# 964.964.

The right thing.

Absolutely right.

The super ability of creatures in the fourth dimension.

When you sit on the cause-effect line without the concept of time, you will see the cause-effect relationship that happened over hundreds of millions of years.

Every second is like a clip in a movie, perfectly recorded.

God quietly watches what is happening in this universe, and it constantly repairs the errors in the universe, and allows the universe to operate in the most correct direction.

But ... is it just that? ?

Do not! !!

A word of abusive language.

It may become the beginning of cyber violence, then cause real people to commit crimes, cause discussion and dissatisfaction in various countries, and even slowly evolve into a war.

The war is getting stronger ... all kinds of weapons are used.

One hundred thousand nuclear bombs went up together, and the earth was destroyed over and over again.

It's hard to imagine that the initial fuse was just a curse. If there were no curse at first, 100,000 nuclear bombs would not go to heaven.

God ... will correct it! !!

Scolding is a wrong choice.

Not studying is also a wrong choice.

Not going to the gym is a wrong choice.

If you don't go to Zhengdi's novel, then this error is so big that it can destroy the universe.

So how difficult is it to make the right choice? ? ?

This is not the rarest thing.

As the master of all things, the God sitting on the line of time and causality must remain absolutely correct.

"A creature has tens of thousands of choices every day."

"Move left foot or right foot first, eat meat or food first, work or play game first, are there rewards for Zhengdi's novels ... These problems may be millions, millions, billion After 10,000 years, it has caused turmoil in the world. "

"So ... only one of each choice is relatively correct."

"There are more than 7 billion people in the world, and each of them has tens of thousands of choices every day."

"Among so many choices, if only one path is right, then the way the universe works will follow this path."

The great sage is telling.

His attack method is special, it seems to be the same as Gu Feng's reasoning.

Everyone has more than 10,000 choices every day.

Every detail can be an option, and some determine your future life, such as which university to apply for.

Some are seemingly insignificant. For example, in LOL games, press Q or W first, in the Jedi survival chicken game, lick the bag first or kill the first ...

These choices, big and small, will determine your future prospects.

The choices of countless people come together to determine the direction of the world and the direction of the universe! !!

God's task is simple.

Of all these choices, does it sound easy to choose the right one?

Then please calculate it carefully.

How many choices are there in each day, eating and drinking any small details, ten thousand times? ?

7 billion people.

10,000 choices.

To calculate, that is 1000 times 1000 ... times 7 billion times.

The 7 billion power of 1000 per day is a daily choice. It is probably an astronomical number. You can hardly imagine how many zeros can be arranged in length, I am afraid that it will circle the earth N times.

This is just the choice of the day.

One year.

ten years.

Millennia, million years, millions of years, billion years, how many choices are there.

Don't worry about it first.

This is just a human choice, if you count animals, plants, fish, birds, insects, and even those microorganisms and germs ...


This is probably the so-called infinity, right?

Unlimited choice.

Among the infinite choices, find the right one.

Among the infinite choices, find the best choice for the future of the universe.

Zhang San eats meat today, which is better for the universe 10 billion years from now.

Li Si played LOL this year, and a big move is better for the universe in the next 10 billion years.

Wang Wu went to talk to the boss of the beauty, and his 246th child would become the president of the Star Alliance, which is better for the universe 10 billion years later.

You watched Zheng Di ’s novel today, and you have a deeper understanding of causality. In the future, you can brag about people ’s concept of the universe, which attracts their astonishment ... This is the best for the universe 100 million years later.

In all these cases, the best choice should be made.

This is-[God's Choice]

Absolutely right choice.

If you still can't understand it.

Well, what the great sage evolved could have another name.

That is --- destiny! !!

If you say, it all works according to God's best methods.

If we say, all this is promoted in accordance with the way God arranged the universe.

So ... our birth today was decided as early as three billion years ago when the first microorganisms of the earth appeared.

Seeing three billion years at a glance.

God only glanced at the most primitive cells of three billion years.

He can deduce the creatures that evolved later, the algae fish in the ocean, the flying birds and the dinosaurs on the mainland, and even the humans that evolved later, and whether you ate today.

Glanced at.

Looking at that single-celled creature, God can infer that ... three billion years later, you will be a big empty player in playing League of Legends today.

He can even see what color spacecraft your children and grandchildren will be sitting on for hundreds of thousands of years.

This is ... omniscient is omnipotent! !!


"Great sage, is the creature in the fourth dimension the so-called destiny?"

"If everything we do today ... has been decided as far back as the Big Bang 10 billion years ago."

"If our lives have been planned by God, even the first left foot or the first right foot, is this life too boring?"

Gu Feng muttered to himself.

This is destiny, this is cause and effect, and this is God's choice.

The great sage sneered: "All beings think that their choice is in accordance with their own will, but in fact, the development of billions of years later has been decided, and God has made the best choice. They only need to be like computer program scripts Just go down. "

"All beings, destiny has long been set."

"Unfortunately, they don't know ... too stupid."

The great sage sighed.


Stupid humanity.

I always thought that my life was up to me, but the so-called planning was done early, and humans are only a very small part of planning.

"including you."

The voice of the great sage passed into Gu Feng's consciousness.

It turns out that stupid people also include Gu Feng, who thinks that they can become gods, but this is only part of the fate arrangement. This is only a part of the four-dimensional biological evolution that must be crossed.

"So, go away."

"Gu Feng, I will make the best choice, and you ... fade away."

The great sage's fourth-dimensional creature's ability is applied to the limit.

The law of cause and effect begins to turn. Under the powerful "fate", Gu Feng's choice will be eliminated sooner or later.

He will die!

He will eventually make the wrong choice, and then the universe will be destroyed, and he will die.

The great sage uses power that is almost "the hand of God."

But this time is particularly different. His power can already be compared to the complete God, and it can be said that the power of the complete God.

Gu Feng always makes a wrong choice.

As long as it is wrong, it will perish and it will disappear.

The law of cause and effect was launched, and death after the end of the universe came to Gu Feng's consciousness, it was necessary to completely wipe him out.



(End of this chapter)