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Novel Summary

The elder master in Shen’s refused female secretary to maintain his image,thus the girl, who was beautiful and tough, lost her job. Later, she became the secretary of the young master, a playboy.

As a secretary, she not only had to help the playboy deal with the enemy but also help him deal with women. At the same time, she also had to face suspicion and attacks.

She fought her way to gain his trust and became his best assistant. However, things changed quietly.

She noticed that he was getting closer and closer and wanted to remind him not to cross the line, but he said, “If we don’t cross the line, how can we fall in love?”

- Description from Novelupdates


Short Title:SCS
Original Title:首席甜秘:帝少欠收拾
Author:Qing Cheng Xiao
Type:Web Novel
Genre:Comedy, Drama, Josei, Mature, Romance, Slice of Life
Weekly Rank:#2659
Monthly Rank:#2513
All Time Rank:#2711
Tags:Boss-Subordinate Relationship, Female Protagonist, Modern Day,

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