# 968 chapter 968.


2020, May 29.

Inside some of the most luxurious 7 star hotels in the Maldives.

A casual man, playing with a mobile phone, lying under a parasol on the edge of the pool on the top floor.

Modern technology is really more and more developed, and mobile games are also irresistible. He feels the sea breeze and the sun, and the top hospitality of the bunny girls on the top floor of the hotel, it really looks like a **** and a child.

A charming enchanting woman came over.

She stepped on the cat's foot, her scarlet tongue licked her little cherry lips, and she was a little aggressive with a touch of femininity. She snatched the man's cell phone and sat on him rudely.

"Is mobile gaming so fun?"

"Is it fun, or am I fun?" The **** girl hugged the man's neck, and the bad voice was aggressive.

the other side.

A dreamy foreign beauty with turquoise hair also came.

She has a country-like appearance that looks like a monster and evil, and the water snake-like waist is even more delicate and white, which makes people reluctant to let go.

This super beauty also came to the man, sitting on one thigh with one buttock, tired and crappy on the man's face, and seemed to be satisfied as long as he was with him.

Qi Blessing!

This is really Mu Sha! !!

In the swimming pool.

An extremely hot woman with healthy wheat-colored skin stepped out of the water step by step. Her muscle ratio under each inch of skin is so perfect, it can make those beauty in Fashion Week ashamed to bury her head in the sand !!


"Yanfu isn't too shallow. I don't have time for me to sit." The beauty even came to this place.

The third! !!

That man, He Dehe can have three beauties at the same time.

Moreover, they did not quarrel with each other, and they were sympathetic to each other, and they were in complete harmony.

However ... there is even more.

In the luxurious suite of the President of the hotel, a beautiful woman wearing a white scarf is just like a heavenly daughter, she exudes the fairy tale that does not eat human fireworks, like a real fairy.

Such a goddess, however, came behind the man, and Hong Suyu gently lifted his shoulders.

the fourth! !!

Oh my god, who is this man? ?

This brazenly packs 4 peerless beauties, which is too shameless.

It doesn't stop there.

A tall, **** beauty also came here.

The proportion of her body is extremely exaggerated. The rounded and firm legs of the beautiful legs are tempted to the extreme. The most tempting thing is her temperament. The beauty like the beauty of the iceberg can most stimulate the desire of men to conquer.

When she came to the man, she fell on one knee and showed an extreme respect.

"the host."

"Dinner is ready."

She said coldly, but in the tone that was so cold as if only the man in front of the world was the only one who cared.

the host? ?

What exciting trick is this? ?


It's enviable.

How can there be such a perfect life in this world! !!

The man stood up.

He waved not far away: "Niuniu, stop playing in the water, go and eat together."

After all, a fat and cute little girl twisted out of the duckling swimming circle, came to the man stupidly, but showed the sweetest smile.

There are many men peeking at this place, and they have restless fantasies in their hearts. Shouldn't this man have any special habit?

When this idea had just appeared, the man suddenly turned back.

A stern look to the limit scared people, and the insignificant behavior of the pair of girls in their heads was all wiped away instantly, and the whole person was almost directly killed.

Soon everyone left.

Only a group of rich second generations who are eager to see, keep asking about the man's origin.

Of course ... in the end there will be no results.

As soon as the news of Gu Feng was sent out, the sea was sinking.

The vocabulary of this man on the entire Internet has become a potential taboo. Any investigation of this man as long as it circulates on the network will be immediately checked and killed within 0.01 seconds! !!

That's right! !!

This person is Gu Feng! !!

The beauties around him are Shen Mengting, Tian Mengmeng, L, Xiao Lan, and the queen.

As for that little girl, it's naturally Niuniu! !!

Gu Feng has already shaped his own universe.

In the universe, he reconstructed a planet exactly like the earth, and even technology is very similar.

His lover, relatives and friends have been resurrected by the great power of the great shore.

In each drop of the liquid of the sea of ​​life and soul, looking for a part of their former partners, together with the tiny bits of soul they left behind in the ring of hope, they were soon reshaped again, and the soul was one.

The next thing is simple.

Each of them is the body of the Holy One, all from the infinite power of Gu Feng from the void ...

The world is destroyed.

Then rebuild one.

The ordinary life that they longed for in the past finally came to their side.

Everyone savoured the life of ordinary people, made up all the lack of the world, and became the winner of life in this world.

