Chapter 965. 965. Alaya, the Big Bang of Truth

The power of God.

God's power.

Omnipotent power.

Gu Feng cannot make the best one out of infinite choices. Even if he has the power of God, the universe will sooner or later collapse.

This fate has long been written.

This is like the dead world that Gu Feng once reached through "Leviathan". Perhaps hundreds of billions of years later, Gu Feng with infinite power will also collapse and become nothing.

The Great Sage used the law of cause and effect to forcibly transfer the results at that time, and struck Gu Feng at high latitudes, and immediately killed them! !!


Gu Feng's consciousness is dissipating.

He seemed to be obliterated again into the endless void.

This time, it was not so easy to want him to wake up again.

"Unlimited choices."

"Infinite universe."

"I am not qualified to be the ultimate God ... I cannot achieve omnipotence and metamorphosis into that ultimate creature."

Gu Feng realized all this.

He has infinite power and the power of laws, but under [Destiny] there is no resistance. Even the most central point of the soul, the black hole that drives the universe to rotate is out of his control.


I am only a part of destiny, just a stepping stone to becoming a god.

I can't resist fate ... I can only dissipate in the power of fate in the end, this is my ending.

Gu Feng seems to have seen the best choice.

Gu Feng's death is beneficial to the future growth of the universe. This is the arrangement of [Fate], and this is his final destination.

Taken away.

The power of infinity, the power of the law, annihilation of all black holes, and even the system of swallowing the sky, everything will be taken away.

Consciousness dissipates.

Gu Feng is about to die in his own body, in the prototype of this universe.

This is really a big irony! !!

"Araiye knows."

Suddenly, Gu Feng heard a vicissitude male voice in his ear.

It was an extremely vicissitudes of voice. It was as if from millions of years ago, countless universes were still in their infancy.

The man said lightly.

Alaya knew these four words and echoed in Gu Feng's mind as if the bell rang.

According to legend, Alaya consciousness is the eighth consciousness that Buddha said!

The five consciousnesses, spiritual consciousnesses, and last consciousnesses are all in the Alaya consciousness, and it is filled with it.

Gu Feng looked puzzled.

He seemed to think of something, and there was a gap in the dimness, just like a window paper, he could feel the secret.

Gu Feng, who is about to be completely wiped out ... he seems to understand something.

One is whole, and all is one.

The Araiye consciousness does not include everything. Whether it is the most correct choice or the most wrong choice, it is incorporated into the Alaiye consciousness.

What is the fourth dimension?

The fourth dimension is a line, one that chooses the most correct line! !!

The power of the fourth dimension is to find this best cause-effect line and choose the best way of running the universe.

Time is moving forward.

The master of the fourth dimension is observing and constantly revising the universe. He keeps the direction of the future [fate] and continues this straight line.

Suddenly ... Gu Feng felt as if the window paper had been torn.

a line.

Two lines.

Three lines.

Eat first or pick vegetables first, two choices!

First left foot, first right foot, two choices!

Reading or not reading.

Fitness or not fitness.

Towards the wrong death, or to the most correct choice? ? ?

Is the right choice necessary?

Must the wrong choice be wrong?

How many choices are there in this universe?

7 billion people.

1000 choices per person.

A length of ten billion years.

One billion power of 7 billion, multiplied by 10 billion, this number ... every line is a world line.

Every line is a line of the fourth dimension! !!

Time line, cause and effect line, destiny line, no matter what name it is called, the essence of the fourth dimension is a choice.

One of the infinite choices, but the great sage chooses the most correct one.

But ... is this the ultimate mystery of the universe? ? ?

Do not! !!

Far from it.

If the fourth dimension is a timeline.

Then there should be a fifth dimension, countless possibilities, countless lines ... and finally form a face! !!

Causal side!

Time side!


Yes, yes, yes! !!

Mathematics teachers taught us to draw dots into lines, draw lines into faces, and draw faces into bodies.

Although the truth is rough, it can solve the ultimate mystery of the universe. If the fourth dimension is a line, it is a line whether it is the right choice or the wrong choice! !!

Countless wrong choices.

Among countless choices ... there is no real right! !!

Countless choices. If each choice is a line, it becomes a plane together.

This is ... the fifth dimension! !!

The power of the fifth dimension!

If so ... there is a sixth dimension.

What is the sixth dimension?

The sixth dimension should be the height of this myriad timeline.

Time is high or low.

Causal height.

Destiny is high.

"I understand!!"

"If every line, every choice, is a world, countless worlds make up a world plane."

"This is the world!"

"Some worlds are in 2018 ... some are in 3598 ... some are in 2011."

"Every minute, every second, every subtlety."

"This is time travel!"

Gu Feng suddenly realized that the time was also high! !!

If every choice has a corresponding timeline, countless choices are an entire time plane.

But ... this time plane is just the time plane where Gu Feng is.

There are also universes with different time schedules. Some are 10 billion years ago, some are more than ten minutes ago, and some are in the next few decades or even more ...

Parallel space.

Parallel universe.

Parallel height.

Is this the sixth dimension? ?

On the head of the fifth dimension, there is a Gu Feng a few minutes later?

At the foot of the fifth dimension, there is a Gu Feng a few minutes ago?

The difference in time progress creates a three-dimensional graphic of time. This is the sixth dimension! !!

The third dimension is a point in time.

The fourth dimension is a timeline.

The fifth dimension is a time plane.

The sixth dimension is a time body.

This is the infinite Rubik's cube of time! !!

If the infinite cube is a source point ... the seventh dimension should be ... the eighth dimension should be ... the ninth dimension ...

Line, area, body.

Life is two, life is two, life is three.

They turned out to be corresponding! !!

And the so-called “nothing” is the origin of everything.

explosion! !!

The explosion of knowledge! !!

Gu Feng seemed to be returning to the end of the universe, breaking the barrier of the universe, and seeing countless pictures of the universe.

Every universe is a line.

Tens of trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion universes ... infinite universes make up one face! !!

Infinite faces form another body.

Does this world have so many universes? ?



(End of this chapter)

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