"Oh ~ ~ Oh Oh ...... It appears now turn me into a solitary home for the elderly, I did not expect how sister and love sauce deep breath ah! Worth mentioning, I think it should be for tomorrow's battle and deliberate choice of such words! Now So~ I'm going to sleep too!"


Naturally, after all the staff were sleeping in other rooms, he couldn't help but make him smile a few times in embarrassment that Yun didn't expect.

After all, judging by his disposition towards the love sauce and the others, logically he should have come to occupy this precious time, but ~ in a sense, he understood why they made clouds, so he explained it and went to bed one after another. ...

-8 hours later-


"Morning~ dear ones! It seems that each of you has a very good sleep quality~ Well! Sit down quickly. Once we finish this meal, we will simply rest and go to the next room!"

"Good~ good! Ahhhhhhh...x4"

And just after this good sleep, Yun got up on time and cooked for Kirito and the others. Not long after, Kirito and the others slowly walked out of their respective rooms, rubbing their eyes one by one. .

Naturally, I heard the clouds that were still in motion, so they introduced them into the seats one by one, and then started to have a simple meal together...

"How is everyone's condition?"

"Hmm~mm! There is no problem at all! But Yun~Yun! Is it possible that this place has been so ruined? It feels weird and unfortunate..."

"Yeah! My dear, even if it is only used for about one night, it is a lot of extravagance and waste to just scrap it directly..."

"Hmm~hmm! x2"

And that is, they were quickly satiated, Yun and they packed up the simple things one after another, and walked slowly to the outside of the small house.

Looking back at this small house that gave them a friendly and mutual understanding for a while, and also fully talked about a lot of closeness, Kirito and the others couldn't help but feel a little bit reluctant.

So there are some Kiritos who are attached to their own thoughts, so they reconfirmed the time when Yun Gang was about to raise his hand to cast magic and directly destroy.

(Oh~ yeah! It doesn't really matter if such a small house is destroyed! It seems that during the free time before, maybe they all have some important memories, right?)

"Good~ good~ good! I will directly convert it into my'space ring', but because the undead thing has not been resolved, I will temporarily turn it into nothingness, so there should be no problem. Right?"

"Hmm~hmm! Please! x4"

‘Om~Om~Om, Om~ Om, Om, Om~

It's also a rare occasion to see Kirito and the others all of a sudden, so that their opinions are very unified and they made such a request to themselves.

In fact, this place is indeed the same for Yun, and countless identical finished products can be made.

But seeing all the little guys blinking their beautiful jeweled eyelids like this, begging for themselves, especially Asuna, who has always been at odds with him, also put down his face and begged.

He only gave a slight compromise and smiled, so he accepted them into the ‘Space Ring’ as promised, and was in a state of direct preservation for the time being!


"Then the next step is to reach the final interior!"

"Hmm~hmm! x4"

‘Qua~quack, wa~da, bang~da, bang~da~da’

Naturally, after everything had been handled, Yun led Kirito and the others behind him like a lot of gears, just like this, he pushed open the huge and heavy stone gate in front of him, and walked into the inner tunnel...

"Boom~Boom~Boom, boom~Da'

(Are you here? And it still made me wait for so long, it seems that the third gate guards before did hurt them!)


It was also after Yun that they passed through a short tunnel and slowly pushed the door of the inner room open.

This pair of scarlet fierce lights in the shadows suddenly moved quickly, toward the gate where Yun and the others were.

It can be seen~ at least this is the basic ability of the guardian in the last level, I am afraid it should be closely related to the shadow...

‘Wow~wow, eh~ eh~ eh, om~ om~ om, 嗉~ 嗉~ 嗉’

[Cough~Cough~Cough... It can be seen that it is indeed the same as the three doors in front, and it has not been opened for a long time! When the door is opened, there is a lot of dust, which can almost completely fascinate the eyes! 】

【Yes! But the inside looks extremely quiet, Yun and sisters should be careful as well! 】

[Hmm~hmm! x4】


And that is, while the guardian lurking in the shadows is still moving, as soon as the cloud came in, they desperately used their hands to cooperate with the good wind magic, and scattered these from the door. Fell apart.

And feeling that there were only their footsteps and the sound of opening doors inside, Kirito was very suspicious and reminded everyone by private chat.

Naturally, they knew that they might be ambushed, they also began to increase the detection magic after a quick response, and then cooperated with the intelligence of their five sense body organization to explore the situation of the surrounding enemies with greater intensity and scope.

But even if it is now almost relying on the perception of detection magic, and almost knowing the terrain here, after it is truly unmanned, everyone suddenly falls into a kind of inexplicable anxiety...

(Something's wrong... Either the opponent used some kind of hidden magic or props, or there really is no guard? x5)

[Obviously it is impossible for no one, it can be seen that it is an existence based on extremely high concealment assassination! Conversely, such hunting enemies are the trickiest! 】

【Yes! Yun~Yun, even I feel a sense of killing intent! 】

[Hmm~hmm! Brother Yunyun dear! What should we do now? Do you want to hide it together? x3】


And it was about 10 minutes or so after coming in like this, not only did not detect the presence of the enemy, but even felt a trace of being stared at by someone.

Yun, who knew very well about concealment ability, told everyone his guess.

Naturally, Kirito and the others really agree with this point of view. After all, apart from this possibility, it may be some kind of means by the other party! So some people who love the sauce and they asked Yun like this!

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