After being greeted by Matsushita Taro, Li Zian and others walked into the Panasonic Kaiseki restaurant.

The interior of the Panasonic Kaiseki restaurant is elegant and complemented by dark and dull lighting, giving a very comfortable and simple feeling. The bar in the box is a classic six-person table, allowing customers to enjoy food while While enjoying the chef's superb cooking skills.

After the five people of Li Zi'an were seated, they walked in from outside the box and waited for five waitresses in kimonos to provide them with warm towels to wipe their hands. As the store manager, Kotaro Matsushita washed his hands carefully before the sink. And then came to the bar and stood in front of Li Zi'an.

   "Dear distinguished guests, today we have a total of 14 dish menus, all of which are taken from the world's top seasonal ingredients in the current seasonal season. I hope you will like it."

   Matsushita Taro said with a smile on his face.

There is never a menu in the world's top Japanese food stores, because such stores are extremely expensive, and the targeted people are both expensive and rich groups. At the same time, the store owners are also the top famous chefs in the Japanese food industry. .

   Even the top Japanese restaurant has a high pursuit of word of mouth. Every day, the chef will formulate different menus according to the different ingredients, giving customers the most extreme food experience.

   In terms of price, everyone usually ranges from 4000 to 7000 Chinese dollars.

   Faced with Matsushita Takataro's gesture, Li Zian smiled and nodded and responded with a proper expression on his face to Matsushita Taro.

   Matsushita Kotaro received Li Zian's look of expectation, and the smile on his face was even stronger.

   "Kaiseki cuisine is divided into five flavors, five colors and five methods, can you know what these five flavors, five colors and five methods are?"

   Matsushita Taro started cooking, and he smiled and asked Li Zian and others.

  Li Zian heard the words, he blinked, and then looked to the left and right, a little daze appeared on his face, obviously the knowledge that Matsushita Taro said was a bit super-level for him.

   Chu Jinglan and Lin Cheng are also blank, and as for Pei Xiong, let alone, only Li Zimu's face is thoughtful.

   "The five flavors should be spring bitter, summer sour, autumn nourishing, winter sweet and astringent."

   "The five methods are steaming, frying, boiling, burning, and raw."

   "As for the five colors..."

   "I don't know very well."

  Li Zimu stumbled and explained Wuwei and Wufa.

   Matsushita Takataro looked at Li Zimu's eyes and smiled, said with a smile: "This lady is very correct, as for the last five colors, it should be green spring, Zhu Xia, Bai Qiu, Xuan Dong and tender yellow."

   "These five colors, five flavors, and five methods can be said to be the chefs of our kaiseki cooking community. The master plan summed up from generation to generation, starting from nature and returning to nature, this is the ultimate concept we want to bring to diners."

   Matsushita Taro undertook the kaiseki cuisine, the waitress successively presented several different tastes for Li Zi'an.

  Pay first. It is the first place in the order of Japanese cuisine. It is understood in Chinese. In fact, it means pre-dinner side dishes. It is roughly divided into pickles, salads and cold side dishes. Its function is appetizing and the taste is salty.

  Li Zi'an listened to the introduction of Matsushita Kotaro, and simply tasted a few bites first.

I saw that Matsushita Taro was handling crabs on the dining table at this time. Looking at Li Zi’an and others with a slightly curious look, Matsushita Takataro smiled and introduced: "This is the preferred crab from the fishing port of the award-winning man in the capital of the capital. The crab yellow is delicious, the crab meat is tender, and dipping some mustard and soy sauce is definitely a rare gluttonous feast."

   Matsushita Takataro is skilled in knives, and all kinds of knives seem to be played with flowers in his hands, and the ornamental is excellent, which really gives people an artistic impression.

   One day meal, the duration is usually about one and a half hours.

  Li Zi'an and others were chatting about the sky while eating Japanese food made by Matsushita Taro, they all felt very relaxed and relaxed.

  After a day of eating, the time is now three o'clock in the afternoon.

