Chapter 966. One is All, All Is One

Difficult to understand.

Cannot understand.

Ordinary people cannot explain at all, the unknown in higher dimensions! !!

Every possibility creates a universe.

People often say things about parallel universes, maybe there is another you in another universe.

In fact, every possibility represents a timeline.

In each timeline, there are four-dimensional creatures sitting on the supremacy of domination, and call it the so-called [fate] truth.

Great sage, it is the fourth dimension! !!

However, how can it be considered complete if it only looks at one line? ?

Gu Feng understood.

At this moment, he seemed to open the real door of the universe.

He understood what it means to be "one is all, and all is one."

He understood what it means to be "a Tao born one, two born two, three born two, and three born three things."

The point in time is the Tao.

The timeline is one.

The time plane is two.

The time body is three.

And this time body already contains everything and contains infinite possibilities.

An analogy.

In the first timeline, you studied hard, worked hard, and finally passed Tsinghua Peking University. You successfully won Bai Fumei and became the richest man in the world.

In the eighteen thousand world lines, you are a normal student and a normal body. You are just an ordinary person.

Of the 14 million world lines, you are a beggar.

In the 980 million timeline, you are a martial art master.

In the tenth trillion trillion timeline, you are the master of the universe, and you become a **** and a god.

Countless timelines, countless possibilities.

Any of these timelines may exist, and if you think of it, it must exist! !!

Everything, infinite possibilities, are contained in this time cube.

This is the sixth dimension.

Gu Feng's just like opening the gate to release water, the unprecedented information explosion. He understood the moment in the fourth dimension, and even broke through to understand the magic in the higher dimension! !!

One is whole, and all is one.

In the end, it all comes back to its origin.

Stippling lines, line pictures, and face painting.

The three-dimensional reality has become a point, and it continues to advance to the end of the universe, forming a line ...

There is such a simple truth in the high latitudes of the universe.


I am too small.

For the first time, Gu Feng felt that the original universe was like this! !!

The universe is an infinite existence that human beings can't hope to see, and in this world, there are infinite kinds of universes, infinite possibilities! !! !!

The more you know, the more you feel small.

Only then did Gu Feng discover that the so-called "god" is also very weak, and no matter how strong the wise man is, he is just controlling a timeline.

recovery! !!

Alaya knows.

One is whole, and all is one.

Gu Feng recovered from the edge of being obliterated. This time, he returned to his body and universe, but he can already see the so-called Great Sage.

The state of existence and the absence of the great sage.

He is like a line, sitting on the right side to choose the master of this timeline, the ontology has already become a part of the fourth dimension.

Gu Feng looked very carefully.

Gu Feng looked very clearly.

The fourth dimension is the **** of a timeline.

So small.

"Great sage."

"You can't be the **** here."

"You are not worthy in my universe."

Gu Feng's consciousness also has no real form.

He had opened the door to truth, and realized Alyeye's knowledge that the omnipresent and all-inclusive feeling was much stronger than the great sage.

"You ... aren't dead?"

"God's choice is not wrong. Destiny must run according to God's will."

"How can you survive the power of fate?"

The great sage is known as omnipotent and omnipotent, but it is also limited to omnipotence in this timeline.

Gu Feng gradually formed in his own universe.

He looked at the prototype of the surrounding universe and sighed from his heart.

"This is the seed of the universe."

"Everything starts from here."

"The first string of superstrings. It doesn't matter whether it's skewed to the left or to the right. It doesn't matter. I accommodate it!"

"One universe becomes two universes."

"Two universes become four universes."

"Four become eight, eight become sixteen ..."

"People in every universe make choices, and each choice produces a different timeline, a different universe."

"My universe is brand new and has not yet grown. If only one line is too wasteful, it will slowly split out infinite timelines, and then wireless lines form faces, and different time concepts form the height of time . "

"This seed of the universe ... it will become a time cube !!!"

Gu Feng looked at the prototype of his universe with relief.

He has decided that eventually this place will become a new time cube, a new infinite universe cube! !!

The great sage is a bit incomprehensible.

but it does not matter.

This does not prevent Gu Feng from solving him.

"It doesn't matter if you don't understand, you just need to know that this brand new universe has nothing to do with you."

"Exile ... Exercise the great sage from my world in the name of the six-dimensional cube master!"

Gu Feng raised his hand, and the fate of the entire world line changed dramatically. The great sage was directly exiled by Gu Feng and pushed away from the prototype of the universe in his body.

Master of the sixth dimension! !!

Gu Feng's realm today has reached the sixth dimension directly! !!

This is the time cube he wants to create. A small world line dominates the exile directly, expelling it from the body, and letting the great sage roll back into the original universe.

Gu Feng also returned to reality.

The world in his eyes is different, not just three-dimensional.

He saw the past and the future, he saw the infinite possibilities of different choices, he saw the time plane tens of thousands of years later, and the past that was moving forward tens of thousands of years ago ...

And the Great Sage, he is just a timeline of deportation.


Unable to dominate the world, the fate of being abandoned.

"I don't agree!"

"I already have the consciousness of God, I am a creature of the fourth dimension ..." The Great Sage could not understand how he lost, why he was easily expelled, and he left nothing by that timeline.

Is it necessary to return to low-level 3D creatures? ?

But at this moment, a more horrifying force trapped the great sage in his palm.

The man seemed to grasp the timeline fiercely, and the master of the whole fate was nothing in his eyes.

"The king is defeated."

"Come with me. You are just the loser of this divine war."

"Let's go to the next world, maybe you still have a chance to win."

The man said faintly that the sage was like a pet and was put in his pocket.

Gu Feng was shocked.

This person ...

I can't see her past and future, there is no other figure in the time cube! !!

And listening to his words, the endless vicissitudes of voice, Gu Feng immediately determined that he was the one who had just reminded himself.



(End of this chapter)