Xia Bo calmed down. Although he was restricted and unable to move, it seemed that the figure on the opposite side did not intend to kill him, which made him breathe a sigh of relief.

"Outsiders, I have met a lot of outsiders, but none of them ended well. You are pretty good, but you lack strength."

This figure said something that Xia Bo couldn't understand. At this moment, he didn't dare to talk nonsense, and could only listen to the other party. After all, his life was in the hands of the other party.

He didn't want to die yet. He just learned the way to become the rule of the road. It's not worth it to die like this.

Even a little unwilling.

So when the figure was talking in front of him, Xia Bo just stood quietly, motionless.

"It's rare to meet an outsider, no matter, kid, you don't have to look at me like this, I won't kill you, but you have to promise me a request, yes, these things are all yours."

With that said, he took out a skill upgrade book.

Xia Bo's eyes widened, this is a skill upgrade book, this is obviously an advanced skill book!

There are more than a dozen books.

"Outsiders become the rules, and the chances of success should be greater. These things are not for you for nothing. You want to promise me to stand out in the rules of survival!" The figure shook and spoke again.

"Huh?" Xia Bo's heart beat suddenly.

"You can still hide your careful thoughts from me? But you think of the new road too simple. It is not that simple to control the rules on a road, unless you are the person in charge of the rules appointed by you. Forced control will only make you die faster."

The figure said lightly, and then waved a big hand, showing the appearance of a highway.

The road was dilapidated. The road was covered with thin cracks like a spider web. As the line of sight expanded, many car wrecks and human bones could even be seen.

As soon as the picture turned, a platform appeared, and thick chains spread across the platform, crisscrossing and even spreading out of the platform, and on the platform, a human was actually bound.

Seeing this human face, Xia Bo's heart jumped suddenly.

This is the outsider who cooperated with him, and now he is bound to this platform, unable to break free.

This thick chain is not as simple as binding him, but sticks out from his body, from his flesh and even his head.

The man’s face was full of pain.

"You should know this person. I have investigated your trajectory. I have to say that the trajectory of outsiders is difficult to control. If it weren't on the new road before, and a rule disappeared inexplicably, I really couldn't find you." The figure in front of him seemed to be smiling.

There was a burst of chill in Xia Bo's heart, that rule disappeared inexplicably, it was the rule of the fault world that swallowed that rule!

But the other party didn't kill himself, I'm afraid it was just a threat to himself.

In other words, if you want to completely control yourself, it is the same as the rules of the fault world.

Unexpectedly, I just broke free from one quagmire, and then entered another quagmire.

"According to him, what you trade is a way to become rules. During this period of time, I am also paying attention to the rules. I finally found you. This time I am actually cooperating with you." The figure said.

Xia Bo calmed his mind and said, "Cooperation, what is a cooperation method?"

"Simple, as I just told you, stand out from the rules of survival. I believe you can do it."

Xia Bo pondered in his heart, rules to survive, what the **** is the rules to survive.

Just when he was wondering.

The person waved his hand again, and the previous picture disappeared: "This person has to endure a hundred years of torture here to be able to wash away his sins."

Xia Bo swallowed her saliva, the pain of the chain penetrating her body, and she had to endure for a hundred years, she shuddered even after thinking about it.

Another picture appeared before his eyes.

This is a strange road, just a gloomy one, and the tone of the whole world is strangely bleak.

"This is Highway 136. A total of 36.7 billion rules compete and swallow on this highway. The degree to which you have evolved and the power you master will all appear on this highway. There are countless supplies waiting on the highway. It's for you to discover, and you will be the last existence." The figure said.

Xia Bo was slightly amazed, looking at the road, he never thought that the rules above the players would also survive on a road!

Following this, his heart seemed to sink to the bottom.

I thought that after becoming a rule, I could use some of my ideas, but I didn't expect that after becoming a rule, I would still survive on the road!

"Do I have room to refuse?" Xia Bo smiled wryly.

The rule smiled and looked at him without saying a word: "Don't worry, I believe you can. The strength of the rules is linked to the road. Generally speaking, you rarely encounter other rules on such a road. You can rest assured."

Xia Bo nodded calmly, and then he asked a lot of questions.

I also have an understanding of the rules of survival in this world.

Rule-derived skills, I cannot use my own skills, that is to say, I still miss a treasure trove.

In addition, the invasion between highways is actually a confrontation between highways that is caused by fighting each other after encountering them on the highway.

On the road of survival by rules, you represent not only yourself, but a road!

Xia Bo took a deep breath. This is the same as a doll. Regardless of the rules, it is the same when it comes to the highway.

Survival between players, survival between rules.

Gradually, he understood the meaning of the existence of rules. In the fight between the trapped beasts, the winner is king. A rule on a highway comes out with an absolute strong, and this strong can become a rule.

After becoming the rule, climb up again.

It's like climbing to the sky.

And because of his special identity and experience, he appeared in front of these big guys ahead of time, so he was exceptionally improved. UU reading www.uukanshu.cóm

As for why the other party let himself do this, I am afraid it is for investment.

Invest in a person with potential.

But the specific reason is that only the figure in front of him knows.

Xia Bo sighed helplessly, and secretly said that he was still too anxious, and he had not figured out the meaning and way of the existence of the rules. Previously, he thought that the rule against other rules was nothing but to manage everything on this road.

But I didn't expect that the rules were actually just a player in Survival on the Road, but this player was only slightly stronger.

I was too anxious.

Xia Bo sighed helplessly, and now he was completely plunged into the quagmire.


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