Chapter 967. Endless Dimensional War

"who are you??"

"Just when I was killed, you helped me !!!"

Gu Feng blocked the man's whereabouts, but he was beyond the unknown existence beyond infinite possibilities.

He turned around and glanced at Gu Feng.

"who am I?"

"I am a time traveler."

"I am fulfilling in countless hours, and it is the leader you hate most."


This man is actually the leader of the traveler.

The super organization that Gu Feng regards as a deadly enemy, is his leader sacred? ?


"My loved ones are still waiting for me."

"A little of their life energy has been swallowed up by the great sage. I need to find it."

Gu Feng stopped the man. The great sage had devoured the ocean of life and soul before, and many of his former friends and relatives were naturally included.

Gu Feng has now become the master of the sixth dimension.

He can find clues about the past and the future, and **** out every trace of the soul of his loved ones.

The leader of the traveler spread his palms and said lightly, "Sage, spit it out."

He seemed to squeeze his palms.

The essence of countless life energies spewed out, and the countless life energies of the entire world returned to the prototype of the ancient front universe.

That is the beginning of the new energy of the universe. With these vitality forces, the universe he lives in will be full of life! !!

The sage was subdued with a clap!

Moreover, every drop of life essence is squeezed out, which is really terrifying.

"who are you??"

Gu Feng was very puzzled. He could already see the cause and effect of the future, but could not see the person in front of him.

Doesn't he exist in this universe? ?

No ... not just the universe of this timeline.

He wasn't even in front of the public at this time, nor was he even within this time.

After doing all this, the leader of the traveler took a step back and disappeared directly into this world.

Gone! !!

Within the universe, he disappeared! !!

Not just this universe, other universes are not found.

Gu Feng couldn't restrain the shock in his heart. He launched his high-latitude power and began to break the limits of the universe.

Get out of this universe! !!

Break the yoke of this timeline and leave the whole time.

Countless worlds are like bubbles, and snails move forward like snails, forming lines of cause and effect.

broken! !!

Gu Feng broke the level of time again, he came to an endless time cube.

At this point, the traveler leader is still away! !!

Break me again! !!

Gu Feng exhausted all his power, broke the cube of time, left the three-dimensional universe, and returned to nothingness.

The leader of the traveler seemed to have waited for a long time.

He sits in the void without time and space, raises his hand and grabs the infinite cosmic cube.

The time cube spins in his palm!

What an incredible power this is, this is the innumerable universe in his palm.

"come and see."

The traveler's leader took the time cube and showed it to Gu Feng.

"Infinite possibilities."

"Look here ... Three billion years ago, the pioneers entered the field of zeroing to realize the truth, and hundreds of billions of timelines were extinct, but they succeeded.

"See, the pioneers became gods."

The leader raised his hand in another direction.

"look here."

"You also exist in this timeline. The last days have just opened. You were bitten by a zombie."

The leader pointed at another timeline, in which Gu Feng was not as strong as it is now, and died on the first day of the last days.

"Look, in this timeline, in another universe, you lost to the corpse king."

"Look, in this timeline, in another universe, you were killed by Dr. Mo."

"Look, in this timeline, in another universe, you have battled with the Great Sage, but he has been wiped out, and it has become a god."

The leader keeps pointing out the different endings in other timelines in the time cube, and in infinite parallel universes, there are infinite possibilities.

It turns out that among other worlds, Gu Feng is not plain sailing, most of them are tragic ones.

The leader plays with the time cube.

He slowly revealed the more terrible truth: "In the infinite universe, ten trillion trillions are selected, of which humans have only a few thousand gods."

"Even if they become gods, they will fight each other."

"So many universes, they destroy each other and kill each other."

Look closely.

In the time cube, some gods have left their own universe and started to invade into the universe of others! !!

This scene ... Just like the Great Sage entered the prototype of the ancient front universe, he was ready to plunder and occupy.

It turned out that God would fight each other.

"The number of human races is scarce, and those who are powerful support them hard."

"Look, that's Dayu, that's too high, that's Primal Celestial ..." The leader pointed out that the human gods in the cube, who are standing on a section of the line of defense of the universe, are fighting numerous gods.

Mighty infinite!

It was a high latitude war.

With a wave of divine power, several universes are crumbling and will be destroyed.

There are even more incredible great gods, just like the original deity, he fights with foreign gods, but he will destroy all the time faces in between.

"Look over there."

"The King of Yellow, Hasta, is a more powerful god."

"His brother, Cthulhu, has been sealed by me on the earth. You have met one side before, on the ocean." The leader continued, and Gu Feng suddenly remembered that he had seen an unnamed evil **** on the ocean.

Although he had been sealed, as a saint himself at that time, he was still stunned by the shadow he showed.

And that Cthulhu immediately recognized himself as the "new god."

"God, there is war."

"The gods you saw just now are old rulers. They even existed before many universes were born. Human beings have not yet ruled the universe."

After all, humans started too late, and the terribleness of those who dominated them is truly shocking. There is war between the gods.

"I thought this world would produce a zombie god. The prototype of the universe seed has not appeared for too long or too long, and it is very precious even in so many timelines."

"Unexpectedly, the Terrans fought, and in the end you won."

The leader let Gu Feng watch the battle of the gods in these timelines, and he sighed helplessly.

Then his eyes turned to the distant void outside the time cube, where there seemed to be his enemies.

"I have slain billions of Buddhas."

"I have also killed hundreds of millions of saints."

"You have just become a god. Let's shape your universe well. One day you will realize that the master of the sixth dimension will be involved in the battle of the gods."

The leader's words were so shocking.

Billions of Buddhas.

Billions of Words.

All by one person? ?

How many wars between the gods did he take part in and how many so-called foreign gods he killed? ?

"who are you??"

Gu Feng asked again, the things in front of him were too shocking.

The leader glanced back at him: "My name is Yang Qun, the guardian outside the time cube, the traveler in time, the human asylum ... I hope we can fight side by side someday."


"I believe you understand the true meaning of [Traveler]. We are not in control of the world, but in search of a new god."

"Whether it is the pioneer of failure, the Dark Dragon King, or whatever, it is a stepping stone for the new god, a sharpener ..."

It turns out that travelers are not trying to destroy the world so easily.

They are searching, travelling in countless worlds, looking for the right person.

Looking for a candidate? ?

Isn't that Gu Feng the right candidate for him? ?

"Gu Feng."

"Let's go back."

"Shape your universe, find your lover, experience all happiness, and remember them firmly."

"Then ... follow in my footsteps."

Yang Qun smiled mysteriously.

He released the time cube and stepped back into the endless void.


Higher-level wars never stop.

In the endless void, higher-level battles continue, where the endless cosmic space between the powerful palms is shattered in places that humans don't know.

Perhaps this is the world facing Gu Feng in the future? ?



(End of this chapter)