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Entering the town demon tower, Qin double immediately took the Vientiane fruit, and then began to urge Yuanli refining Vientiane fruit healing.




There is one less dragon horse, the child is a big show, and a big demon is killed, and the sword is smashed to another big demon. The big demon can't help but panic.




A loud roar, a golden stick, blocked under the sword of the child shortage. The giant demon screamed and slammed.


In the early days of a demon singer who had been watching from the outside, he quietly retreated, and the surrounding monks were attracted by the central war. No one noticed the demon emperor. The demon emperor quietly came to the gully of the piano double fall, and his eyes showed joy.


Qin double is a great master. It is difficult to keep a large number of fairy charms in her storage ring. And as a great master, I am afraid that there are many treasures, which is definitely a windfall.


I watched again for a week, and I saw that all the monks were attracted by the war. I saw that all kinds of magical powers were so fascinating, and the emperor’s eyes were smug in the early eyes, slipping quietly and diving into the depths of the water. .


"Well? Why didn't you?" The fairy eye appeared in the early face of the fairy: "I obviously saw that she fell from this place, has it been shattered?"


Just around here, there is still blood!


Even if it was smashed into powder, then her storage ring must fall here! ”


The demon monk released his mystery and began to scan the surrounding waters. However, the double arrangement of the piano is a hidden array, and naturally it will not be discovered by the mystery.


"How come?"


The demon monk stood at the bottom of the water and thought about it. Suddenly think of the piano double trapped the giant demon's array. The color of alert is in the eye.


"Don't she die? I have a hidden array here, hiding inside?"


The demon monk reached out a palm and slowly pushed forward toward the front.




The river was promoted by the demon gods, which intensified the flow. The demon monk's fine sense, suddenly his eyes lit up, he felt that one of the waters was blocked, and the water was there to separate them.




The boxing of the demon monk slammed into the waters of that side.




There was a double array of pianos, and it was hit by the demon monk. Although it was not broken, it began to shake.


A figure appeared in the market, Qin double was injured in the town demon tower for several days, but also outside for a short time. Just coming out, I saw a demon monk bombarding the concealed squad in a punch and a punch. Perhaps he was afraid of being discovered by other Yaozu people. He did not release the magical powers, but with the power of the body, he bombarded with one punch and one punch.


At the beginning, he also added caution, but after bombarding more than a dozen punches, he did not react at all when he saw it. He was sure in his heart that even if the piano pair did not die, he should be seriously injured, and he might have been unconscious. After all, he saw it with his own eyes, and the piano pair was drawn by the giant scorpion.


What is the repair of the giant scorpion?


Emperor Peak!


And he knows the big scorpion big demon, although it is only the peak of the emperor, but it is a natural difference. Once in the middle of the emperor, he killed the emperor, not to mention the peak of the emperor.


Such a big demon, a stick pumped on the little fairy king without the protection of the fairy, even if it is not dead, how can there be a fight back?


Therefore, he has no scruples any more. The only idea is to quickly break through the market and search for the storage ring of Qin Double.


Standing in the market, I felt the power of the demon monk bombarded on the front.


"The second floor of the Emperor!"


"This is a cheap one to touch the corpse!"


The piano double mobilized Muling, then suddenly reached out a hand, the demon monk was banging to the front. Suddenly a hand appeared out of thin air, and he slammed his wrist, an irresistible force, and brought the unprepared demon monk to the hiding place, and then the scene changed. The Emperor of the Emperor found that he was in a cloud of green grass, and the space of the fairy power was so full of horrible.


"Hey!" His neck was caught by the other hand.




When the nine Wolong needles penetrated into his body, he felt his Xianyuan force being quickly extracted, and several Wolong needles quickly penetrated his sea and penetrated into his god.


He recognized the woman standing opposite, holding his wrist in one hand, and holding his hand in his neck, the woman who was drawn by a giant demon stick. I saw the piano double and smiled:


"Welcome to the town demon tower!"


"Oh oh..."


The demon monk's voice made a dry voice, and his body quickly dried up, and finally turned into powder, and slammed on the ground.




The fairy sect of the Yaozu was absorbed and transformed by Muling, and then poured into the body of the Qinshuang. The Qinshen felt that his celestial force was rapidly ascended, and the third layer of the Xianwang was in the early, middle and late stages!




A mysterious force was poured into the gods of the Qinshuang, and the previous consumption was quickly supplemented.




Two huge law chains appear in the sea of ​​the piano, and then the two huge laws begin to decompose a little bit. Each rule is broken down into nine small rules, and the nine small rules are broken down into locks. Finally, Decomposed into a silk rule, dissipated in the sea of ​​the piano.


Qin double closed his eyes, only in the process of decomposing the law, showing the changes of the law, the true meaning of the law, clearly evolved in her knowledge of the sea, so that Qin double's understanding of the law has advanced by leaps and bounds.


The outside world spent a little more than a quarter of an hour, Qin double once again came out of the town demon tower, observed the early rule of the emperor, Qin double understanding of the law, although not to reach the level of the emperor, but want to break through the fairy The fourth floor of the king is also easy to move, and the difference is only a little bit of the accumulation of fairy power.


However, Qinshuang did not choose to accumulate the breakthrough of Xianyuan Power. After leaving the mind, he left the town demon tower and put away the array.




Qinqin rushed out of the water, and saw the stature of the child's wilderness flew out, vomiting blood. And the giant scorpion big demon is not much better, the body shape is rolling in the air, there is a sword mark on the chest, blood sprinkled. At the same time, the big demon who was smashed with the giant scorpion was rushing toward the childhood.


The double sleeves of the piano are raised, and hundreds of beautiful characters are layered and stacked, and the double body of the piano is turned into a huge charm.




The child is in the middle of the retreat and the big demon collides with the magical powers, and the figure retreats. And the strength of the big demon is obviously worse than that of the boy, and the shape of the rapid advance is one.




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