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In fact, Duan Qingen's return was not kept secret.


At least those who contacted him before knew that he was back. Among these people, there were also some people whom King Q wanted to catch.


After returning for so many days, he was walking around, he was tossing soldiers, he was buying food, he was borrowing manpower from other adults, and he had to remotely control the palace from time to time, so that the queen queen would quickly put the soldiers' battalion in the military barracks. Surrender.


It doesn't matter if you don't give it, his forgery technology is quite good, just forge one.


However, none of them went to tell King Q to tell him that the queen mother had ordered him to return and pay you back.


It can be seen how bad the popularity of King Q is.


When he first came back, he heard that Princess Q invited Wan Siqing to enjoy the flowers. Unlike the trenches of Wanfu, Duan Qingen, who had a transaction with King Q, felt that King Q should not be able to do anything to deprive Wan Siqing or to humiliate her. Thing.


After all, he is still the king of q.


King Q's food, weapons, and even money were all supported by him.


Now King Q still needs his support, of course he will not turn his face.


Inviting Wan Siqing, it is most likely because this is Duan Qingen's unmarried wife. Princess Q knew the relationship between Duan Qingen and King Q, and specifically called her to try to make a relationship in advance.


Unfortunately, her idea is very good, but was understood by people in Wanfu as not being good intentions.


Not to mention Wanfu, the ladies and girls who came to the flower viewing feast all felt that Princess Q was going to be against Wan Siqing.


I have a good heart. I think this girl is unlucky. Before she got married, her fiance offended King Q first, and now it still affects her.


But they didn't dare take the initiative to comfort them, so they could only stay away.


And those who did not hesitate to try to take advantage of the current q King Qianlong has not yet completely ascended to the throne quickly to please a wave, they reached the idea of ​​Wan Siqing.


A girl with five backgrounds and a small official with no background, who is not higher than her in the presence, if you want to bully her to please King Q, it is too easy.


So Wan Siqing had no time to sit on the incense stick, and she was accidentally poured a glass of water on her body.


The lady who splashed her water was a very young lady. When she saw Wan Siqing looking at her with water, she didn't feel guilty, instead she smiled:


"I'm sorry. The clothes on your body are too plain. I thought where was your girl and accidentally spilled it."


Wan Siqing held the papa in his hand, gently wiped the water on his body, and smiled calmly; "Nothing, just wipe."


She is not unprepared for this situation. In the end, it is all ladies and young ladies. Even if she really wants to please King Q by practising her, at most she can talk quickly. No amount of them can do it.


Besides, the glass of water seemed to be splashed on her, in fact, it just fell on the outer shirt, and the inside was not wet at all. Even though the weather is still cold, Wan Siqing didn't feel cold.


The young woman smiled again, pulling her away from holding the rag; "It's okay now that the sun is big, it will dry even if you don't wipe it."


Princess Q didn't notice the movement here, others noticed it, but nobody talked.


Who knows if this man was arranged by Princess Q.


Wan Siqing paused slightly when she was held by the young lady. She could feel that the young lady squeezed her palm gently.


"Which house is the girl and who is the father?"


She said something embarrassing to Wan Siqing from outsiders, but quietly reached her ear and whispered;


"Don't wipe off the water on your body, you will go out and cry."


Wan Siqing's expression remained unchanged, with a smile; "Return to Madam, I belong to Wanfu, my father has five grades, I don't know where his wife is."


"The girl is very young, she is not thin, she's all covered with water, and she smiles so well."


The lady talked with a gun and a stick, and covered it with a sleeve, and wrote a word "Yao" in Wan Siqing's palm.


Everything is clear.


Next, the young lady has been running on her with various words.


Princess Q couldn't make time to see it, so she didn't notice it.


In the end, the lady was very dignified and smiled conscientiously at Wan Siqing:


"I have a close relationship with the princess and maiden. People like girls will come to our palace less often in the future."


All the ladies and girls present were unchanged, but only they knew what they were thinking.


You personally posted a post to invite others to come, and they came and said such a thing.


Although I know that King Q is not particular, I did not expect that Princess Q is even less particular than King Q.


Even if it was crazy, the people present were not stupid. No one was in the lead for Wan Siqing, so everyone looked at her wet clothes on a cold day, white faces, and faint eyes in her beautiful eyes. .


Of course, there should be tears. She is still a woman who hasn't been in the cabinet. She has suffered so much humiliation in the eyes of the public, and it is good to be able to bear crying in public.


