"In fact, if I didn't show up, you would be dead now. A new road rule is not so easy to control. Once you try his method, it will basically be dead. The new road is protected by rules." That figure Said.

Xia Bo suddenly broke into a cold sweat, and then turned to think.

If Xinsheng highways are protected, why can fault highways swallow Xinsheng highways?

"Do you have any questions?" said the figure shaking.

Xia Bo feels that this question must be asked, because he has become the rule of the new highway, and he will inevitably face this problem.

When he said the question, the figure seemed to smile.

"In fact, Xinsheng Highway itself is not problematic. The rules are firm and indestructible, but the fault road is a loophole in the rules. It appeared with the birth of a Xinsheng highway. To be precise, when the Xinsheng Highway was conceived, the fault world was like It is a virus that has planted on the highway."

The figure said, it seems to say another embarrassing thing: "Many highways have no chance to be promoted to the second level, and they are eaten by the fault world. In fact, this is more like a test. It's like survival on the road and the rules of the upper world."

"It’s like a pyramid. From the bottom to the top step by step, each layer is a process of constant struggle. Don’t look at my inspection rules. It’s nothing but I’m in the rules. I was defeated, and the people who once liked me found me such an errand."

Xia Bo frowned, and suddenly felt that his future road was so difficult. He thought he was carefree on the first-class highway, but in fact, he just passed the first pass.

After the first level, there is a second level and a third level.

After listening to the words of the shaking figure in front of him, Xia Bo took a deep breath.

"What do you need me to do?" Xia Bo asked.

"After winning on this road, go to a higher road and help me kill someone!" said the rule.

"Kill someone?" Xia Bo stared blankly. You can't kill you. Go and let me kill. What are you kidding?

"Don't worry, this guy may have already gone to a higher-level highway. Let me first tell you about the grades of the highways. The original highways are divided into first and second levels, with professional and technical concepts!"

"But when you stand out in the game, you will drive a road, that is, the rules of a road. You will make the game content, but the game content is not bad. The profession is the same. Within the framework of the profession, you can make activities at will. What, to improve the level of road players, your level will also increase with the level of kilometers players!"

"Don't underestimate this profession. Maybe on the highway, they are bound by the rule framework, but on the high-level highway, they will not be bound by the rule framework, and they will be powerful enough to kill you like an ant. "

The figure in front of him said that a colorful and gorgeous world of pyramids was presented before his eyes.

Xia Bo also has a general understanding of Survival on the Road. In a word, this is a game of climbing stairs, one by one.

After a brief thought, Xia Bo agreed to the other party's decision. He had no room for negotiation, and his life was in the hands of the other party.

"Next I will send you to a new highway and help you complete the control of the road rules, and you will also step into the new highway to survive. Then the new car will be issued to you. As for the previous The car can't be used anymore. By the way, the materials are the same. The two worlds cannot be shared. This is a trial for you." The figure in front of him said.

Xia Bo nodded silently without saying a word. Even if he resisted this decision, there was no way.

After all, my food and resources come from my own highway. This is to go to another high-level highway. Naturally, the resources of the two highways cannot be interconnected. Otherwise, the rules can completely use the resources on your own highway, worry-free. Then the advanced road survival has lost its meaning.

As for the other party's task, stand out from the rules of survival, even if the other party does not say, he will work hard in this regard.

Soon the swaying figure in front of him sent him to a new road.

The system is connected, and there is no one in the world.

The rules surging slowly condensed, and the figure landed in front of Xia Bo holding a weird bead in his hand.

"This is the rule of this world, it has been tightened by me, you swallow it." The figure said.

Xia Bo just hesitated, then took the bead in his hand, and the words "upgradeable" appeared in his eyes.

"Even the rules can be upgraded!"

He was stunned, his eyes turned slightly, he opened his mouth to swallow the pillar, and directly chose to upgrade in his mouth.

As for what the beads upgraded to, he didn't know, because he had swallowed them now.

The figure in front of him twisted slightly, and then returned to normal, but he said: "You deserve to be an outsider!"

Xia Bo knew that the bead had definitely been moved by the figure in front of him.

He sneered in his heart, did not change his face, and pretended not to know, and said, "What's next?"

"Pour into your body with all your heart, you will feel its existence, use your mind to penetrate it, and control this world!"

Xia Bo closed his eyes and threw himself into his body in the way the other party had said, and as expected, he felt the existence of a magical pillar in his stomach.

Hit the attention and put his thoughts on the beads. Soon, he felt that he had entered a magical world. There was a wide road in this world, and his body became nothingness. Soar freely on the highway.

The rules are surging, he seems to have become the **** of this world, and any idea can be displayed.

Such as changing the road, even changing the world. UU reading www.uukanshu.cOM

He also discovered the framework of the rules. The framework of this rule is deeply rooted in the ground like a foundation, but what is strange is that he can change the content of the rules framework!

This discovery caused Xia Bo's heart to beat suddenly. According to previous findings, he should be in the framework of the rules and proceed according to everything in the framework of the rules.

But he can even change the rule frame, as if this world is his world!

"It's the effect of the resource upgrade system!"

When Xia Bo's eyes lit up, he immediately realized that after the beads were upgraded, he had completely controlled the beads, that is, completely controlled the world!

After the excitement, he immediately returned to normal, knowing that there was still a great **** standing in front of him.


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