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Everything was as expected by Duan Qingen. As soon as the emperor died, the hearts of the royal families who could still be honest lived up.


This is understandable, after all, everyone knows that although the emperor (dead one) has a harem of three thousand beauties, and I have achieved great achievements in women, but in the son-in-law, he really is only a princess.


There is no prince. He is dead. Except for those royal families, who else can inherit the throne.


This incident caught everyone in Beijing by surprise.


After all, the emperor was very young, and all kinds of bouncing qs that were alive and kicking all of a sudden, suddenly fluttered, and left a bunch of messes, no one felt like dreaming.


Central Korea is now roughly divided into two factions.


One knows everything, knows that this person likes to arrange people in the courtier's house, what he eats, what he drinks, what he says, and even the little emperor who sleeps must report that the clear emperor died, on the surface How sad you are, how happy you are.


Monarchy is important, but he has no political achievements and sits on the throne thanks to an emperor who has a good father and black hands. It is really difficult for people to admire him from the bottom of his heart.


Those who do n’t know anything, it ’s the same thing on their face and heart, there is not much sadness, and they are more afraid of the boss who suddenly hangs up, who will be the next boss to sit on the throne, and get along well, Will it affect them.


Master Wan is the second case.


Knowing that the emperor was dead, he was aggressive first, and then unbelievable. After all, the emperor was still young and had no symptoms. He looked healthy and looked good, so he crashed.


Then he began to worry about who would succeed the new emperor, what would he do in case of an incompatibility, etc.


When the new emperor ascended the throne, Master Wan faintly remembered that Beijing was washed away and a group of people. At that time, when he was walking on the street every day, he felt **** in the air.


It was the **** smell of almost 300 people.


Most of these people were Korean and Chinese officials and their families. At that time, everyone in the capital was in danger. Even if relatives were involved, they didn't dare to ask for help. They were afraid that they would anger the emperor and let them follow along.


Going forward, the emperor was even more fierce than the emperor.


It was said that at that time, the head was cut for a full five days. At the time, the execution ground was covered with a layer of blood. Similarly, most of these people were Korean and Chinese officials.


Changing the emperor now is still the embarrassing situation that the former emperor did not have an heir.


As a scholar, he can worry about where he can go. It's worrying about day and night, but in just two days, the whole person looked thin.


Because of his appearance, Mrs. Wan, who was still wondering about her daughter's appearance in the palace, couldn't care less, but was also worried along with Mr. Wan.


Not to mention Wan Sihe. Seeing the marriage was approaching, the emperor died, but the country was bereavement, and her marriage was going to be dragged back. Now she saw her father-in-law's appearance, and she couldn't help but scorch.


Coupled with one who knows the general situation but can't tell it, but also worried about Duan Qingen, the fiance's uncle, Wan Siyuan, there are only five masters in the Fuchu Masaru, and now four of them are all out of state. They are all like this, and people naturally follow their anxiety and worry.


The whole Wanfu is very absent.


In the eyes of the old lady, the master Wan Wan, the master of the house, did not set an example for the people below him, but also took his wife and junior with anxiety.


She made people call Wanren to herself, and replayed the tea cup on the table as soon as they met:


"Look at what it looks like to you, like making a funeral dog before you collapse, and you are just like you with a woman in the middle of the house. You ca n’t eat or drink, and you do n’t sleep well. , I'm not dead yet, who do you show this look to? "


Being blamed by his biological mother, Master Wan was shocked and immediately knelt down to plead: "The son is not filial, and the mother is worried."


"You know you made me worry."


Although the old lady was holding a cane, her spirit was very good. She pointed at her son and said, "Put your chest up, the capital city is messy. You still make this look, for fear that the daughter-in-law of the government will be too safe. is not it."


Wanda said: "Son, son is worried about the court ..."




The old lady sneered again; "You don't know anything when I am? But you are worried about the new emperor's cleansing. If you want me to say that, you are just worrying."


Because when the Master Wan was called in, the servants who were waiting in the house were scattered. Now there are only two mothers and sons in the house. The old lady doesn't need to be taboo, she said directly:


"You are a top five officer, and you do n’t have any important duties. I do n’t want to say anything. Who can see you in your eyes? What do you think you are? It ’s worth someone to deal with you. Wait, wait until the middle of Beijing is settled down, the state funeral is over, and then marry the two girls in a beautiful scenery, this is what you as an elder person should do. "


Wan Daren settled down a bit, then raised his head carefully and looked at the old lady: "Mother, not son, think more, it is actually married in our house with His Royal Highness Yao, and now the capital is messed up everywhere, and the grandfather still returns At the border, I do n’t know when I will be back. If something goes wrong, what can Si Qing do? "


He ca n’t eat well these days, and he ca n’t sleep well. In addition to worrying about whether his family will be involved in this battle of “see who can sit on the throne”, he is also worried about Duan Qingen.