Night fell.

The dinner was very rich, with mountain and sea flavors, delicious dishes, and dishes from all over the world.

What is a Manhan full seat, which is the highest-level steak of M5, and what is the 82-year-old Lafite, all filled here like home-cooked dishes.

Familiar faces appeared.

"Boss, wait for you for a long time."

Ling Xue tilted Erlang's legs in the distance, and unconsciously looked at Gu Feng and a beautiful woman behind him, while he snuggled up in the arms around him, both of whom had been married about a year ago.

"Wu Jiangtian, what about them?"

Gu Feng asked with a smile, in fact, as long as he wanted to know, the moment when he launched his ability, everything in the entire universe could not escape the law.

However, he just enjoyed this ordinary life, and the omniscient and omnipotent God was too boring.

The life of ordinary people used to be Gu Feng's dream, but ... this quiet life with many loved ones, relatives and friends, is afraid of others just like heaven.

Buzz! !!

A blue light shone on the floor.

In the interweaving of light, the 3D three-dimensional streamer has formed the appearance of a smart little fairy, which was brought back to this world by Gu Feng? ?

"Answer the master."

"Wu Jiangtian, Black Gun Instructor, Liu Qing Instructor ... They are not used to living in relative ease, returned to the battlefield where Huaxia needed them, and taught many newcomers to China."

"They set up a whole new department, the Huaxia Dragon Group."

China Dragon Group!

It specializes in solving supernatural incidents and is also responsible for protecting the security of Huaxia East and not being invaded by western supernatural powers.

Gu Feng is naturally too lazy to manage these small things. Even the destructive kings in the starry sky and universe can kill them at will. Naturally, he doesn't need to worry about this little thing on the earth.

But having said that, the intelligent little fairy has been regarded as Gu Feng's master.

The emergence of the intelligent little fairy has opened a new era of "environmental protection" on the earth, no longer has industrial pollution, and no longer worry about energy.

In the atmosphere, there is a layer of nanomachines that absorbs solar energy and cosmic light waves at all times. Energy sources are continuously transmitted to the earth to serve human life.

Looking towards the city in the distance.

The city has become a perfect one-machine city. The simple aesthetics of the future technology fills every corner, and greening purifies the air in every corner of the city.

Old cars no longer exist.

A kind of fully automated electromagnetic super rail train is running on the highways in the city. You do n’t need any manual control. You only need to wave at the side of the road, and those electromagnetic super rail trains will stop at the designated area and serve you automatically ...

No waste pollution.

No industrial pollution.

Complete solar energy environmental protection, how happy is humanity in the new era.

There are many more similar transformations.

Gu Feng looked at this truly blue planet, and the sky and the sea have restored their azure appearance. Numerous species have continued to thrive in this area, and have become a paradise.

What's more, there are old lovers around.


The war still exists.

Gu Feng, who was accompanying the girls, seemed to feel something. The time and space of the universe gradually became slow, and the blue on the sky seemed to be broken.

Bang Bang Bang Bang! !!

The world is collapsing and the blue space, a huge magic hand crushes the endless space. This devil's claw is like a giant engine that destroys the sky, grabbing one claw in the direction of this planet Destroy everything.


Has the demon of the outer region come invading? ?

Gu Feng frowned slightly. This is really troublesome. Can't you stop for a while and enjoy a healthy life for ordinary people? ?


"Wait a while, I'll come and go."

"Kill these little gods, and after a few hundred years, I have to kill myself into the void and clean up all the demon gods."

Gu Feng smiled confidently.

Now he is the master of the sixth dimension of maturity, and the ordinary **** is pinched to death like an ant.

Take a step.

There was a clear blade of blades in the space, and the entire giant palm giant scorpion was cut out from the roots, which is exactly the queen's infinite blade! !!

She did not know when she followed Gu Feng and left the earth, becoming a trace of the back of his palm, and becoming the strongest blade in the hands of Gu Feng.

Rain and blood.

The blood of the demon is constantly spilling from the outer area, and the gods who invade this universe with liver and gallbladder, no matter who is killed by Gu Feng! !!

Shen Mengting on the earth sighed.

"Ah, such a big movement, and how to repair the broken universe again."

With a second wave of her hand, the power of the law of the universe began to recover the loopholes in the world. The space cracks opened by the demon and the thousands of miles of space accidentally broken by Gu Feng were slowly restored under the power of Shen Mengting With.