However, everyone went out of the gate of Q Wangfu. This poor one, Yao Wang's fiancee couldn't control it, and the tears fell down, the end of the eyes became red, and he wiped his tears with a papa, and took the water on his body. Trace, silently wept on the sedan chair.




Now that King Q has occupied the capital, can't he fight directly with King Yao? To insult the family members, she was just engaged.


Even if she didn't dare to say anything, the female relatives present were inevitably sad.


And Wan Siqing, who was secretly sympathizing with them, calmed down, wiped her tears, and asked the girl outside:


"Do you have any intention to do this?"


The girl smiled, her voice quietly: "Find a reason for Wang Ye, and then, strengthen the momentum for the girl."


Make a splash for her?


At this moment, Wan Siqing does not quite understand the meaning of this sentence.


Until Manchuria, it was rumored that Princess Q deliberately invited Wan Siqing to go to the house, but in the face of so many people, the rumors were humiliated.


King Yao was furious. The slow march had accelerated a lot, and he declared war on q directly.


Q Wang waited until Duan Qing'en turned his face and was still aggressive.


Isn't it just a fiancee and a woman? As for it!


Seeing all victory in sight, still making such a fuss.


Originally, he came to reinforce the army, but turned into an enemy army, and King Q was simply depressed.


He did not hold back and followed the fire of Princess Q.


Princess Q was also aggressive.


She did not intend to humiliate Wan Siqing, just to listen to King Q ’s relationship with Duan Qingen, she was planning to leave his wife for diplomacy and have a better relationship with Wan Siqing.


As a result, it was too popular, and it disappeared for a while, and Wan Siqing was completely forgotten. Who knows, someone actually insulted her.


She was annoyed to get the young lady out, and after searching around, she found that she hadn't invited the person at all.


Princess Q: "???"


Under what circumstances did this man roll out from under the ground?


The point is that the husbands who attended the banquet did not find anything wrong.


After all, King Q came to Beijing with his subordinates on the back cover. Now that he had consciously settled down, the wives of these subordinates came along.


The capital thought that the young lady was a daughter-in-law of King Q.


The family members of King Q thought that this young lady was a family member of Beijing.


In addition, from the appearance to the end, she was running Wan Siqing, everyone thought that it was Princess Q, and did not dare to step forward to interrupt.


As a result, no one found that this "young lady" was not invited by Princess Q at all.


So things became clear.


The person behind the ambassador must have known the relationship between them and Duan Qingen, and did not want to let King Q sit on the throne so easily, so he sent someone to act in isolation.


Q thought clearly, and quickly wrote a letter to Duan Qingen:


[My good uncle, my nephew really did not mean to target you. This is all a conspiracy of others. Our two relations are so harmonious. My wife invited your wife to come, but she just wanted to have a good chat. Just exchange feelings, the one who insults your wife, I swear she is not mine, there must be someone who wants to alienate our feelings.


Uncle Huang, think about it, you have helped me so much, how can I do this to your unmarried wife, this is not scientific.


You must brighten your eyes a bit, and don't injustice the good guy (that's me). If the two of us are upset, the win-win situation will become a lose-lose situation, but the shameless villain who made the alienation behind is happy.


Your dear nephew, what? 】


After receiving this letter, the shameless man Duan Qingen roughly looked at and burned it.


King Wang has never received a reply from him and knows that this matter must not be reconciled.


He is also understandable. After all, Wan Siqing is Duan Qingen's fiancee. In the eyes of the people in the capital, playing Wan Siqing means playing Duan Qingen, and the fiancee is bullied. Isn't that mean that the fiance is incompetent?


Understand and understand, it is time to take a shot.


Since Duan Qingen and his face turned, he might as well start directly.


So King Q immediately sent troops to Wanfu.


The result was empty.


It was only then that King Q was certain that Duan Qingen really wanted to work against him this time.


Originally intended to fight a meaning, and then forced the queen mother to write a decree, now watching the allies become enemies, King Q could not sit still.


Not waiting!


Directly into the imperial city, forcing the queen queen to establish him as emperor.


When he waited, he sat on the throne, cooked raw rice and cooked rice. Duan Qingen, a lame uncle, what can he do to him!


King Q directly led troops to attack the palace.


It went well, and everyone in the capital was as quiet as a chicken.


After all, they had expected such a day.


Everything went very smoothly. Q Wang Shunshun approached the queen mother and threatened the queen mother with her life.


The queen mother was unexpectedly cold-blooded; "Kill it and kill it, but it's just a princess, not a prince."


