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On March 25, King Yao received a letter from Duan Qingen.


The above roughly means:


[The queen mother ordered me and General Zheng to return to Beijing to beat you, but do n’t worry about your good nephew. Uncle Huang and I stand by you. After all, I also invested a lot before. It ’s because I took the money to give you away. It ’s piled up, but now the queen mother asked me to go back, and I ’m not good at resisting it. I ’ll try to delay as long as possible. troops.


Also, you're better with Beijing. Anyway, it will be your place in the future. I heard that you messed up there. Will you come to clean up after you get to the throne? Anyway, now that the overall situation is set, the uncle thinks, do n’t be too reckless. When we return to the capital and take down the queen queen, you will force her to write a decree for you to succeed. We are sitting on the throne. Otherwise, you were so stubborn that the ministers won't accept you. They won't handle the problem for you. Do you want to work alone when you take the throne?


Uncle Huang is on my way. You are waiting for me anyway. If the food and weapons are not enough, write to me and ask for it. Uncle Huang expects you to be rich and rich after taking the throne. 】


After receiving the letter, King Wang had no doubt that Duan Qingen would "betray" himself.


After all, everyone in the world knows that Duan Qingen's legs are not working.


A person with a physical disability cannot sit on the throne.


Even if it is forced to sit up, as long as there is a natural disaster, what floods, droughts, and plagues, you don't need to ask a word: the pot of the emperor!


Whoever makes you hungry is still thinking of becoming an emperor, and you know that people with physical disabilities are not eligible for the throne. You are against God, so God just made the disaster and punish you.


In short, in the various records in history, whoever is physically disabled and who believes in evil and wants to take the throne, all kinds of farts have been overthrown in less than a year.


After all, the emperor is disabled, which is a ready-made reason for some people who want to rebel.


There is no need to talk about reasons such as "The emperor is bad, so I want to act for the heavens", just say "you are not worthy of being an emperor with a disability".


It's that simple and rude.


Therefore, no matter whether it was King Q, other rebels before, or the queen mother who knew how much revenge he had with Duan Qingen, they never thought that Duan Qingen would rebel.


My legs are lame, and I can't sit still because of rebellion, and I have a bad reputation. Who would be so stupid.


Therefore, after receiving the letter, he felt that the stable q king was no longer as cruel as before.


Before looking at the capital, he went to see it with the eyes of "This is the capital, I want to beat it down."


But now, consciously there is no competitor, and the Queen Mother's only reinforcements are his people. When King Q looked at the capital again, he had become "this is the place of Lao Tzu".


No one feels bad about how terrible the other's site is, and you still need to take good care of it.


As a result, Q's men, who had been ramming in the middle of Beijing and rushed to see what they wanted, were restrained.


Although King Q was still as arrogant as before, he wouldn't move "Lao Tzu looked at this man and pulled me down and clicked on me", but the old **** was waiting for Duan Qingen to take his army with him.


As for why he didn't live in the palace directly.


Isn't this officially stamped yet?


He is not about to overthrow this dynasty, he is here to inherit.


If the queen mother does not stamp him, he is an officially decided heir. This name is not true or correct, and it will not be safe in the future.


Still, there will be people who treat him as a rebel, with all kinds of righteous rebellions.


In short, a thousand words a word.


Anyway, he's settled down, not bad this time.


Because the current owner of the capital (temporary), King Q, no longer treats everyone in the capital as violently as before, and adults who had never closed their doors have become bolder and dare to let their subordinates go out to inquire about the situation.


King Yao felt that Beijing was his own place, and he didn't want to destroy it. Instead, he actively let the people under him spread the word that he was a good person, and prepared to build a good reputation by public opinion and lay a foundation for himself to take the throne.


The capital was repaired at a speed that was visible to the naked eye, because of the attitude of King Yao, the ordinary people and small vendors who had been in hiding had carefully continued to live as before.


It's not that they really believed the words that King Yao had spread. After all, how did the people of King Yao did destruction and robbing and killing people in Beijing, they are not fish memories, of course, they remember them clearly.


It ’s just that the little people will starve to death if they do n’t hide out and make money to eat. Anyway, they are all dead, so it ’s better to be a full-bodied ghost.


At the same time that the capital gradually recovered its glory, Princess Q was also received in the capital. This is the same as her grandfather. When looking at the capital, she no longer used the eyes of the princess, but the eyes of the queen.


Although her husband has not yet ascended the throne, now that she has stabilized, she has also picked up the queen's shelf, and once she arrives in the capital, she submits various posts and invites people to visit her royal palace to admire the flowers.


It's still cold now and enjoy a ghost flower.


The husbands and wives who received the posts were stiff, and wanted to refuse but did not dare to refuse, and did not want to go and had to go.


