Super Villain System

The traverser Qin Yu was sent to the guillotine for knocking down the princess, and awakened the super villain system at the time of life and death! Throwing down the princess, causing public outrage, and making a big fuss all have villain value! Punch the proud man of heaven, ki.... Read more

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Chapter 304 Say no proof, let me check Chapter 303 will not? It's okay, let me help you Chapter 302 I don’t like green, I like colorful

Chapter 301 Near the sea gate Chapter 300 Everyone admires the Master Chapter 299 Suppress the audience Chapter 298 Wild Star Sea, Aqua Chapter 297 At the pinnacle of the Crystalline Realm, twenty witches Chapter 296 Rain falls, red dust and clouds return, waiting for you forever Chapter 295 Eternal immortal body, psychic realm Taoist companion Chapter 294 Freeze frame time, like a dream or a fog (2) Chapter 293 Freeze time, like a dream or like a fog (1)

Chapter 292 Is the fairy willing to be Qin's Taoist companion? Chapter 291 Heavenly Stone, Eternal Heart, Fang Xiyu Chapter 290 Count the spoils, a huge sum of 500,000!

Chapter 289 Mission, Fang Xiyu! Chapter 288 Fight hard, with one enemy and one hundred! (2) Chapter 287 Fight hard, with one enemy and one hundred! Chapter 286 Xia Qianmo, transaction Chapter 285 I died a long time ago Chapter 284 Shopping mall discount coupons, you have a lot of functions Chapter 283 Steel straight man Chapter 282 I am a person destined to fight against the sky Chapter 281 Soul Orbs, even conspiracy!

Chapter 280 Get the Patching Pill! Chapter 279 Really confusing Chapter 278 Junior Brother Qin Jinguang is so righteous! Chapter 277 The golden demon Chapter 276 It is detected that Luo Qingshan is licking you (Happy New Year's Day!) Chapter 275 Licking dog Luo Qingshan Chapter 274 Square battle, the mission is triggered again Chapter 273 Central palace Chapter 272 Tiangang fighting spirit! Chapter 271 Get it all in hand Chapter 270 Burning women but not men, just such a straight man Chapter 270 People can't look

Chapter 269 Isn't someone coming to deliver this? Chapter 268 And a sister Chapter 267 What does this woman do Chapter 266 Turned out to be my mother's best friend Chapter 265 All dissolving and transforming, the strength rises! Chapter 264 Skyfire mirror I like Chapter 263 Turn your mind around and roll the snowball Chapter 262 The mission is completed, the seal of Shennian Chapter 261 Lord Dragon Girl is Qin Yu's woman! Chapter 260 Rebirth from the ashes, one wave after another Chapter 259 What are you fighting with me! Chapter 258 Continuous calculation, three years is also a dead time

Chapter 257 Palace battle Chapter 256 Fire spirit! Chapter 255 The three-year period has come! See Young Master! Chapter 254 The villain value of mobile is consumed by this group of people Chapter 253 We also eat with acting skills! Chapter 252 Not everyone, Qin Yu's spiritual cleanliness! Chapter 251 Harvest, there is such a good thing? Chapter 250 Let blue pick the peaches Chapter 249 Miss, do you want me to help you Chapter 248 The framing method of killing two birds with one stone Chapter 247 So this is the protagonist Chapter 246 Three exclusive boxes, earn blood

Chapter 245 The power of the Nine Rank Golden Core! Chapter 244 Internal area and power surge Chapter 243 You guys help each other, I'm leaving first Chapter 242 Nothing more than life Chapter 241 The strength is crushed, get it! Chapter 240 Firefly dare to compete with Haoyue Chapter 239 What is the gap Chapter 238 Kill him, I will release Xue Tianyu Chapter 237 Uchioni Chapter 236 Tianjiao appears, task is released Chapter 235 The speech was supported by gentlemen Chapter 234 Strong front guard

