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Survive the Whole People Against the Beast: I Can See the Hidden Information

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Novel Summary

Upon waking up, billions of people came to the mysterious world and became the beast master.

Everyone chooses their initial pet from the ten pet eggs at the beginning of the game.

On this day, the worldview that everyone had shaped for a long time was shattered to pieces.

The ancient behemoth that emerged from the myth, the creepy roar, the infinite crisis lurking in the darkness…

But Su Fan discovered that he could see hidden information that others could not see.

“[Ancient Rock Lizard] Level 1, Qualification and Glory Gold, Skills: Clay Shield, Hidden Evolution Route: Dark Map Ancient Lizard… Golden Horn Behemoth!”


“Seven days later, the danger that belongs to you is about to come, and your opponent is-the fear demon, the edge of nightmare!”

- Description from MTLNovel


Alternate Title:全民御兽求生:我能看到隐藏信息
Author:Sour and Spicy Fish Ball Noodles
Weekly Rank:#381
Monthly Rank:#475
All Time Rank:#2851
Tags:Adventurers, Animal Rearing, Beast Companions, Chat Rooms, Cheats, Demons, Evolution, Male Protagonist, Monster Tamer, Monsters, Multiple Transported Individuals, Pets, Soul Power, System Administrator, Transmigration, Weak to Strong,
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32 Comments on “Survive the Whole People Against the Beast: I Can See the Hidden Information
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  1. Is this harem? I hope someone recommend a novels with massive harem and the protagonist are op and monster tamer. I can't find that kind of novel yet

  2. It's good at the start great world building but when he goes to a city that's where all shit happened females think mc is Hawt then everything seems to progress so fast like no character development he weak this chapter ten this chapter he's super strong summary amateur work great potential useless author still a dick for brain kind of author and mc

  3. You mean chinese yama?? I really dont like the chinese myth if they add as a background in cn novels. Not only will the authors make a mess with tge novel even its shows how uncreative they are for borrowing the udeas in cn myth.

  4. adding a CN myth in a China Novel isnt wrong you know, in fact using existing myth,legend is a common thing, it can save many time,brain work, creating an new world and gone to story writing .What make it feel wrong is that we (foreigner) dont understand what it means,represents . An experience Author will try to has some vague describe about the myth,story,what it role in the story, Why a new Author will go strike to write how cool it look or how awesome it is . In conlusion the act of Borrowing famous Myth,legend isnt wrong (90% copy doesnt count,that just lazy). Also the act of saying some thing like :" Oh sh*t! Yama slapped Hades to death in 1 shot" is stupid and meaningless.

  5. I know hades and King yama, I just don't like the fact that God's got involved so early, and that he somehow knew about his golden finger.

  6. So if someone’s house is destroyed they die? The people spawn randomly and anything could be around them. Also the beast seem to know how to kill the players and what they are. If this is the case then realistically wouldn’t they just try to destroy as many houses as possible? Also how can the people explore other places if they leave their house defenseless. What since does that make?

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