Summer is hot and sultry.

In the dimly-lit rental house, Gu Feng sat indifferently in front of the computer, holding a large red wedding invitation with the word "囍" on it.


"One year after graduation, the goddess I want to marry is getting married, but I haven't even got a job yet."

A long time Gu Feng gave a sigh. He used to pursue the goddess who had been struggling for three years, but now he sent him a wedding invitation, thus ending the relationship between them ...

The invitation is also attached with sweet photos of the former goddess holding her lover. The exquisite and flawless wedding gauze and the straight designer suit of the groom are so dazzling. However, this is not the place that attracts the most attention. The car behind them is a limited edition The S-Class Ferrari is the thing that's really prohibitive.

Obviously ... the groom is a true "life winner."

Rich and handsome, he looks so gentle and gentle, far from being comparable to his own "hanging silk".

Putting down the invitation, Gu Feng's eyes became more apathetic.

"I really failed."

"No family, no background, no future ..."

"It's ridiculous, and it's ridiculous to chase a goddess!"

"Other people have a lot of money, and there is a car and a villa, but I am just a hanging wire that is difficult to find a job after I have finished my job. Why should I fight with others and fight with others ..."

Gu Feng shook his head to ridicule himself, he really failed to the limit in his life.

Lost in heart, Gu Feng was lying on the bed with tears in his eyes unconsciously: "If ... if I am not an orphan, if the world is fair, if all people have the same starting point, if there is no poverty And wealth ... "

"I will definitely work harder than everyone!"

"I will definitely fight my life and become the best person in the world!"

Gu Feng whispered to himself imaginatively, fantasizing about impossible things, but how can the word "fairness" be in this world? Some people are born with the golden key.

However, at this moment, Gu Feng's mind suddenly echoed a strange sound.

That sound is so weird.

Ancient, evil, and vicissitudes seem to have gone through countless annual rings.

"When everything returns to the beginning ..."

"Are you really willing to pay ten times, hundred times, thousand times more than others?"

Gu Feng lying on the bed for a moment, then immediately sat up in shock, even if he wanted to hide another person in this shabby rental house, who was talking to him? ?


"Who is there !!!"

Gu Feng couldn't help but have some fear in his heart. He wasn't really afraid of a thief coming to grab his poor boy, but because there was no one else at all ...

Soon, the voice rang again in Gu Feng's mind.

"When everything returns to the beginning ..."

"Are you willing to pay ten times, hundred times, thousand times more than others?"

Hearing this weird sound again, Gu Feng could finally confirm one thing. The source of this sound was not any corner in the room, but the depth of his mind!

I don't know why, the fear of the unknown in Gu Feng's heart gradually disappeared. On the contrary, he nodded like a ghost: "I am willing, I am willing to pay ten times, hundred times, thousand times the effort and price of others !! "

Ding! !!

A clear voice echoed in Gu Feng's mind, followed by a mechanical female voice that was completely different from the one just now.


"Obtain a crater system ..."

The mechanical, unemotional voice was fleeting and soon disappeared.

"What a swallowing system?"

"Oh, did the goddess feel sad when she got married?"

Gu Feng laughed at himself, shouldn't he be playing too many games and reading novels by himself?

However, at this moment Gu Feng suddenly felt a total stiffness.

Brain consciousness started to blur.

The body became cold and boned, and the emotionless cold voice seemed to reappear.

When Gu Feng was about to fall into a coma, he seemed to hear ...

"The host body is being transformed."

"It's forging the training space."

"estimated finish time……"

"Ten days."

Hearing here, Gu Feng's brain has completely lost consciousness.

In the end what happened?

No one knows.




Gu Feng's throat made a dry, hoarse sound, as if he hadn't drank water for several days, his throat was about to smoke.

Struggling to sit up, Gu Feng found that the sheets under him were covered with a layer of dark, dirty material.

The dark things were supposed to be liquid, but now they are dry, fishy and scandalous, a bit like the decaying smell of dead fish, sticking to the body is uncomfortable.

what is this?

Is the stain left by sweat, but the sweat stain is too obvious!

Leaving a little, his body was sore and hot, Gu Feng supported his body and came to the bathroom. He looked at the man reflected in the mirror, and he suddenly stopped.

Is this yourself?

Is that man with muscles all over himself?

After college, Gu Feng's body, which lacked exercise, was somewhat out of shape, and his small belly was slightly raised.

But myself in the mirror has obviously returned to the most prosperous state !!

Do not! !!

The muscles are sharp and angular. Although it doesn't look like an exaggerated swelling in a fitness room in a jump room, it gives a solid weight, like being beaten ...

"How come, my body overnight ..."

Gu Feng's unbelievable self-talk, is it related to the sound he heard when he was unconscious? ?

Just then, Gu Feng's phone rang suddenly, interrupting his thoughts.


"Gu Feng?"

"It's almost 12 o'clock. Why haven't you come yet, wouldn't it be for the purpose of escaping money?"

"Well, Liu Shishi is also the goddess you chased before. Don't look at the last look?"

On the other side of the phone, the voice of old classmates whispered.

He also deliberately removed the scar on Gu Feng's previous pursuit of Liu Shishi for three years, which made Gu Feng's heart tremble and a colic.


The situation seems to be wrong. The time written on the invitation is ten days later. How come when you wake up?

Gu Feng quickly looked at the time of his mobile phone.

2018, July 26.

10 days are up! !!


I felt so sleepy for 10 days? ?

Gu Feng suddenly remembered the cold mechanical sound he heard just before the coma: "It takes time ... ten days."

Is it because of this that he was unconscious for 10 days?

"Okay, I'll be there, and I'll be right there."

Gu Feng replied with a hoarse voice. It took me no time to hang up the phone and even flush the dirty smell on my body. I turned the box and found the suit that I hadn't worn for a long time. The suit is still at the graduation ceremony ...

Regardless of thinking about what happened to his body, Gu Feng picked up the balance and looked at the poor number on the bank card. He opened a loan software with a little bit of heart ...

"A 5,000 yuan loan, the repayment date is 12 months, and the monthly repayment amount is XXX. Are you sure you want to borrow ..."

Gu Feng's heartache is certain. For that money, he can't mix it with cold noodles for several months!

Is this probably the last stubbornness and dignity of a man?

Watching his favorite goddess step into the marriage hall, he could only use this money to slightly restore his self-esteem.



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