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Sweet Rustic Love: Four Brothers’ Wife

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Sold by her own grandmother to become a shared wife to the poverty-stricken Ye brothers for twenty taels of silver, Liu Duo, unwilling to succumb to her fate, escaped in the night. She slipped and fell and died an inexplicable death.

Then She, a soul who shared her name, reincarnated into her body. Could this be heaven trying to make amends? She is going to has four husbands? Since what’s done is done, She might as well accept her new life!

Work hard, earn money, get richer, become wealthy, maybe even have some kids! Just as they are living their lives, an array of crazy characters just loves to disrupt their peace. Are they here to taunt her? Take advantage of her? Well, good luck with that! I’m not some sick cat who can’t fight back!

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Short Title:SRLFBW
Alternate Title:田园蜜宠:农家小娘子火辣辣
Author:Nian Yishang
Weekly Rank:#2693
Monthly Rank:#2242
All Time Rank:#1001
Tags:Adapted to Manhua, Ancient China, Ancient Times, Bickering Couple, Doting Love Interests, Farming, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Polyandry, Poor Protagonist, Poor to Rich, Reverse Harem, Transmigration, Tsundere,
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10 Comments on “Sweet Rustic Love: Four Brothers’ Wife
  1. Really after waiting for soooooo long they just dropped it I don't know why when they don't want to finish the book why bother to write and waste sooo much time of others so disappointed I really love this book and waited for the update it's more than 1 year..and now just say dropped 😔😔😔😔😔 pls don't write next book if u can't give the ending becoz it's not fare to the readers and for the book also ..😢😢😢😭

  2. Please update soon. It's been so long and I feel disappointed because of the delay. At least you should tell the time of next update. I had checked for the updates regularly every month but nothing is informed. It is such a great novel but unfortunately there is no response. Seriously I am very disappointed.

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