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Superior Immortal was Reborn in the City

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The strongest person in the previous life, Emperor Ye Tiansi was besieged by all races when he broke through, and he was devastated by the evil spirits. He was utterly lost, but was reborn in the youth of a thousand years ago.

With an unpredictable and ruinous ability, he is back! Ye Feng will no longer leave the demon, so he will sweep all strong enemies, step on all arrogance, return to the fairy world with the most arrogant posture, push all races, and become the emperor in the city.

Are you a handsome rich man playing with all kinds of beauties? Then step on your face with one foot.

Are you a peerless genius who claims to have no ancients before and no one to come? That was the last move I made, and I stepped back half a step to count my loss.

- Description from shuhaige


Short Title:SIRC
Alternate Title:超级仙帝重生都市
Author:Pumpkin without head
Weekly Rank:#1454
Monthly Rank:#1616
All Time Rank:#653
Tags:Alchemy, Calm Protagonist, Cultivation, Hiding True Abilities, Hiding True Identity, Male Protagonist, Martial arts, Modern Day, Multiple Identities, Romantic Subplot, Second Chance, Strong from the Start, Strong to Stronger, Tragic Past,

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4 Comments on “Superior Immortal was Reborn in the City
  1. I'am at CH 42X, whats with those low level enemies jumping out one after another because of the women by his side? and when enemy No.2 hired masters to kill MC it was literly copy and paste of dialouge with other names of cause.....

  2. I am at CH 160 and I feel like the author has bad memory.... the romantic in this novel is quite good the girl is loyal has brains and is resolute enough the do what she wants. short a girl with character worthy of MC. but MC sent her 3 talismans or equivalent up to now to protect her and you get the feeling he forgot he gave her the previous ones....

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