It was not the first time for Qin Yu. The rich surprise made him think of not enjoyment but safety.

The flower **** of the Epiphany spread out to envelop the two of them, surrounded by a fragrant smell, but at this moment Qin Yuwen felt that even the Epiphany was not as fragrant as Fang Xiyu's body.

He said softly: "Xi Yu, shall we change positions?"

Fang Xiyu's face flushed, but she shook her head surprisingly and said, "Whenever you can beat me, you can change positions!"


"I can beat you in a while!"

Qin Yu laughed, Fang Xiyu let out Qin Yu's performance.

The various details are naturally inconvenient to express.

"Ding, Fang Xiyu's intimacy with you has risen rapidly. After conversion, you get a villain value: 2000 points."

I don't know how long Qin Yu feels all over. Looking at the woman lying in his arms, he did not feel guilty at all, but took it for granted.

Fang Xiyu felt the same way.

The Seventh Reincarnation has actually made their feelings very deep. At this moment, they formally form a relationship with the Taoist couple, and everything is natural.

As for why it is so comfortable, in addition to the happiness Fang Xiyu brings to him, there is also a substantial increase in strength.

Now, the eternal heart has completely poured into all the organs and bones of his body, and now he is an eternal immortal body.

Looking at my panel description, the column of talents really went from the S+ level to the SS level, which has gone up a notch. In addition, the five words eternal immortality also appeared on the panel description.

He felt that his lifespan was greatly enhanced, and his strength also skyrocketed, from the original strength of three hundred and ten thousand horses to the current six hundred thousand!

Part of it is the huge power given by the eternal immortal body, and part of it is the huge energy contained in Fang Xiyu's Yuan Yin.

Since the Yuan Yin energy contained in these fairies was extremely large and pure, it was directly given to Qin Yu.

If it weren't for the Eternal Indestructible Body to be obtained at the same time, so much energy was added at once, I'm afraid that it will be rushed to the blood and lose half of its life.

This part of the energy due to the virginity has not been fully refined, and once refined, Qin Yu felt that he should be able to enter the peak of the crystal condensing state.

Seeing the hope of improving the cultivation level again, wonderful!

The beautiful fairy beside her is still sleeping, her skin is white and red, and her long hair is scattered on her body. The unique body fragrance of that woman really makes people linger, but now there are other things to do, and I will talk to the fairy again. Review the homework just now.

There was no third person in Huaqiu, and Qin Yu didn't help her get dressed, so he moved away from Huaqiu.

In the next moment, he appeared at the apex of the stone mountain, and a fist-sized stone in front of him was the rock that he was thinking of!

The surrounding space seemed to be constantly changing because of this stone, and Qin Yu found that he couldn't get closer at all.

With one fingertip, three Sky Blue Profound Wind Mirrors accurately landed in the empty slot in the stone mountain. The next moment, the whole stone mountain rang loudly.

As if the ancient mechanism was opened, the entire stone mountain rumblingly vibrated, and a little bit began to collapse and dissipated.

However, in a moment, the stone mountain disappeared without a trace, only the Mitian Stone was still floating in the air, but the spatial fluctuations of the aura anomaly around it disappeared directly.

In the next moment, Qin Yu grabbed it in his hand without hesitation!

"Get it!"

Qin Yu cheered almost excitedly, but the whole world began to shake in the next moment!

There were a series of spatial cracks around, even if you don't need to think about it, the central palace is about to collapse, and the entire Yuntian Secret Realm seems to be about to collapse!


This shock was not trivial. Qin Yu quickly withdrew the Azure Profound Wind Guide, rushed into the flower ball the next moment, shook Fang Xiyu and said, "Xi Yu, here is going to collapse, hurry up!"


Fang Xiyu opened her eyes blindly and found that she was exposed to Qin Yu without wearing anything. After a soft cry, she instinctively covered her chest and shrank into a ball. The next moment, she realized what had happened.


With a flash of white light all over, Fang Xiyu was already neatly dressed. She took Qin Yu's hand and said: "Mitten Stone is the key to the existence of the secret realm. Husband, if you collect the Mitian Stone, the secret realm is about to collapse!"

When she was speaking, she saw a word in her mouth, and the huge aura of the psychic realm began to explode. Because it was already a Daoist relationship, Qin Yu felt that Fang Xiyu’s realm was psychic three times, but it was with Ling Bo. Like a fairy.

In the field, with her as the center, all kinds of treasures of heaven and earth are swept in quickly, and she is collecting the hidden treasures nearby!

Qin Yu didn't care about it before, and he didn't expect that there are many good things hidden here.

However, the space was about to collapse, and there was no time to do these things. After receiving a batch of heaven, material and earth treasures, Fang Xiyu took Qin Yu's hand and rushed directly towards a light gate in the sky.

The two disappeared in the secret territory in the blink of an eye.

The others who survived had already rushed into the light gate before the two of them.

On the other side, the Secret Territory became a chaos, An Yanran frowned, and the elder of the Feathered Immortal Sect shouted: "Everyone, the Secret Territory collapsed suddenly for some reason, and there will be a space-time storm here. It is something I can resist. "

"Life and death, let's go!"

As he said, he directly rolled up his disciple, and disappeared without a trace.

The space in front was already fragmented. An Yanran looked at the disturbed disciples around her. Although she was worried about Chu Xiuyun's safety, she really shouldn't stay here for a long time.

Once she gritted her teeth, she also rolled up the disciple with huge mana, and shot it away.

In an instant, all the people from all the sects retreated. The original beautiful Taoyuan began to collapse, and the earth was cracking and flying, which was quite terrifying.

Of course, this situation does not last long. The universe has its own power to repair. Even if the space collapses, it can be repaired soon as long as it is not a disaster at the level of annihilating the world.

The words were divided into two parts. At this moment, Qin Yu was held by Fang Xiyu, and the two of them left the Yuntian Secret Realm in a dashing manner, but appeared on the sea.

After a while, the two landed on a deserted island, and Qin Yu was surprised: "Is this a random transmission?"

"Well, the elders of the sect set up a secret realm at that time. There were a total of 18 light gates, all of which were teleported randomly, and the range could reach 37 million miles."

"But I don't know where we were teleported."

When Qin Yu heard the words, his heart shook a little. Back then, the monk of Tang Dynasty was only one hundred and eight thousand miles away. What the **** was 37 million?

Looking around, there is a vast ocean around, and even the eyes of the sky cannot see the end.

Could it be that the ruthless sea outside the East Desolation?

This thought came to Qin Yu...

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