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Sword Slaying The Heavens

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Before his death, he was the only sword cultivator in the whole world, who dedicated his entire life to the path of sword immortality.

When he opened his eyes again, the world had completely changed. He began to cultivate the path of sword immortality again, slaying the heavenly way, shattering the universe with his will, and achieving the realm of sword immortality!

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Short Title:SSTH
Alternate Title:剑诛天道
Author:Lord Of The Common People
Weekly Rank:#129
Monthly Rank:#146
All Time Rank:#7552
Tags:Absent Parents, Accelerated Growth, Aggressive Characters, Alchemy, Arrogant Characters, Battle Competition, Beast Companions, Beautiful Female Lead, Betrayal, Body Tempering, Clones, Cold Protagonist, Cultivation, Demonic Cultivation Technique, Determined Protagonist, Hard-Working Protagonist, Level System, Male Protagonist, Polygamy,
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7 Comments on “Sword Slaying The Heavens
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  1. What's wrong with harem? From ancient there's harem. Chinese ancient with harem. Why? Use your brain ask why? Are you gay? Homo? Satan groups? One world order? The one in groups LGBT campaign? Hypocrisy

  2. Well would you like your wife or gf to be with other guys , yeah think about this hypocrisy first , harem my ass , if a guy does it , it's a harem , if a woman does it she's a hoe ,

  3. Basically take the most garbage aspects of cultivation novels, drop a bowl of salt and cream into the pot, boil it at 85 degree Celsius, add rotten pumpkins and caterpillar infested cauliflower into it, throw a piece of moldy toast with egg shells, and a half dead rat from your attic and stew it, further inquire some fan service and women mannequins, a dull sword, bunch of generic descriptions about women, a shattered mirror of cliches, 80 spoiled young masters, at least 45 genocide families, 3 upper realms, enemies who have less crimes than the protagonist, and hypocrisy jaded around the edges. Here, your recipe

  4. I SAID IT, WHY ALWAYS THE HEAVENS OR DAO. GET A BETTER HOBBY YOU GOD DAMN PROTAGONISTS. THE HECK DID HEAVEN DO TO YOU??? 1/10, dedicating to sword immortality my ass, you have a god damn harem over there so you sure as hell ain’t dedicated to the sword. I’d rather read the novel about a killer making his high school classmates play in a torture game or the frog that turns to a rabbit and makes people turn into toy bunnies.

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