Su Fan thought of this, and quickly responded.

   First, Su Fan fumbled to the entrance of the room where Drunk Xiaoyao was exploring, waiting for him to return here, so that he could meet him at the first time.

   But Su Fan can't completely abandon the threat by doing this. You must know that when he came back, but he came down from another place, it is conceivable that the place where Drunk and Xiaoyao returned may not be here.

  Secondly, Su Fan always pays attention to the movement or lights in the hall, and will rush to it as soon as he finds anomalies.

   This can minimize the loss. Su Fan believes that with his speed and strength of Drunken Xiaoyao, he will not be killed in just a few seconds.

   It's a pity that Su Fan didn't gain anything. The snake-shaped Deadpool zombie obviously knew his power and didn't make any movement. The entire lobby on the first floor of the police station fell into absolute silence.

   In addition, Su Fan noticed that the time for the third telephone exchange was almost up. If Drunk Xiaoyao had not been attacked at that time, he would be able to call and provide useful information.

   But when it comes to phone calls, Su Fan actually has a concern. Judging from the previous phone calls and exchanges, although Zui Xiaoyao has a lot of alchemy Magnum bullets on his body, it seems that he has not searched for any alchemical guns.

   If he still does not find a useful weapon in the following, he can only rely on the beast card or ordinary pistol to fight the enemy with alchemy bullets.

   Needless to say, the former cannot be used until the critical moment. As for the latter, it can also pose a certain threat to the humanoid Deadpool zombies. The snake-like Deadpool zombies can completely resist with scale armor.

   So, the situation of Drunk Xiaoyao is still quite delicate, which makes Su Fan fall into contemplation.

   What Su Fan was considering at the moment was: If Drunk Xiaoyao's situation is already very bad, then there is a high probability that he will not be able to answer this call.

  The consequence of this is that Drunk Xiaoyao will become the responsible party, and encountering more serious threats in the next fifteen minutes is even worse.

   But if... Su Fan doesn't make this call, he will become the responsible party, be chased by the snake-shaped dead servant zombies, and lose the opportunity to give Drunk Xiaoyao intelligence.

   But in this case, it can be guaranteed that Drunk Xiaoyao will not be threatened by new snake-shaped Deadpool zombies, but it may also be threatened by Deadpool zombies with the bronze throne of Ling Ling.

   All in all, this situation is very troublesome.

   But when Su Fan hesitated, the time came.

   Whether to believe in the ability of his teammates or to believe in his own judgment, under the limit of time, Su Fan must make a choice.

   This kind of inner struggle is another kind of pressure exerted by the system in addition to fear and difficulty of the copy, and it is also the fundamental purpose of establishing this requirement.

   Finally, Su Fan pressed the speed dial button.

   Although it is the first time that he and Zui Xiaoyao have experienced the same dungeon, he is still willing to believe in Zui Xiaoyao's strength and believe that it will not simply fall into crisis.

   In addition, Su Fan felt that if he did not make this call, the other party would also be under similar psychological pressure for the next fifteen minutes.

   The most important point is to share information, tell Zui Xiaoyao that he has returned to the first floor of the police station, tell him that there is a snake-shaped Deadpool zombie in ambush here, and let him not panic, indicating that he will be there soon.

   If you don’t make a phone call, Drunk Xiaoyao, who is in an unknown state and has a heart-caring teammate, is attacked by a snake-shaped Deadpool zombie without any preparation, and will inevitably be injured.

   And he called, he was prepared, and believed that he could calmly deal with the attack of the snake-shaped Deadpool zombies.

   And if Zui Xiaoyao really didn't answer the phone and was attacked by the snake-shaped Deadpool zombies, Su Fan could only explore the place he was searching, and it was bound to find him.

   Of course it is not a simple exploration. If you use firearms to explore the past, Zui Xiaoyao is afraid that all the corpses will be eaten clean by the snake-shaped dead servant zombies.

   After all, if the situation is so critical that Drunk Xiaoyao cannot answer the phone, then the cards in his body are probably used up, and it is very likely that he will truly fall here.

   If that time really comes, Su Fan will summon Tuntian without hesitation, and directly pass through the police station's first-floor dungeon. Even if it will cost a certain price, he can't let Drunk Xiaoyao die in this dungeon.


   only rang, Drunk Xiaoyao answered the phone: "I'm fine, don't think about it, and I will be back to the lobby on the first floor of the police station soon."

   Zui Xiaoyao, as a middle-aged person, was still very sensible. Knowing what Su Fan was worried about, he immediately reported his physical condition and also reported his position along the way.

   Su Fan was startled slightly. Although drunk Xiaoyao said it was okay, the tone of his speech obviously did not bear the lazy feeling in the ordinary day, but he was a little bit tired from the heart.

   Drunk Xiaoyao is probably deceiving people, it is possible that his current state is not very good.

   Su Fan's heart sank, but he didn't question him aloud. It's not the time to talk about this. It is the most important thing to speed up the key information.

   Su Fan immediately replied in a quick tone: "I am already waiting on the first floor of the police station at the moment, but you have to be careful, there is a snake-shaped dead servant zombie with a strong body lurking here, I can't find it."

   "Don't panic when you are attacked, I will be there soon..."


   Su Fan paused for a while, only then did he notice the beeping sound. It seemed that the call time had come, and it was automatically interrupted.

   "Damn, I don't know how much Uncle Drunk heard. UU reading" Su Fan cursed secretly.


   On a main road on the first floor of the police station, Zui Xiaoyao leaned against the wall of the corridor and sat on the ground.

   looked into the corridor beside him, there were at least a dozen dead servant zombies along the way, including one with a snake-like tail, obviously a snake-shaped dead servant zombies.

   There was a river of blood on the floor, and the heavy smell of blood and the strange smell from the monsters made the environment extremely harsh.

   In addition, there are dozens of empty magazines scattered on the ground, enough to show how intense the previous battle was.

   The lantern and pistol were placed on the floor next to him. He was holding the phone in his right hand, and his left hand was covering his chest. His face was pale as paper, and the big beads of sweat dripped from his forehead, as if experiencing unimaginable pain.

   Drunk Xiaoyao’s luck is very bad, not only did not find any alchemy firearms, even ordinary shotguns, but found a lot of alchemy bullets, shotguns, Magnum bullets and even sniper gun bullets!

   That's right, the alchemy sniper bullet, this is undoubtedly an amazing discovery.

   However, he doesn't have guns, so he can't exert the true power of these bullets.

What made his situation worse was that, apart from the snake-shaped Deadpool zombie that attacked him earlier, he also encountered a second snake-shaped Deadpool zombie. More importantly, this guy was so stubborn. …

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