   "Mr. Kotaro Matsushita, your cooking is really well-deserved. If I have the opportunity to come to Tokyo next time, I will definitely visit our shop again."

   Located at the door of Panasonic Kaiseki Risho shop, Li Zi'an and Matsushita Kotaro shook hands and greeted each other.

   "Mr. Li, this is my personal business card, you are welcome to come at any time, I am always waiting for you."

   Matsushita Kotaro presented a bronzing business card with both hands, which showed great respect and attention to Li Zi'an.

   Matsushita Taro knows what it means to be a top private bank customer at Hua Xia Bank. He attaches great importance to Li Zi'an. In addition to Li Zi'an, there is a group representing Li Zi'an.

If Li Zian can be happy, as long as Li Zian and his friends at the same level in the future give a Panasonic Kaiseki daily store, then the benefits for him will be inestimable, and for him to open up China's upper market, it will be Has a great role in promoting.

   Matsushita Kotaro delivered Li Zian and others to the door in person, and watched Li Zian and others get in the car before he turned back to the store.


   Inside the car.

  Li Zi'an looked at Li Zimu's slightly crooked, slightly painful face. He smiled a little: "Why? The small vault was hollowed out?"


   "That's not there, a little bit left."

   Li Zimu blinked at Li Zi'an, and a trace of pity appeared on that white and tender face.

"Who do you blame? I said I want to check out. You want you to come. Now that the small vault has bottomed out, and then see beautiful clothes and cosmetics in the future, you can only stare at it." Li Zian laughed and laughed. Road.

   Simple lunch, final checkout, meal fee plus service fee, equivalent to 45,000 yuan in Chinese dollars.

   "In the beginning, I said that I would invite this meal. I, Li Xiaomu, must say something, even if I emptied the small vault!"

  Li Zimu raised her small face slightly and said proudly.

  Anyway, the money has already been spent, and it will be tougher.

  Looking at Li Zimu's lovely appearance, Li Zian touched Li Zimu's head behind him and smiled: "I believe Li Xiaomu, well, very well."

   "However, I don't have the habit of eating white food. Let's go to the mall. Let's ask Li Xiaomu for your entire consumption. How about Li Gongzi paying for everything?"

   Hearing Li Zi'an's words, Li Zimu's eyes suddenly lighted up, and his big eyes flickered, as if he could speak.

"it's not good……"

  Li Zimu's performance is a bit tweaked.

   "Cough, give you one last chance!"

  Li Zi'an squinted Li Zimu, who was obviously distracted.

   "Hey, well, UU reading Since Li Gongzi wants this arrangement, I must give it to Li Xiaomu!"

  Li Zimu didn't pretend to be shy anymore, said with a smile on Li Zi'an's arm, that little face was full of eager expression.

   "Oh, actually I don't need this row of noodles."

   "No, no, Li Gongzi must have a face!"

  Li Zi'an and Li Zimu were sitting on the seats and frolicking, while the commercial vehicle was driving fast in the traffic.

  Ginza was originally the place where big shopping malls got together. The driver was very clear about the positioning of the group of people like Li Zi'an, so they didn't pull Li Zi'an to the middle and low-end areas, and directly pulled them to a place where luxury goods got together.

   Shopping, woman's nature.

From three o'clock to six o'clock, Li Zimu and Chu Jinglan have been shopping, and Li Zi'an and Lin Cheng are carrying bags. After three hours, they feel like they are shooting a day's play. Still tired.

  However, after shopping for three hours, Li Zimu and Chu Jinglan bought only a handful of things.

  Although Li Zian and Li Zimu said when they were in the car, Li Zian paid for what she wanted to buy when she went shopping, but Li Zimu was very clever, and finally bought two clothes and a pair of short boots.

   didn't buy much, but Li Zimu was very happy. After all, shopping is often there. If you want to be accompanied by Li Zian, you don't often have it.

  At six o'clock in the evening of shopping, five people left the mall and took a car to the place to host the main event tonight...

   PS: Our silly white goose was cheated. As the author of the silly white goose, I think I need to say something. I...hahahahahaha...

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