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Zhou Wen, a bitter senior in the biology department, saw that he was unemployed after graduation.

Not only can you see all kinds of DNA and viruses, but you can also see the attributes and quality of medicinal materials and chemical raw materials, and you have since embarked on the path of a pharmaceutical master.

[You successfully made the Niuhuang Jiedu Pills, the efficacy × 2, the experience value +50]

[You successfully made Liuwei Dihuang Pills, the efficacy × 3, the experience value +50]

[You successfully made sildenafil tablets, efficacy ×5, experience value +100]

[Ding! Congratulations on becoming a junior pharmacist and obtaining a Chinese medicine prescription for hepatitis B virus]

[You have successfully made a sustained-release hepatitis B virus tablet, the medicine is cured, experience value +1000, and a white protective suit…]

- Description from MTL


Short Title:SPS
Alternate Title:大制药师系统
Author:Second General
Weekly Rank:#2297
Monthly Rank:#2291
All Time Rank:#1531
Tags:Beautiful Female Lead, Drugs, Game Elements, Harem, Male Protagonist, Medical Knowledge, Modern Knowledge, Modern World, Pharmacist, Polygamy, Poor to Rich, Scientists, System,
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13 Comments on “Supreme Pharmacist System
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  1. A naive "supposed to be OP MC" wo create a "barrier" himself with a system growth that looks like to be prepared for a lot of chapter novel but rushed at the end. at the begining it gave a "technical stuff" but went missing in the middle and ended just as regular face slaping novel. worth reading?..... probably......

  2. why can't people see that modern medicine is the next step after Ayurveda, Chinese medicine etc. stop comparing them, they are both same but one is more direct and faster than the other and it can also diggnose virus and bacteria and many other stuff that were impossible before

  3. As more an more materials and knowledge of traditional medicine become lost/extinct (because of consumption and population) and a lot of fake product/practitioner of the traditional medicine. more people tend to switch to modern medicine. so if you want to know wich one is better, just go learn modern medicine and create time machine and go back to anchient times (any asian kingdom/empire dont go to western country "they're backward") where materials and knowledge of traditional medicine was prosperous ^^

  4. You sound like a Chinese simp. There were other societies with just as much knowledge as Chinese medicine practitioner.

  5. Lyrst is not wrong in his comment. And he was not actually specifying Chinese but Asian. Historically, the west was more backward as u were more likely to be burned as a witch when you had knowledge of medicine. But if u go further west native Americans did actually do well at the early stages of holistic treatments but were wiped out before it could be truly culminated. But with that being said.. it dint really matter which empire u go too.. for example, if u were a say God Doctor... U, along with your family, would probably be eventually executed by the king/emperor (India/china) either due to failing to cure someone, failing to make them immortal or the fact that u are also able to cure enemies... So would be quite miserable going to the past.

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