Qin Yu nodded slightly in recognition of Zhou Wanqing's words, the soul overture is a very evil and powerful method.

At this time, Su Yuru beside him suddenly hummed a small tune: "Singing the soul overture to find the root, facing the evil kiss of the devil world, turning around without being polluted..."

"Ha, ha ha ha!"

Hearing this familiar tune, Qin Yu laughed loudly, and Su Yuru also giggled.

The few girls around looked at each other and didn't understand what they were laughing at, but the tune was pretty good.

Well, these two people are in love in previous lives and have secrets that everyone doesn't know.

While they were talking, suddenly, the core furnace blasted, and energy waves spread out, and Qin Yu and others sensed a huge force that was fed back into their bodies at the same time.

Qin Yu's original power of 600,000 fierce horses has soared to 800,000 fierce horses at this moment!

That's a full two hundred thousand!

This value is already close to the theoretical power limit of the Condensed Crystal Realm: the power of nine hundred ninety-nine thousand violent horses!

According to the ratio of ten to one, the four demon concubines received 20,000 horses at the same time. 20,000 is not a big deal for Fang Xiyu's power. Chu Xiuyun is also fine, but it is still in the training. Su Yuru and Zhou Wanqing in the aura are soaring.

What the two sensed at the same time, Zhou Wanqing said eagerly: "My husband, I found that I was about to condense into the crystal realm suddenly!"

"me too!"

The second daughter unexpectedly realized that she was about to suddenly reach a realm at the same time!

This made Qin Yu overjoyed. With a big wave of his hand, he obtained a large amount of spiritual stone pills from the secret realm. The heavenly materials and earth treasures were piled up under the spirit tree. At the same time, Fang Xiyu divided the last part of the spiritual medicine and spiritual materials he collected into two. The storage bag was handed over to them.

"Two sisters, just retreat here!"

Both women nodded, Su Yuru jumped onto a branch of the Spirit Tree, surrounded by Manshushahua, and the breath of reincarnation spread.

And Zhou Wanqing sat cross-legged, and the spirit stone in front of him was directly shattered under the operation of the Heaven-Swallowing Devil Power, and turned into extremely pure aura, only a little mouthful of joy was incorporated into the body.

Qin Yu didn't worry about anything. With the cultivation of the second daughter, it was not a problem to break through the crystal state.

In addition, Fang Xiyu and Chu Xiuyun are there, so relax.

Qin Yu smiled lightly and said, "You have a good breakthrough, I will look back at you."

Speaking directly, his figure moved and left the space.

Fang Xiyu didn't follow her, she was a responsible big sister who wanted to watch the two younger sisters break through.

In the early morning of the second day, Qin Yu stood alone on the beach, took out the Shenmu Flying Boat, looked for a direction and galloped away.

The increase in power made him fly extremely fast, although it was not as good as Fang Xiyu, but it was far better than the cultivator in the Crystalline Realm.

He had already sensed that he was about to break through the realm, because the Mitian Stone was completely refined, and he was only a layer of window paper from the peak of the Crystal Condensation Realm.

At this time, while controlling the Shenmu Flying Boat to fly towards the mainland, he sat cross-legged, but was not in a hurry to practice, but planned to digest the villain's value.

Now he has a total of 711700 points worth of villains, 20 witch crafting cards and 10 space upgrade rolls.

"Give me ten space upgrade scrolls for the Harem World!"

"Ding, the host chooses to use space to upgrade the volume!"

The system's prompt sounded, and the next moment, the intensity of the small world increased again, and at the same time, ten upgrade coupons gave back 30,000 fierce power.

Eight hundred and thirty thousand violent horsepower!

At this moment, as if some bottleneck in his body was broken, Qin Yu's realm directly rushed to the peak of the crystal condensing realm!

This time, instead of relying on self-cultivation and condensing the true essence, it completely relied on external forces to push the body's true essence soaring, and then forcibly broke through the realm!

Taking advantage of a breakthrough, Qin Yu directly ran the Chaos Wuji Gong, refining Fang Xiyu's Yuan Yin energy in his body.

At the same time, he felt the true qi in his body surge, because the energy was transformed into the surging true essence, Qin Yu showed his air speed to the extreme in order to vent!


The Shenmu Feizhou turned into a cyan light, shuttled through the clouds like a shooting star, and the speed was really a blue light piercing the sky.

The scenes on both sides retreated rapidly, and Qin Yu turned his Chaos Wuji Gong with full force!

In this day, the blue light was raging above the sea, and wherever it passed, all the monsters and ghosts in the ruthless sea retreated in terror. Some of the insightful crystal-level sea monsters thought that the blue light was a sign of the birth of a strange treasure, and even chased after it. .

It's just that the speed of cyan light is too fast, and they can't catch up.

I don't know how long Qin Yu finally stopped. He landed on the sea and let out a sigh of relief while sitting in the boat.

At the moment, I really feel comfortable!

His realm is naturally the peak of the condensed crystal realm, and his power has reached the power of 900,000 fierce horses!

However, under the influence of Chaos Wujigong, his breath was even more restrained, and at the same time he felt that he seemed to look better again.

The eyes are like jewels, the hair is unusually supple, the skin of the whole body is so good, the Chaos Wuji Gong has some effect of keeping the face, which makes Qin Yu look more beautiful as he cultivates, and he can be able to do it without the need for something like a calming pill. Youth stays forever.

The crystal condensing realm is at its peak, and the system can be upgraded once it has been cultivated to the psychic realm. After the system has been upgraded, it can be fully strengthened.

The future is bright!

Qin Yu feels that the road ahead is bright, and he accepts a beautiful and unspeakable wife, and he feels very happy.

"System, use twenty witch cards, old rules, all random."

"Ding, the host chose to use twenty witches to make cards, please wait."

The witch cards in the portable space all floated up and burned in the next moment. In the flames, a witch was being born.

"It's Fire Demon again?"

Qin Yu was curious, but the answer came out after a while, it was not a fire demon!

"Ding, congratulations to the host, for successfully making 20 witches."

The next moment, a light flashed before his eyes, and twenty witches wearing black witch robes and a magician hat appeared on the flying boat.

This is the purest witch among the black witches in the demons. This black witch is a race after human beings have been demonized. In essence, it is not much different from humans.

Therefore, although the appearance and body of the twenty girls in front of them are different, their appearance and appearance are no different from that of human beings without exception.

However, the witches produced by the system are all beauties, and the twenty witches in front of them are naturally beauties.

Of course it's not as good as the devil concubine.

"See the master."

Twenty witches bowed down, all saluting Qin Yu sweetly.