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The body of the giant scorpion fell on the ground, and the feet will step on the ground and scream, and the screams will be screamed again. The figure will rise again. A big stick is like a pillar of heaven, facing the child who has just landed. Go on. The boy's face is a dignified face, and his mouth and nose are still bleeding. The big monster on the opposite side gave him a lot of pressure.


Suddenly, the giant scorpion hair was upright, and the corner of the eye saw a giant sword descending from the sky, as if it had been cut into two halves. I hurriedly took the crossbar and slammed it against the top.




A loud roar, the giant scorpion was thrown into the ground, and the waist had already fallen into the earth, and the nose and nose bleed. There is an incredible color in the eyes.


He saw the person again!


How can this be?


Was the fairy grandmaster not killed by his own stick?


How could the little fairy king be drawn by himself and not die?


Did the Terran come again with a great emperor?


However, at this time, he also refused to think about it again, because the piano held a huge sword in both hands, and once again fell down.


Four elephants!




The giant demon has been smashed into the ground, dizzy, and his heart is not good. The figure suddenly voluntarily fell into the earth. The mystery of the double piano is transmitted out, scanning the earth, looking for the traces of giant pythons.




Qin Xuan's mystery just scanned, and I heard a loud explosion behind her, the giant demon rushed out of the ground, a stick knocked on the head of the Furen.


The piano stepped on one side, then hovered like a crane dance, and the big sword in his hand circled like a windmill, and smashed toward the giant scorpion.




The big scorpion big demon smashed on the shoulder of the Furen, the left shoulder of the Furen was blasted, and the left arm was broken. At the same time, the huge sword in the hands of the Fu people cut through the belly of the giant cicada, cut the belly of the giant clam, and the intestines were exposed.


The big demon is a big laugh, and he turns and walks away: "The great tribe of the Terran, the hatred of today, will come to Japan!"


The giant **** disappeared in a row, and the big demon who was fighting with the Terrans saw that there was a demon to retreat, and there was no more fighting in their hearts. They all retreated. The Terran monks also have no fighting hearts, because they do not kill each other's grasp. And there are still monks and monks around.


The child's gaze looked at the huge futuristic person, and he saw that the huge futuristic turned into a character, hovering in the air, like a fairy vortex, in the middle of the vortex, there is a shadow of a fairy. . When the piano double-sleeve and waved, the circling fairy charm was collected and the figure was revealed. There was a trace of respect in the eyes of the boy, and there was a little arrogance, striding toward the piano.


"Qin Shimei, I did not think that you turned out to be a great master! Hahaha..."


Xi Xiaoyan's lips moved, and she wanted to say that Qin is still a master of the fairy and the fairy tales, but when she saw the surrounding monks, she finally closed her mouth.


When the piano eyes turned, they saw the remaining seven Taixu monks, and only five were left. And Wu Chao has also fallen. The only remaining white machine is the one that listens to the cloud. This time, Wan Jianzong and his party lost a lot. At this time, Tong Yu also saw that his younger brothers and sisters had fallen a lot, and there was a hint of sorrow in his eyes.


The monks who helped each other gathered around, and after greeting the boy, they circled the piano.


Today's fairyland is not without a master. But the masters are all seniors with a long history. Although these monks are all emperors, they are younger and younger than those big masters. If you want to get in touch with the big masters, there is no such possibility. Now I can see a young master. I don’t want to pull a relationship at this time. What are you waiting for?


Even if you mix your face before the double-sided piano, it’s good!


not to mention……


They only help each other, but they can also fight together with the piano, that is, comrades! In fact, the reason why they are the only ones to take the shots is not to look at the face of Taixu, but to look at the big master of the piano.


Qin double is also happy to make these monks, after all, I came to the fairy world by myself, and my eyes were black and I had to make some monks, no harm.


I have never heard of the monk’s solitary monk, who can cultivate to the extreme!


After the mutual notification of the name, background, and mutual expression of goodwill. The eyes of everyone looked at the huge fairy fruit tree in the distance.


The fairy fruit tree is too tall, so these monks have already seen the fairy fruit tree at this time, but the distance is still very far away. Xi Xiaotong looked worriedly at Qin Double Road:


"Qin Shimei, is your fairy charm enough?"




The birthplace of the fairy fruit tree must have the bones of countless monks. Although the great monks are dead, but the power of the cheekbones is there, so many bones can gather together, forming the pressure like the gravity field, and the closer to the fairy fruit tree, the stronger the pressure will be, you are just a Immortal King, I am afraid that I can’t hold back the kind of pressure, and I will be crushed into powder by the hard life.


"What about you?" Qin asked.


"I don't know how much pressure this fairy fruit tree will have. Under normal circumstances, the Emperor should be able to stand up."


"Then I can stand it, my body is the emperor!"


The eyes of the monks around the piano pair look different to the piano. The current monks rarely have to go to the body, and the time for training is not enough. What's more, Qin double is still a great master of the immortal, did not expect to be a refining body, how is this Qin double cultivation?


Xi Xiaolan knows that Qin is not only a great master of the immortal, but also a great master of the fairy and the fairy tales.


"No wonder the piano teacher said that she and the young masters fought side by side in the spiritual world. When she saw her saying this, she was definitely not the master of the lesser, but she was on the same level as the Shaozong. It was very human!"


A group of people marched toward the fairy fruit tree. At this time, this area has gathered a thousand tribes, and the giant scorpion is also back, just across the piano, and seeing the piano double looking, but also toward The piano has a double tooth. It was only at this time that the piano and the giant scorpion had no war, and their goals were placed on the fairy tree.




There are still dozens of miles away from the fairy fruit tree. The piano double feels the pressure coming, which is a kind of perception different from gravity. That power is swaying and oppressing everything, not only oppressing the body of the monk, but also oppressing the mystery of the monk. Qin double feels that his own mystery has not spread, and as he moves forward, he continues to be oppressed more fiercely.


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