Chapter 233 Essence of Lihuo Chapter 232 Family Code of Conduct Chapter 231 Capture and tame all! Chapter 230 Get together for a team! (2) Chapter 229 Get together for a team! (1) Chapter 228 Just spray Chapter 227 Eight Wastes and Nine Turns of Reincarnation Chapter 226 Crushing battle Chapter 225 Miserable fairy Chapter 224 Large-scale main mission to stop the Hunting Pavilion! Chapter 223 The harem side mission, the sword of fairy Lingbo Chapter 222 Chu Xiuyun's box is terrible

Chapter 221 hug me! Chapter 220 Because I want to be a man worthy of you Chapter 219 Is your so-called belief just that? Chapter 218 Yes, your monkey show is very exciting Chapter 217 Hunt for Chu Xiuyun! Chapter 216 Earth Shazhu, the way to enter the inner area Chapter 215 Strength increase Chapter 214 Shura fanatic, Qin Yu! (The last few days, please be on the list~) Chapter 213 Continuously upgrade the system, the mall opens Chapter 212 Robbed! Chapter 211 Entering the secret realm, Qin Yu’s major goals Chapter 210 Yuntian Secret Realm Open

Chapter 209 It’s not a rumor, I did it Chapter 208 Break through the crystal realm! Chapter 207 Surging Chapter 206 Qin Yu, you are a genius alchemist! Chapter 205 Do you dare to make alchemy on the spot! Chapter 204 Young people do not speak martial arts Chapter 203 Encounter, buy medicine Chapter 202 Let your father abdicate, you become the queen Chapter 201 Do you want to follow me in the future Chapter 200 It's hard pit, what can you do to me Chapter 199 Fairy Lingbo An Yanran Chapter 198 Tsing Shan East Campus

Chapter 197 Severely injured the core disciple Chapter 196 Fierce confrontation, animal pattern technique VS multi treasure technique Chapter 195 Fierce confrontation, Shadow Dun VS Lei Dun! Chapter 194 Chu Xiuyun, I'm going to make a decision, no one can stop it! Chapter 193 Super dude, beat the elders and ignore the head! Chapter 192 How can ants stop me (2) Chapter 191 How can ants stop me (1) Chapter 190 Invisible selling cute, undercurrent raging Chapter 189 The most evil pill in history Chapter 188 Two witches, maybe this is the emperor of Europe Chapter 187 Luck exploded, Tianyan and Jinluanhuofeng! Chapter 186 Chu Xiuyun's mission is rewarded a lot

Chapter 185 Promise me not to fight for a month ~ Take leave today Chapter 184 It's fighting! Chapter 183 Eternal bondage, two magic concubines Chapter 182 The meaning of existence, everything starts Chapter 181 Intimacy full value, entangled causal red line Chapter 180 There is the will of heaven in the world, fate is destined for three lives Chapter 179 Is he the lover of the previous life? Chapter 178 Minghua! Su Yuru's true strength Chapter 177 This litter of cats is about to be ordered! Chapter 176 Cat Ear Mother, Little Freika Chapter 175 Set out to create a power

Chapter 174 The villain who touches the head is so high Chapter 173 The terrifying power of Qin Yu's casual attack Chapter 172 Acting in front of my Qin Yu, do you have this strength? Chapter 171 Do whatever you want Chapter 170 For a moment, the flowers bloom Chapter 169 Witch Bull Chapter 168 Full intimacy, outrageous reward! (2) Chapter 167 Full of intimacy, outrageous reward! (1) Chapter 166 You are a bad woman! Chapter 165 These two are not favored by God Chapter 164 If you don't kill you, would you please have dinner? Chapter 163 Seeing human life thoroughly

Chapter 162 Became Zhou Wanqing’s accomplice Chapter 161 This person must earn us Zizhufeng! Chapter 160 The second level, running! Chapter 159 He lied about his age and turned out to be a younger brother! Chapter 158 The hatred of retiring marriage and the hatred of humiliation will be doubled back Chapter 157 Choose between two evils, which is to protect the daughter of destiny Chapter 156 Old villain, old scumbag Chapter 155 Thirty years in Hedong, don’t bully girls to be poor Chapter 154 Just be a sister, not a mother Chapter 153 There are huge crowds, Tianhemen assessment! Chapter 152 All digested, strength skyrocketed Chapter 151 Magical skills! Instant Fanghua

