, but this level of night has little effect on Zhang Yang.

Therefore, when the ten arrows were all directed at him, Zhang Yang suddenly realized that the color of one of the arrows seemed to be wrong. It was not only poisoned, but also some other magic potion. Traces ... Is it something that deals specifically with magicians?

The gang of robbers this time seems to be not simple. At least this one-off arrow dedicated to magicians can be sold in the weapon shop for at least several gold coins ...

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