The two young princesses were crying in fear, but they didn't get any pity from the emperor's grandmother.


The queen queen is indeed not afraid.


King Q is a rebellion. The princesses are young and girls, and they can survive, but she is a queen mother, and she insists that she does not choose the Queen of Q. However, even if she survives, she can no longer look like it. It is as respected as before.


After a lifetime of luxury, let her fight back to her original form, how could she be willing to.


Anyway, she is too old to live long enough to die.


Q Wang hates it, but there is nothing he can do with her.


The emperor was dead, the princess threatened it was useless, and the queen mother's family was not in the capital. He didn't even know what to do with the queen mother.


When the emperor died, the emperor's seal was hidden by the queen mother. Now, no one except her herself knows where the jade seal is. If he cannot get the jade seal, he cannot be justified.


King Q and the queen mother froze.




The door was kicked open, and Duan Qingen took people around and surrounded the hall directly.


Both King Q and the queen mother froze and looked at him in shock.


The queen mother even stuttered: "You, your legs ...?"


Duan Qingen kicked forward, his smile was still kind: "Taking care of the emperor brother and emperor, and the blessing of my good nephew, Xiao Wang's legs are very smart."


The Yao King, who had always thought it was a lame man, suddenly joined the battlefield with a strong force. Both King Q and the Queen Mother understood.


After the praying mantis caught the cicada, they were all deceived by Duan Qingen.


q Wang sneered: "Uncle Huang is really a good plan, but I'm afraid that you have to work for nothing. Now in this palace, it's all my people."


Duan Qingen raised an eyebrow: "I don't have many people in the palace. There are only two in total. It's like nothing."


King Q no longer said much, and immediately waved to stand in front of the soldiers: "Give me down."




The soldiers behind him drew their swords together and stood at the middle one, piercing his body directly with a sword.


King Q: "..."


Duan Qingen looked at him with a **** smile on his face: "Good nephew, this is the first one."


This sword passed through his chest, and King Q knew that he could not survive.


Not reconciled.


How did this happen?


Well before obviously.


He looked down at Gao Duan and looked at his own Duan Qing'en, holding on to his face with a mocking expression: "Do you think you won? The queen mother will not give you the Yuxi. These are your plans, and her son must be your victim. Dead, do you think she will hand over the Yuxi to you, the killer! "




Duan Qingen glanced back at the queen mother full of hate and looking at herself: "But who said that Yuxi must be handed over to the king by the queen mother?"


The **** who had been following the queen mother suddenly hurried out, under her unbelievable sight with King Q, she knelt down, and gave the jade seal that she had been holding in her arms:


"Master, fortunately."


"Do you dare to betray the mourning family! You pickled dog !!"


The queen queen rushed up, but was quickly pulled underneath.


Duan Qingen held the jade seal in one hand and squatted down:


"Good nephew, you have all seen it, you should rest assured, hurry up, if you see your father, please give me a sentence for him."


"Just say, my brother Jiangshan you were robbed of, now he's robbed from your son again."


King Q twitched and closed his eyes slowly.


One year in Tianan, Emperor Tianan Duan Qing'en ascended the throne.


In history, his deeds are more wonderful than drama.


He was named Prince Edward from an early age, and accidentally broke his leg when he grew up. The throne was succeeded by the emperor, and he was named king of Yao. After that, the emperor died, and his nephew died suddenly after the throne. q Wang cleared his rivals, entered the palace, imprisoned and killed the queen mother, and the queen mother ordered Duan Qingen to rescue the driver.


In such a rescue, he put himself on the throne.


The most widely talked about in history is that Duan Qingen angered the crown and became furious. His fiancée Wan Siqing, the queen of the future, was humiliated on the q palace, so he was angry and decided to attack the imperial city directly.


Because of this record, even after he took the throne and insisted on refusing to ask for a concubine, only one queen was kept, and no one dared to beep.


After all, the grave grass of the last King Wang who dared to beep was already two feet tall.


Wanjia is also a man who can get to the sky.


Who would have thought that a quintessential officer could actually raise a queen.


Or how to say people's luck is unclear.


At the time, like Yao Wang, who would have thought that he would now sit in the honor of the Ninth Five-Year Plan.


Because there was a queen in the family, all the children in Wanfu followed suit, and a lot of people came to try.


It is a pity that Wan Sihe has already decided, and the young master in the middle of the house is too young.