Chapter 150 Space upgrade, crotch crit skill Chapter 149 Girls around (thanks to the big guys for unblocking the recommended fruit support) Chapter 148 It's forbidden to like me, it's forbidden to be a brother! Chapter 147 Become a happy little villain under the wings of my sister Chapter 146 The meeting place became a business place Chapter 145 Your emperor brother sold you to me Chapter 144 Starfall! I am the only villain of Destiny! Chapter 143 Water Spirit! He Houchun's trump card Chapter 142 Duel with Tianjiao Chapter 141 Use Yun Mengyao to clear all your luck! Chapter 140 Kneel down and kowtow Chapter 139 Picking up Zhou Wanqing again!

Chapter 138 Shura appeared, and the dark clouds covered it! Chapter 137 Qin Xian'er’s vision was planted to frame Tianjiao (seeking fruit~) Chapter 136 Promoted to the Refining Realm Dzogchen! Chapter 135 Acquire invincible skills Chapter 134 Dragon Girl and Small World Chapter 133 I only keep pets, not women Chapter 132 I have to be this dragon knight today! Chapter 131 Lose step by step, lose step by step Chapter 130 The acting skills are good, but the theoretical level is too bad! Chapter 129 Break through! The dragon girl appeared! Chapter 128 Combination of Dali Baby, Spitfire Baby and King Kong Baby Chapter 127 Dragon Blood Flower and Dry Blue Ice Crystal

Chapter 126 Tears prove stubbornness and dignity Chapter 125 I say no proof, let me check it! Chapter 124 My crocodile also likes women with hard lips Chapter 123 I'm a bad person just like you Chapter 122 Ice Jiao, Dragon Girl, Female Sister Killer Dementor Chapter 121 Realm breakthrough, wait for the rabbit Chapter 120 The mighty dracaena, the evolution of the crocodile Chapter 119 I am the only one who can absorb dragon blood Chapter 118 Terrorize the spirit beasts and reach a contract (seeking fruit~) Chapter 117 Don't mess with me too! Chapter 116 There is only one Son of Destiny in the world, and that is me, Qin Yu! Chapter 115 Yuntian secret realm, eternal immortal body!

Chapter 114 Kill all the mouths and activate new personal features Chapter 113 She deserves to be Sister Shui, she is just like the name Chapter 112 The excuse and truth of being hunted down Chapter 111 There are ghosts (2) Chapter 110 There are ghosts (1) Chapter 109 Research your body type Chapter 108 Realm breakthrough! (Seeking fruit, seeking protection~) Chapter 107 Want to step on me? Next life! Chapter 106 The son of luck! The villain's slowly turning gear of destiny (2) Chapter 105 The son of luck! The villain's slowly turning gear of destiny (1) Chapter 104 The villain value is exhausted Chapter 103 The system is continuously upgraded! Qin Yu's panel appeared

Chapter 102 Maid and pet, take the initiative to please the owner Chapter 101 News of Chu Xiuyun's upcoming marriage Chapter 100 Master, you have to take the test Chapter 99 The first blackmailer ever Chapter 98 Shura! I only believe in the knife in my hand Chapter 97 See Young Master Chapter 96 Jagged kill, only the weak will be targeted Chapter 95 I'm not here to discuss with you! Chapter 94 Only one knife, it ended up life Chapter 93 Stand for him! This is my responsibility as a fiancee! Chapter 92 VIP! Qin Yu's widow has his luck Chapter 91 Beat the gongs and drums, greet you at the grave

Chapter 90 The acclaimed kidnapper, the Yun family thought I was dead? Chapter 89 Serve you to rest tonight Chapter 88 Super kidnapper Chapter 87 Several sons, I already have a man Chapter 86 Anti-kill! Instant kill! The first fight! Chapter 85 Tough! All villains are used up! Chapter 84 The vision of heaven and earth, play the conch and drum! Chapter 83 Condensing the spirit wheel, shocking the past and the present! (Seeking devil fruit) Chapter 82 Eat the pill Chapter 81 Master, do you really do alchemy? ! Chapter 80 You are a fairy, I'm just an ordinary person Chapter 79 Talking about the world, the boundless world

Chapter 78 It's not deliberately teasing sister, the villain's worthy withdrawal Ji! Chapter 77 Great harvest, soaring value Chapter 76 The inspection has offended adults! Chapter 75 How can I heal you without taking off Chapter 74 I met Qin Yu with blood mold Chapter 73 Salvation and calculation Chapter 72 I am the outsider, the outsider! Chapter 71 Spirit pet, dynamite bag, flashing Chapter 70 You are a devil, a demon! Chapter 69 Shameless, perverted, shameless man! Chapter 68 Blood formation, fantasy formation, trapped in desperation! Chapter 67 Pill furnace, Gengjin, startled!

