Su Fan's face sank, and the two alchemy pistols he found needed Magnum bullets. He didn't currently have it, so he couldn't use it immediately.

   But the previous call let Su Fan know that there is a Magnum bullet on Drunk Xiaoyao, and when the two of them meet, they can re-arm themselves.

   But the discovery of the alchemy pistol made Su Fan understand that there must be other good things here, and immediately opened the second locker.

   "Bullets!" Su Fan's expression moved slightly, and at a glance, the bottoms of all bullets were painted red, and all the bullets were engraved with complicated patterns. "Hope there are Magnum bullets."

   Su Fan fumbled over, and the information given by the system appeared. The system showed that there were thirteen pistol bullets and seven shotgun bullets in the pile of bullets, all of which were alchemical ammunition.

   "It's a pity." Su Fan's face showed a fleeting look of disappointment, "But it's okay to add so many ammunition, now I am not afraid of the snake-shaped dead waiter."

   Su Fan was anxious to meet Zui Xiaoyao, not willing to waste more time, and directly opened the third locker.

   [Name: Shotgun-Winchester M1887]

  【Type: Alchemy Weapon】

   [Quality: Level 4]

  【Equipped with bullet: 12-caliber shotgun】

   [magazine capacity: 7 rounds]

   [Remarks: Classic weapons, prop guns designed for the movie Terminator 2, experienced the hands of alchemists and gained a new life]

   "Great, I finally found an alchemy shotgun." Su Fan couldn't wait to take the weapon in front of him, and put the Remington M870 behind him in his luggage.

   "Old man, you killed a snake-shaped Deadpool zombie. You are considered honorably discharged." Su Fan stroked the body of the Remington M870.

   The No. 12 shotgun Su Fan needed for the Winchester M1887, which was just taken out from locker No. 2, had a total of seven shots, and it was perfectly loaded in the shotgun.

"OK, I have everything to play with, and I can start preparing to reunite with Drunk Xiaoyao." After Su Fan packed his things, he took the Winchester M1887 directly in his hand, and finally got a new weapon. If you feel uncomfortable, how can you be worthy of this? Stuff.

   While walking toward the lobby on the first floor of the police station, he turned on his phone to check the time, and found that there were three minutes left to contact Zui Xiaoyao.

"Well, I don’t know what Uncle Drunk has gained." Su Fan said lazily. Just now, he took the time to glance at the team menu. The display below Drunk Xiaoyao still says "surviving". It has been alive after so long. Obviously There are no major problems.

   Just as Su Fan was halfway down the stairs, a loud noise suddenly came from above him, the ceiling burst, the sawdust flying around, and along with the ups and downs, a hideous and ugly figure fell from the sky.

   The corners of Su Fan's mouth were raised, and he was not surprised by the sudden chaos. The enemy who fell from the sky was not someone else, but his old opponent, the snake-shaped Deadpool Zombie.

   "It seems that in this police station, there are still a lot of snake-shaped Deadpool zombies, and you can meet them at any step." Su Fan calmly picked up the shotgun in his hand and aimed at the snake-shaped Deadpool zombies.

   He was worried that he had not encountered an enemy who could experience the power of the Alchemy Shotgun-Winchester M1887. Who would have expected that the other party would directly pack it and deliver it to the door. This service is much more thoughtful than some bad merchants.

   Yan Ling, bronze throne.

   The snake-shaped dead servant zombie glowed, and its muscle strength was strengthened. At this moment, its muscles became as hard as bronze.

   And in an instant, the surface of this monster showed a metallic color, which is the performance of Yan Ling's "Bronze Throne" to its extreme.

   But in this form, the terrifying power will cause extremely strong pressure on the bones, and in severe cases, it will even crush the bones, so even if it is a snake-shaped Deadpool zombies, it can't last too long.

   Even if they lose their whole body bones and turn into a pool of mud, they will not lose their lives in the end, but they will lose their ability to move and cannot cause damage to the enemy. They still have some scruples about this.

   Su Fan was startled slightly, and the hidden information indicated that the defense of the snake-shaped Deadpool zombies had increased to an extremely terrifying level, "Interesting, but my shot...20 years of skill! Can you stand it!"


The fire snake sprayed out, and the alchemy shotgun combined with the alchemy shotgun hit the snake-shaped dead waiter zombies. There was a sound, like the intersection of gold and iron. It can be imagined that the surface of the snake-shaped dead waiter zombies was covered by a bronze throne. How hard has it been.

However, this shot was not without effect. The moment it was shot, the snake-shaped dead servant zombie's body was distorted for a moment, and then the metallic skin on his body disappeared, returning to its original pale flesh color. Not only that, but its body Cracks appeared in many places on the surface, obviously suffering an unimaginable impact.

   When Su Fan was about to fire a shot, the snake-shaped dead waiter zombie swept its tail, rolled over along the railing, and then quietly escaped into the lobby on the first floor of the police station.

   "Broken!" Su Fan felt a bit of a headache at this moment. He hurriedly leaned on the railing and looked towards the hall, only to find that he could only see a piece of darkness, and there was no shadow of the snake-shaped dead servant zombies.

"I just blasted its spirit state with a single and even caused some damage to its flesh color, and lost the protection of the bronze throne. Then I am confident that I can kill it with a single shot!" Su Fan muttered to himself a little annoyed.

   "Really, I have never heard of zombies being run away." Su Fan looked strange and continued to drive down the stairs. "Even if there is intelligence, this behavior obviously conflicts with instinct."

   Su Fan sighed, "I can only pray that Uncle Drunk will not meet that guy, otherwise, for him, he is still a very difficult enemy."

  The area of ​​the lobby on the first floor of the police station is still very large. Su Fan's eyesight is limited. Finding the snake-shaped dead servant zombie is like looking for a needle in a haystack. After all, the other party is not a dead person, but has wisdom.

   Especially after this time, it was more difficult for Su Fan to find each other. After all, Deadpool zombies have a more sensitive sense of smell. He was almost killed by him, so he will remember the taste and try to avoid it.

On the other hand, they don’t understand the recovery ability of Deadpool zombies. Although Yanling’s "Bronze Throne" was destroyed by Su Fan with a single shot, it is difficult to use in a short time, but if this monster has a strong regeneration ability, I am afraid it will be soon Can be used again.

   The situation in front of him is still not good for Drunk Xiaoyao. Deadpool zombies can find him through smell, but he can't find him effectively in the dark.

   "After all, these are the mess I made." Su Fan's eyes were cold, "I can't let Uncle Drunk suffer a loss because of this."

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