Qin Yu was curious. At this time, the system prompt sounded: "Ding, it has been detected that the host has crossed a realm to subdue the top master of the Lady of Destiny level. The performance is extremely excellent. The system determines that you have acquired the sexual achievement: Fairy Killer."

Fairy Killer (Level A): Charisma +10, when you fight with the Lady of the Sky, your mana will increase by 15% and you have a certain chance to see through the opponent's weakness.

"I rely on! Achievement! And it is an A-level judgment!"

If it weren't for Fang Xiyu who was around him, Qin Yu couldn't help but exclaimed.

The only regret is that this achievement is only useful for women, so the question is, what if there is a girl in the sky and a man in the opponent?

Just ask, Qin Yu asked doubts in his heart.

"Ding, as long as this achievement is triggered, your **** channel magic power increase will increase by 15%"

Very good, it was triggered, not specifically targeted, it deserves to be A grade, it is really awesome!

"Husband, what are you thinking?"

Fang Xiyu by his side stared at Qin Yu, and there was a trace of nostalgia in her star-like beautiful eyes.

Women are like this, they have to be beaten and killed before they are dealt with. Once they are dealt with, the whole heart is on you.

This is true of Fang Xiyu, as are the other girls in the family.

Of course, this situation is only for normal girls, and those **** are not included here.

Qin Yu smiled gently and said: "I'm thinking, what kind of luck do I have to be able to have a celestial companion like you."


"You, what are you talking about, are you ashamed..."

Fang Xiyu's pretty face immediately blushed, and she lowered her head gently to reveal a shy look.

so cute!

"Ding, your sweet words have increased Fang Xiyu's intimacy. After conversion, you will get 500 villain points."

So, the villains are so cute, in short, they are very cute!

Qin Yu liked it more and more and couldn't help kissing her.

Fang Xiyu was suddenly attacked, her face turned red, she didn't dare to speak, she lowered her head like a little daughter-in-law, bullying whatever she wanted.

"By the way, Xiyu, I'm very curious, what kind of hint does Eternal Heart give you?"

Hearing this, Fang Xiyu settled down. Although her little face was still red, she stared at Qin Yu and said softly: "I took the heart of eternity into my body that day and became its eternal guardian. I had a dream that day. ."

"The rain falls, the red dust cloud returns, waiting for you forever."

There has always been a voice telling me like this, I know that the long sleep is just waiting for the destined person to appear.

By coincidence, Fang Xiyu became the guardian of the Eternal Heart during her blooming years, and she has been sleeping in the secret realm since then, and she woke up until the recent birth of the Yuntian secret realm.

If you really want to count, her true age is actually only in her early twenties.

An out-and-out little girl, a big girl with yellow flowers.

"Where does the rain fall, the red dust cloud?"

Qin Yu's eyes became even more curious. Fang Xiyu held Qin Yu's hands in her palms with two small hands, and said softly: "My name has a rain character, and you are a fairy style..."


"That's it!"

Qin Yu suddenly remembered that Fang Xiyu had mentioned his physique in the chaos before. It turned out to have this meaning.

Fang Xiyu, who was like a fairy, fell into the red dust, and her home was clouds.

Sure enough, there was a will in the sky, and everything with Hong Chen was already doomed.

Qin Yu gently embraced Fang Xiyu in his arms, the fairy smelled so good!

After a while, on the beach.

Fang Xiyu used a special deduction method to calculate where they are now, and it really was in the ruthless sea.

The fairy didn't seem to like the place Ruqinghai very much.

"A lover should not enter the ruthless sea."

With a soft sigh, Fang Xiyu said: "Husband, I will take you back."

Qin Yu knew what she was thinking, and nodded in agreement. The psychic realm is the psychic realm, and Qin Yu will become the weaker side instead.

But if the subject is a wife, it doesn't matter.

It’s not impossible to eat soft rice occasionally!

After a while, a bright white light rolled Qin Yu into the sky, and then disappeared into the clouds on the horizon.

Fly from Ruthless Sea to the place where Tianhemen is, the distance is far away, even if Fang Xiyu's cultivation base needs a little half a month, Qin Yu is not in a hurry, just as honeymoon.

During the stay with Fang Xiyu every day, Qin Yu found that because of a big difference, the double repair of himself and Fang Xiyu did not get much benefit, because the effect of double repair with Lan Lan was not good.

But to be honest, even if it didn't work, he would be happy to do this. Fang Xiyu's whole body was like a masterpiece from heaven, it was so beautiful.

And her personality is different from other girls in the family.

Zhou Wanqing will not say anything. Su Yuru is sensible but strong, and Chu Xiuyun is very gentle, but she always looks at Qin Yu with a trace of doting and reasoning, and sometimes looks like a big sister.

Fang Xiyu is gentle and virtuous, not only not strong, but very well-behaved, the husband is what he says, and the husband and wife follow their thoughts thoroughly.

Of course, occasionally there will be a little playful and even more cute.

From the perspective of feminine charm alone, she is the type that Qin Yu likes most.

On this day, the two landed on a deserted island on the sea. It was already the setting sun at this moment. Qin Yu grabbed Fang Xiyu's little hand and entered the small world together with a thought.

Under the spirit tree, several magic concubines were there, as were Lan Lan and Xiao Ling.

Seeing Qin Yu and Fang Xiyu coming over, they both bowed slightly, Su Yuru smiled lightly: "Husband, Xi Yu, you are here just right, the stone seems to be dissolved."

Qin Yu smiled and said, "I also sensed this incident."

Fang Xiyu also warmly greeted Chu Xiuyun and others. These days, everyone is already familiar with it, and the relationship between the demon concubines is theoretically recognized by the law, so they will naturally get closer to each other.

Even Su Yuru and Zhou Wanqing, who were fighting before, are getting closer and closer.

In addition, I have to mention that there is no elder sister or younger sister among the devil concubines. Everyone is equal. This is the consensus that everyone has recently formed.

So even if Fang Xiyu's cultivation is the highest, he still calls her Xiyu.

At this moment, Qin Yu and his wives were all looking at the core furnace not far away. At this moment, the light of the furnace was flowing, and the mitian stone thrown in before was about to melt!

Waiting for this meeting, Zhou Wanqing walked to Qin Yu's side and held his hand. "Husband, I have studied the Heaven-swallowing Magic Technique again in the past few days, and basically determined the way the ancestor Xia Qianmo reborn."

"It should be the art of soul overture."

"She ignited countless souls, summoned the true souls lost in reincarnation, and built a new body with heavenly materials and earthly treasures."

"Although this technique is difficult, if it succeeds, not only will it be able to restore the cultivation base, but the talent level will also be greatly increased."

"With the cultivation experience of our ancestors, I am afraid that I will become a giant in the future."