Chapter 66 Three-turn Zhongyuan Dan, Qin Yu's secret weapon Chapter 65 Lingxuan swordsmanship, suspicious girl Chapter 64 The girl is beautiful and picturesque, but she was so angry Chapter 63 The inspection made the adults not let me bid Chapter 62 The pig king's fangs blown to the sky Chapter 61 Yuanjia is on a narrow road, and then I meet a beauty inspector Chapter 60 The big guys are on the top, making a fortune! Chapter 59 An upright black market auction Chapter 58 Explosive harvest, sold out to scare people Chapter 57 Hunt the beasts of Dzogchen! ~ Announcement: Ask for a day off and resume the update tomorrow Chapter 56 This is a fairy

Chapter 55 People are not rich without windfall, and horses are not fat without night and grass Chapter 54 Waiting for you to open a new chapter Chapter 53 Heaven-swallowing magic power, the imprint left forever Chapter 52 See you in the next life Chapter 51 Dutian spirit body, belonging to Jin Fulong Chapter 50 I am me, someone you can't afford Chapter 49 Has your monkey game finished Chapter 48 Never moved a step! Chapter 47 Earn a wave of villain value Chapter 46 Bitch, you are finally in my hands! (Seeking fruit~) Chapter 45 I have his breath in my body Chapter 44 I’m Qin Yu’s woman, aren’t you afraid of death?

Chapter 43 All tamed, intimate fox (thanks to readers such as Guanfu Maojiang for unblocking) Chapter 42 nest! A litter of pink-eared foxes and elixir! Chapter 41 Very feminine spirit fox in the healing process Chapter 40 Qiankun Yuling Bag and Daosheng Yijian Chapter 39 Samsung Spirit Master! Forcibly tame! Chapter 38 what! The mother fox is coming at me? Chapter 37 Beautiful three-tailed fox Chapter 36 Flower control charm in woman's forehead Chapter 35 Who are you! Chapter 34 Deceive and deceive others Chapter 33 The murder caused by a fox Chapter 32 Who is the sheep and who is the tiger

Chapter 31 Approved by the villain Chapter 30 The way that the spiritual master comes quickly Chapter 29 Giant Bird Car, Target Lost Mountain Chapter 28 blackmail! Chi Guoguo's blackmail! Chapter 27 Shocking, two-star master of spirit control! Chapter 26 Purple jade pillar, control charm! Chapter 25 Tianhedian, strength certification Chapter 24 True to bring the wicked Chapter 23 Lick the dog Chapter 22 You don't really want to reason with me, do you? Chapter 21 I, Qin Yu, is a reasonable person Chapter 20 Yun Mengyao anxious

Chapter 19 Meet the little master Chapter 18 Who are you! Chapter 17 Be careful I stabbed you alive! Chapter 16 Are you teaching me to do things? Chapter 15 Heavenly order! Chaos Promise Chapter 14 Want me to be the son-in-law? Chapter 13 The girl in white, the coercion of life level Chapter 12 Get out, or die! Chapter 11 Brute force broke out, three thousand iron armors could not stop! Chapter 10 Fight with me? The ultimate desperado! Chapter 9 Either don't do it, or do it! Chapter 8 Don't blame me for being ruthless!

Chapter 7 Reincarnated for a long time, goodbye Chapter 6 Amazing and beautiful sister Chapter 5 Where did so much nonsense come from Chapter 4 Real cruel Chapter 3 Killing, I smile to the sky! Chapter 2 King Kong is not broken, beheaded and broke the knife Chapter 1 Activation system on the guillotine

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