After all, the reputation of King Q was placed there. If they don't give face, the ghost knows whether this person will cut them directly.


During the mess in Beijing, are there still few ministers killed by King Q?


Many under his hands robbed the treasures of the Chancellery.


This man is a bandit. One said badly, the whole family's life would be gone.


Some ladies think that this is a typical Hongmen banquet, so it is easy to control their female dependents, but think carefully, now that King Q has basically controlled the entire capital, even if King Yao and General Zheng returned, King Q is in the capital People must not be beaten.


They now control women's dependents, which is not necessary.


Anyone in the other government can comfort themselves, just to enjoy the flowers, anyway, other people have also gone.


But the news reached Wanfu, but it was like a thunderbolt on a sunny day.


Especially Mrs. Wan, she was pale and said that she would not take Wan Siqing and Wan Sihe with her.


"Now the entire capital is in the hands of King Q. King Yao has accepted the order of the queen mother and wants to come back to pay him. Now Princess Q asked me to take Wan Siqing past, who knows what we went to."


Since Wan Siyuan resolutely chose to abandon her house and enter the palace, Mrs. Wan was silent for a while.


In the beginning, she still had Wan Siyuan sit on the princess, and brought her mother, a dream that rose to heights, and soon the dream was awakened by the old lady.


"She Wan Siyuan didn't even want your daughter to be a wife. You still expect what she can give you. You just look at the things she did before. It ’s for our family. Her brother and sister have thought about it for you. ? She was able to abandon you all before. If you really take the position of princess, do you really think she can hold you well?


The daughter she gave birth knew that Madam Wan knew very well that the old lady was very reasonable in her heart, so she was stunned for a while.


But now that she has received a post from Princess Q, she has regained her spirits.


"No, I won't go. The person who made a relationship with Yao Wang is her Wan Siqing. Why do I want to suffer with her? I said nothing, I want to go, and let Wan Siqing go by herself. If she wants, it's OK to bring Wan Sihe. "


Mr. Wan hasn't left the house recently, and he is bored every day in the house. He was so anxious that he was so bored now. After listening to Mrs. Wan's words, his brain hurt.


"The post handed by Princess Q was very clear. I invited you to go to her house with two girls. Now you can't say why, why?"


"I am sick."


Anyway, Mrs. Wan refused to go. She lay directly on the bed, and the quilt covered her. "Just say that I can't get out of bed and can't leave the house."


"You elder is ill, how could their two unmarried juniors leave the house alone?" Master Wan saw Mrs. Wan making up his mind, and he refused to compromise anymore, rubbing his brows.


"Forget it, if you don't want to go, don't go. Si Qing and Si He also stay in the house. Now the world is chaotic. Don't go out unless you go out."


As soon as Mrs. Wan heard it, she opened the quilt and sat up suddenly.


"How can they not go? If they don't go, Yao Yao gets angry and hits our house?"


Master Wan: "If you don't go, how can their two women who haven't left the cabinet go out, let alone the mess outside now, even if it's not messy, it didn't conform to the rules in the past."


"They don't go out alone, don't they have an old lady!"


Mrs. Wan is now thinking about keeping herself. As for the others, leave her alone.


She said, "The old lady just has to go with two girls."


Master Wan: "The old lady is old and hasn't left the house for a long time. I do n’t dare let her go out. How can I go out now, ma'am, I know you are afraid of being wronged, so let me be with you. Go, have been waiting outside the house, wait until you come out, I will **** you back to the house, how? "


His temper is good, but unfortunately Mrs. Wan has no mercy.


"Aggrieved, now King Wang Yao is going to return to Beijing to confront King Q. How can King Q be regarded as a thorn in his eyes? Wan Siqing is his wife who hasn't been through the door, can he get it? Maybe directly? I was taken on the spot. If I followed, I was her aunt, wouldn't I be the same? Maybe I could not even save my life. "


She was really frightened during this period of time and went straight into the quilt: "I'm not going anyway, you can let the old lady take them."


Master Wan heard what she said clearly, his face turned blue.


"Do you think you will die when you go to the King's Mansion? I still want my mother to take two girls? I just said I wouldn't go. You don't agree. You want your mother and Siqing Sihe to die ?!"


Anxious to get rid of Mrs. Wan, this only reflected that she had leaked, and quickly came out to explain:


"No master, I don't think so, I just think ..."


What do you think?


She said that the danger on the palace was the same as she told the old lady to go.


Besides, it wasn't really her accidentally saying something wrong, but her inner real thoughts, how could this come back.


Master Wan looked at her with her mouth open to explain but didn't know what to explain, and her heart was completely cold.