After a while.

The time was compressed to within 0.001 seconds, and Gu Feng had invaded the liver and gallbladder into this world and slaughtered the demon.

He returned to a lot of loved ones and friends, and became the dude again, the playboy.

Enjoying the tenderness of the lover around you.

Shen Mengting also came to Gu Feng's side.

She also smiled lightly: "In the extraterritorial area, the power of those peoples has sent a request to let you participate in the dimensional warfare. As you understand the master of the sixth dimension of power, it is decided on the dimensional war. The victorious characters. "

Gu Feng frowned.

"Hundred years, but it's a flash in the pan."

"In the universe, billions of years have just been a dream for Nanke. When we have enjoyed the beauty of life, we leave this world."

"The gods of these human races have been waiting for hundreds of millions of years, and there is nothing to wait for these hundreds of years."

Gu Feng felt it. For those gods who were powerful, the century-old human life was just a flash in the pan, but for Gu Feng everyone was dreaming.

Time is running out.

Time flies.

Gu Feng accompanied his friends and relatives and left countless legends on this earth.

One hundred years is like a flash in the pan.

In the blink of an eye, thousands of years have passed, and the development of human technology has reached an extreme. It has already opened the way to the universe. The huge spaceship traveling 10,000 meters has entered the galaxy.

Finally, humans have also left the earth and opened the road to competing for resources with alien creatures.

Gu Feng didn't step in.

This is the inevitability of time. He is the master of the sixth dimension of the cube of the universe, and there is no need to intervene in these small ants.

This 10,000 years.

Everything has been enjoyed, and the life of ordinary people has come true.

During this time, he has been a teacher and a craftsman, becoming the most famous artist in the world, and being the most outstanding sculptor.

The only thing that is the same is that no matter where he goes, there are always enviable beauties ...


"This world, it's time to enjoy it, and we are about to leave."

Gu Feng submitted his resignation report in the morning.

At night, he was accompanied by many lovers around him, looking at the distant starry sky, crossing the galaxy universe, and looking at the world beyond the outer edge of the universe.

Outside the universe, more intense wars are taking place.

The gods are so powerful that the nebula across the sky is gone.

The dimensional force crushed the past, and several cosmic worlds were crushed into **** by [zero-dimensional space].

Even more invincible, using the super power of [All Things to Zero], directly erased the existence of several gods, and by the way made several worlds disappear.

"Go on."

"Everywhere we go, we all have."

A gentle voice sounded behind Gu Feng.

Tian Mengmeng, Shen Mengting, L, Xiaolan ... Many relatives and friends came to Gu Feng, and a new journey has begun.

Step forward.

The enviable crowd has disappeared.

They left the world, left the universe.

And out of that realm ... a new dimension war has just begun.

The book is finished.



First, a new book has been published, entitled "I'm Born in the Kill"

It is also the last days. The protagonist is cruel and bloody, and the coldness has reached the limit, bringing the brothers a completely different end times, even more cool! !!

I just published a book today. From now on, two changes a day, and more explosions when they are on the shelves. I hope that my brothers will come to QQ to read the genuine version and support Zhengyi Di.

But this time, I will not write the war of the gods. This book has been completed to the sixth dimension. The new book will focus on fighting aliens, and there is no gods or gods.

In addition, I opened a solicitation post, and the rules are written on it ... I want to show my face in the new book. As a brother of the dragon, you can leave a message below the post and reply. Maybe you are the lucky one and appear in the novel.

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Secondly, the end remarks!

When I typed out the whole book, I was impressed.

This book is over. In the final stage, there is a super explosion. At the same time as the fourth dimension is written, the fifth and sixth are also written.

May be a little jumping.

But this is the author's perception of the ultimate power, a bit too big-headed, ashamed, ashamed, hahahaha!

Anyway, ups and downs, thank readers for their support for Zhengyi Di.

Thank you for staying with me till the end, and staying with me till the end of this book. It is enough for you to support me.

I have been writing books for some years.

Zhengdi likes to write books and also shows you my super big brain.

I have a relationship and rapport with these books and your brothers who support me.

But although this book is over, this is definitely not the day when sadness ends, but the day when another journey begins. We will be separated again, not the future ... but now! !!

Not much to say, the author is not ready to take a break for a while, I will immediately open a new book to create a better story for everyone! !!

I'm Born in the Kill

Justice Di's next book is waiting for you! !!



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