Dream, a long dream.

In the dream, Qin Yu vaguely remembered the words Qiaolian said: Where to go on the long and immortal road, the reincarnation for several generations will stay together.

At this moment, he faintly understood the meaning of the sentence of the system, there was no love without a reason, and no hatred without a reason.

The enhanced intimacy pill function only gives two people the same dream.

Facing the rising sunrise, a handsome young man in a coarse cloth shirt set foot on the road to Beijing to rush for the exam. A young man along the way met a talent who also went to Beijing to rush for the exam. The two had a good conversation and immediately became a confidant.

Time was long, and soon came the day to be released. The young man turned into high school in one fell swoop and became the champion, but the talented talent fell into the Sun Mountain and left sadly.

On a sunny afternoon, the young man met the princess of the dynasty. The princess seemed to fall in love with him at first sight, and despite the opposition of the dynasty, she must hire him as a husband.

The emperor had no choice but to agree.

After another twenty years, on a certain day, the husband and wife passed away.

This is their first life dream...

The small fishing village in the sunset was exceptionally quiet. On the beach, a handsome boy with a naked torso was pulling a fishing net vigorously.

Judging from the weight of the fishing nets, today's receipt seems to be good.

Not far away, a beautiful young girl sat on the beach and stared at the teenager quietly, with a slight blush on her face.

Although the young man is young, he is a veteran of fishing. He is packing up today's goods with a joyful smile on his face.

This net fish is twice as large as in the past, and it should be sold at a good price in the market.

When she passed by the girl, the boy nodded with a smile, and her face blushed even more.

On a clear night, the girl and the boy met at the beach. She gathered up her courage and finally confided her heart to the boy.

One day, in this almost isolated fishing village, the villagers witnessed the happy event of the two young people together.

After the two got married, they depended on each other for their lives.

Years later, an old man with white beard and hair walked to a grave by the sea and quietly incense his wife who had been dead for many years.

The old man went to the incense this time and never came back.

Colorful streamers lit up on the horizon, and the sea, beaches, and fishing villages slowly twisted, slowly returning to chaos.

In a fierce battlefield, a middle-aged general and female general were covered in blood.

At this moment, there are no more troops on the battlefield. They are surrounded by countless enemy troops. The general shouted: "Madam, their target is me. You can break through and find reinforcements!"

The charming female general had tears in her eyes, she shook her head vigorously, and said, "Husband, we are all in one heart. If you are gone, I will be alive!"

Seeing that she was so stubborn, the middle-aged general sighed lightly, and suddenly smiled faintly: "When will I wake up with obsession in my heart?"

"The years are long, you must be very lonely..."

Time is long, dreamlike, and the two have gone through the cycle of two lives.

The dream changed at will. On a lush plain, when the two met again and their eyes overlapped, a thunder flashed in the girl's heart.

The memories of the past, my own responsibilities, the reincarnation of the seventh world dream, all came to my heart at this moment.

At this moment, Fang Xiyu burst into tears.

"Reincarnation... Seventh reincarnation, the person I'm waiting for is really you..."

She choked and said, tears constantly dripping down.

Once the red lines of fate are bound together, they can no longer be separated.

Qin Yu didn't expect that the reincarnation in the fairy's mouth would be revealed in this way. Combining what happened before and after, Qin Yu had determined that she was the person she was waiting for.

Perhaps in the dark, the fate of the two in the long river of fate has long been entangled together.

He gently held the woman in his arms, and the moment Jinghong Fairy Fang Xiyu was hugged, his body trembled slightly, but there was no resistance, and the tears in his eyes were even more unstoppable.

"Ding, you forced Fang Xiyu to swallow the enhanced Intimacy Pill and pass the dream of reincarnation smoothly. Fang Xiyu's aura is clear, and you get rewards: villain value 300,000, witch crafting card *10, portable space upgrade volume *5.

"Ding, it is detected that Fang Xiyu's intimacy with you has reached the full value, and you will get a card for Fang Xiyu's exclusive magic concubine."

The nephrite jade was warm and fragrant, and the tip of her nose was actually Fang Xiyu's good smell. She was really a super beauty. At this moment, Qin Yu had no sense of accomplishment in her heart.

"Will you be my Taoist companion?"

Qin Yu's gentle voice sounded, and Fang Xiyu's body shook slightly, as if thinking of some facial hair in the dream, the cry stopped, and her soft body was a little hot.

In their dreams, the two became a husband and wife for the seventh generation, and they didn’t take anything away from what they should do...

Needless to say how important such a fairy-like character is to innocence, regardless of whether it is a dream or not, there is no choice for such a thing as being done.

Besides, Qin Yu was the one she was waiting for, and there was no reason not to agree.

She whispered: "I only have one request for you..."

Under Qin Yu's gentle gaze, she said softly: "Please live longer than me, because I don't want to live alone..."

Ruan Nong whispered this most sincere love story, this fairy Zhong Tiandi, this predecessor whose cultivation base is far better than his own, at this moment seems so weak, so in need of love.

Qin Yu said softly in her ear: "We will live forever. Even if the world is destroyed, we will exist forever."


Just like in a dream, the two hugged each other tightly. At this moment, they were so familiar with each other's bodies.

At this time, Qin Yu would not be able to take care of the Mitian Stone. Since he has already completed the strategy, he should be more thorough.

He said solemnly in his heart: "System, give me the magic concubine card."

"Ding, you choose the other party Xiyu to use the Demon Concubine Card, Fang Xiyu will officially become your Demon Concubine, and you will receive the second mission reward."

"The villain is worth 300,000, the witch making card *10, and the portable space upgrade volume *5."

Sure enough, it is double happiness.

At this time, Qin Yu found that his power was suppressed and was thrown down by Fang Xiyu!

Because of the gap in realm, Qin Yu didn't even have the ability to resist. This was not the first time he was thrown down by a woman, but it was real, the first time he was struggling so powerlessly.

Fang Xiyu's face was red like an apple, she gently leaned on Qin Yu, and said in a low voice, "Husband, only we...the one between us...can give you the eternal heart."

"This is your thing, even with me, I will give it to you!"