"At the time Wan Siyuan was pregnant before she got married, and she babbled that she was pregnant with dragons. Can you know that if this kind of word spreads out, our entire family is a crime of extermination? The mother has never been close to her, but she still just hits her. Child, saved her life. "


"In these years, which time you did something wrong, it was n’t your mother who did it for you. You and my children can worship famous teachers, but also rely on your mother to get rid of an old face to take care of him. When your mother's accident happened, you begged me, too Come and help your family through the difficult times ... "


"That's also his grandson! Isn't it normal for the old lady to help ?! And my mother, how about you, my master, is also an official body. Isn't it easy to keep my mother?"


Wan adults gradually chill:


"What about Wan Siyuan? The ugly thing she did was enough for our family to die. Can I keep her? Did you say that I could keep her then? Didn't it all mean that my mother was always after you? I also know that I want to keep your daughter, but now I want to send my mother to death? "


"No, no, I didn't mean that, I mean ..."


Mrs. Wan was speechless.


In the end, they are husband and wife for many years, and Master Wan took a deep breath: "I just ask you, would you like to go to q Palace to enjoy the flowers as the master of my Wanfu? If you go, I will always be with you , Even if there is something, you will go, I will not live on. "


If these words are heard by others, they may not be touched much, but they are not enticing in the ears of Mrs. Wan.


How can she die.


Isn't she trying so hard to maintain her status as a lady, does she just want to live long?


Anyway, she also said that she was leaking and could not explain it. Madam Wan simply went straight into the quilt and pretended to be dead.


Lord Wan: "..."


Master Wan: "Since this is the case, don't even go."




Mrs. Wan didn't pretend to be dead this time, and said sharply, "Wan Siqing must go. People are coming to her. If she doesn't go, she won't be involved with us!"


Master Wan: "If you don't go, how do they go?"


"Tell the old lady to take them."


Anyway, that's the sentence.


She can't do anything, but everyone doesn't go, she doesn't agree, you have to let others go. If something happens to the old lady to stand, don't bother her.


Suddenly, I was discovered.


The original impression was gentle and gentle, even if he and his wife were not so loving, Qin Sehe Ming's wife, when did it become such an ugly look.


He glanced at his wife in bed with a complex and silent look, and turned and went out.


The girl outside saw him coming, and quickly greeted him, "Master."


"Mrs. is ill, seal her doors and windows, and take care of them."


Mrs. Wan heard it, but didn't take it seriously.


Anyway, as long as you don't let her go and die.


The person who was engaged to Duan Qingen was Wan Siqing. Why should she bother her? As for the post she received, but she didn't go, wouldn't the people on the q palace blame it, then it would not be considered by Mrs. Wan.


She naturally did not think about it, and this out today made her completely lost her place in her husband's heart.


After coming out of Mrs. Wan's yard, Mr. Wan went straight to the old lady.


The old lady agreed very happy.


"Since she doesn't want to, let me, the old guy, take the girls over."


After thinking about it, she said, "Don't go there, except that her mother is ill, and she stays in the house to take care of her."


The old lady has experienced a lot of things, and knows that the reason why King Q invited them to be a top five official is definitely directed at Wan Siqing. Others can avoid it. Only Wan Siqing cannot avoid it.


In this case, it can only keep Wanshou.


The old lady wasn't scared, at least she was dead.


She was so arrogant that she comforted Wan Siqing before she got on the sedan chair: "Don't worry too much, now that King Q is about to have a reputation, he won't do much to ruin it."


At best, they are detained as hostages.


Wan Siqing listened quietly, and then nodded when the old lady finished: "Grandmother rest assured, granddaughter is not afraid."


At the beginning, Duan Qing'en had made it clear to her before rebellion. At that time, she did not flinch, and now she will not flinch.


The only thing I want now is not to affect Wanjia.


Wan Siqing was propped up on the sedan chair, and a girl who had only been promoted during this time walked beside the sedan chair.


She was holding her handkerchief in a frown, and the girl's soft cry came suddenly: "Three girls."


She froze, opened the curtains on the window, and looked at the girl walking next to the sedan chair. "What's wrong?"


The girl kept at her feet and whispered, "The Lord said, let you not worry, he is here."


Wan Siqing jumped in her heart, and her hand was tightly pinched.


"he came?"




The girl seemed to inadvertently look at a restaurant outside, and Wan Siqing also looked at it subconsciously.


I saw a restaurant on the streets of Beijing that was not as prosperous as it used to be. On the second floor of the restaurant, a restaurant was standing as if it had just traveled a long distance, so it was wearing a dust-proof curtain.


The curtain was too heavy, and Wan Siqing couldn't see the person's face from this angle.


But just looking at him standing silently, without saying a word, but with an inexplicable appearance of temperament, she immediately concluded.


This is Duan Qingen.


Her future husband.


His Royal Highness the King Yao in the Imperial City.


He is back.

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