Mrs. Wan's family had an idea for this nephew. She tried to send a cousin to let them be together, only to come to visit her. It was found that Mrs. Wan had been sick for a long time. She said she was sick and could not get out of bed. Fuzhong is currently headed by an old lady.


The old lady was not as good at talking as Mrs. Wan, and Mrs. Wan's family could only return home.


It's a pity to say it.


Mrs. Wan, who was born by Mrs. Wan, hasn't settled on her family. Unfortunately, she is so blessed that she would have gone so young, otherwise she would be able to catch the queen of her sister and find a good family.


Alas, it's a pity that their family can't go up close.


Wan Siqing was very busy working as a queen, so she didn't know that Mrs. Wan's illness was not really sick, let alone know that in the West Palace, there were a group of concubines who refused to leave the palace.


There was a crazy woman among them.


I heard that it was a maid of maiden's origin, and I didn't know what method was used to make her Majesty fancy. She personally said that she would seal the concubine, but her Majesty was driven to death that night. At that time, the queen mother-in-law ordered her to be buried.


Fortunately, she wasn't dead, she was going to be crazy.


I do n’t know why, after knowing that Xinjun is Duan Qingen, he is completely crazy.


At that time, the new monarch ascended the throne, and the harem women who wanted to leave the house could allow them to return home to practice.


There is a reputation for praying for the Emperor, and they will not be embarrassed by their families when they return home.


At that time, a large number of women went out of the palace, leaving some who were homeless or did not want to leave the palace. This crazy woman was also among them.


Everyone speculates that she may be out of mind under great joy and sorrow.


I always cried for a while, and hugged, thinking about what I was a princess and a princess in the corner, and then I said that I was a queen.


When she was awake, she made a noise to see her Majesty.


But after a lifetime, her Majesty has seen her from the future.


One winter, she died silently in the corner.


The person in the same room said that she was still thinking before she died. If she could do it again, she would not change it.


Everyone laughed.


It was as if she had really been here again.


Emperor Tianan reigned for fifty-three years, during which the weather was smooth, and the empress queen was peaceful.


Before leaving, they were all gray-haired.


Wan Siqing was lying on the bed. She was old and could no longer see her eyes, but she could still accurately grasp the hand of the emperor who was guarding her by the couch.


"His Majesty……"


He was very close, but she couldn't see it, she could only reach out the other hand, and patted him gently on the shoulder.


"Thank you, Your Majesty, over the years."


Duan Qingen smiled and shook his head: "Why you thank you for taking care of each other for so many years."


"No, thanks, thanks."


Wan Siqing looked at the blur in front of him, and suddenly smiled: "I have no regrets in my life."


Holding Duan Qingen's hand fell down.


The same old emperor slowly reached out and closed her eyes.


She carefully covered her with a quilt, and then she lay on the other side and closed her eyes.


When it was time to drink the medicine, the palace man came forward holding the medicine, but found that she should not be called the Empress. What she thought of, came forward tremblingly, but found that both of them had no breath.


She spilled medicine and hurried out:


"Come here, your Majesty and his mother have gone."




【Ding! mission completed! 】


【Ding! Points are sufficient, please select entity. 】


In the empty space, almost billions of races were densely placed in front of Duan Qingen. There were all kinds of strange appearances. If they were really well selected, they could be selected for decades. He simply searched for the people and squeezed his face out.


【Ding! You have selected the entity, please make sure to put it into the world, put in the feed: The world you choose below is all the real world, without any plots and system assistance, please choose by yourself. 】


【Ding! You have selected the A universe and b world. After the launch, you will be given a free 360-degree spin-bye gift package to the host. After the receipt is confirmed, the system will automatically unbind from the host. Personally, please ask the host to collect it. 】


【Ding! The host has received a 360-degree rotating byzantine gift package. The following is a parting multiple choice question. You must choose one of the answers. I would like to ask, during this period of system service, how do you feel: 1, feel good, 2, Feeling very good, 3, unparalleled, 4 or more, please choose]


Duan Qingen smiled helplessly and pressed four.


A white light flashed.


Mechanical sound from:


[Please host a good life, you have been marked as "predecessor", when you live in the real world, there is a high probability that they will be bound by other systems, please do not carelessly choose when choosing, a host can only bind For one system, unless you unbind the other, you are likely to be accused of aggrieved in court. 】


Duan Qingen's squinting eyes: "Wait, what does this ex mean?"


Mechanical sound: [Abbreviation used to be host. 】


【Ding! Thanks to the host for the praise, next, the host will be put into the A universe b world. 】


[Commonly known as the real world. 】

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