Even if Duan Qingen is just a prince, anyway, he is also a royal person, and he was a prince before, if it was involved.


Let ’s not say that he and Duan Qingen have forgotten their relationship with each other, and the two have friendships, so he will not mention them. The two emperors who died were married, and if Duan Qingen really has any shortcomings, Wan Siyuan is afraid. In the next life, I can only stay alive.


The old lady almost hit her son without a crutch; "You can't think of something good? Things that have no shadow are still hanging around your mouth. Why don't you want to think of the new emperor ascending the throne, and the status of His Royal Highness Yao Yao rising with the water? ! "


Master Wan opened his mouth and did not dare to speak.


The water rose and the ship rose, and the mother's family of Yao Yao has long since fallen. The emperor who died is his nephew. I have not seen how high his status was before.


Although his mother always looks long-term, at this time he still thinks that his mother thinks too well.


You can't daydream, you have to be realistic.


Now it ’s like this. It ’s been less than three days. The queen mother did n’t give anyone a chance to choose as emperor. The chaos became a group. Every day, the prime minister took them to the temple and asked her to make a decision quickly. .


This thing is quite fucking.


It was only a long time before their son died, and the bones were not cold, so a group of people knelt down there and asked her to quickly choose a clan that was not their own grandson and come out to inherit her son's position.


No wonder the queen mother doesn't look good every time she looks at them.


Master Wan feels that she understands her queen mother quite well. However, the country should not be without a rule. The queen mother has no grief for her son's death, so she must quickly choose an emperor for their country.


Recently, the atmosphere in Beijing is very wrong. Even Master Wan, a scholar who has been slow to read, feels it.


He always felt that the queen mother was dragging her back to choose no one, and I am afraid that the capital city would really be in chaos.


The old lady leaned on a cane, and when she saw that her son didn't know what he was thinking, Leng Buding asked, "What do you want?"


Master Wan: "Think when the capital will settle down."


"Can't settle down."


The old lady glanced outside and said with certainty: "Every day, I always think about those things that are not there, but you are not at all aware of what is in front of you. Now the situation is like this, and you are thinking about the new emperor's ascension. You should live well before the new emperor ascends to the throne. Hurry up, listen to me, take a leave of absence, and say that you ca n’t get sick. The doors of our house are closed and no one is allowed in. ”


Master Wan asked carefully: "Mother, you don't have to do this? I think the situation seems to be still ..."




The crutch hit the ground hard and made a noise.


Master Wan shut up immediately: "Yes, listen to mother."


Although he took the leave, he obediently closed the door of the house as instructed by the old lady, and no one was allowed in or out, but he still felt that the old lady was timid and cowardly.


Although the atmosphere in Beijing is not right now, the queen mother is still there, and all the ancestors have also rushed over.


Although I was thinking this way, maybe it was because he was worried before the old lady pointed it out, and the adult was sleeping well this night.


Anyway, I have taken time off. I don't have to get up before dawn, and it's good to sleep well.


As a result, it was good to sleep, but failed to wake up naturally.


"Master, sir! Please stop sleeping, sir, you're fighting outside !!"


The slumbering mundane adult who was asleep sat up with a grimace.


Pulled outside, standing in the yard, he saw the fire from the imperial city far away.


Damn it!


Is someone really back? !! !!


He quickly asked Xiaoyu: "Can someone be sent out to inquire? Who is the opposite ?!"


Xiaoxi panted; "The slave just lay on the wall and watched quietly. It seemed like they were all struggling. It was messy, and it was impossible to tell who was the soldier or horse. I only knew that someone had entered the imperial city. I took the Yuxi first and sat down on the throne. I didn't expect it to be found by other royal lords. If not, I will fight and fight. "


All adults suddenly realized.


This is like everyone waiting for dinner together. An egg is placed in front of a bunch of people, waiting for the owner to divide. If the owner does not distinguish, everyone will not touch, but if the first person takes the shot, the rest will definitely not. He will give up and let the eggs be stolen.


The throne is the egg.


The ancestors called into Beijing were the ones waiting to divide the eggs.




Master Wan scratched his head.


I can't figure out who is such a tiger, and the queen mother hasn't decided yet.


There was a blaze of fire everywhere, and everyone was huddled together.


Their eyes were bloodshot, and their eyes were full of longing for the throne.


But if someone asks them, who is the first person to break this balance.




No one really knows.

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