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Superstars In Parallel Time and Space

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Chen Mubai worked hard for half his life and finally became a first-line star. Unexpectedly, when he was proud of his life, an “Avengers 4” changed his life. He had a car accident when he was popular. When he woke up, he Already crossed!

Well, everything is done from the beginning, he wants to become a superstar in parallel time and space, and let the culture of the earth blossom and bear fruit in another time and space! ! !

ps: Single heroine, overhead entertainment, a bit slower in the early stage.

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Short Title:SIPTS
Alternate Title:平行时空的巨星
Author:Confused crowd
Weekly Rank:#753
Monthly Rank:#1277
All Time Rank:#2251
Tags:Acting, comedy, Discrimination, Entertainment Stars, Famous, Handsome Male Lead, Monogamy, Parallel Worlds, Previous Life Talent, Romance, Singers,
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18 Comments on “Superstars In Parallel Time and Space
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  1. Aku agak kecewa sih sama novel ini. Ceritanya bagus banget. Plotnya berjalan dgn baik sampao si cwek muncul. Ini yg tidak aku suka kalau novel dgn tema seperti ini menaruh cerita romansa. Ya sebenarnya gpp tpi lbh baik di taruh di akhir cerita saja atau paling tidak kisah romansanya itu jgn di tonjolkan kalau mau di taruh di awal-tengah cerita jadinya mengganggu kayak gini. Cerita ttg perjalanan protagonis pria utk mencapai puncak karirnya jadi terhambah sama kisah² romansanua ini. Jadinya banyak konflik seputar cinta mantan dll padahal masih banyak konflik lain yg harus dia hadapi sbg seorang penyanyi dan jalannya masih panjang. Kisah cinta nya bisa dipangkas aja mnrt aku dan gk bakal ngaruh ke cerita aja. Aku memutuskan berhenti membaca novel ini ketika adegan si mantan bikin gosip. Si bapak protagonis cwek jg annoyinh bgt. Pokoknya yg berhubungan sama si protagonis cwek ganggu pakai banget udah. Maaf penilaian aku bias. Karena biasanya novel dgn tema seperti ini plot romansanya minim bgt atau muncul di akhir gk ganggu kyk yg ini.

  2. Every chapter praises china in one way or another, But doesn't criticise foreign countries much, from what I have read up to 120 ch. So I think this I definitely a nationalism book

  3. LOL What are you talking about at chapter 100 and still there is no meek for racism, but if you have racism everywhere in your head, why are you reading Chinese literature written by a Chinese on a Chinese site for a Chinese reader!

  4. ...He never said there is racism. Just mentions nationalism. Two different concepts Not sure what are you reading and getting your panties in twist.

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