Great Zhou Kingdom, the capital of the country.

The execution ground at noon was crowded with people, and the people to be dealt with today are well-known. No one would have thought that Qin Yu, the son of the Qin family, would be questioned.

At this moment, Qin Yu, who was crushed on the guillotine, had only anger in his heart besides the fear of death.

He was once an earthling, and he was reborn in the Eternal Continent with the memory of his previous life. In the past eighteen years, he enjoyed the wealth of the world. Because of the family, his fiancée was even an imperial princess!

I thought I would continue to be rich in this life, but everything changed three days ago.

Three days ago, the princess Zhou Wanqing, that is, his fiancee invited him into the palace to meet. The two chatted very happily, but after drinking for three rounds, Qin Yu suddenly felt that his blood was surging, and some uncontrollably rushed the princess. fall down!

After that, his memory was a bit vague, Qin Yu just vaguely remembered that he did everything that should and shouldn’t be done...

When he woke up, he was already locked up in a jail.

In the imperial palace, the princess did something indescribable. Even if the other party was a fiancee, that was a heinous crime. The emperor in anger directly ordered Qin Yu to be executed!

On the surface, Qin Yu may be a dude, but he is actually a wise man. This situation has been calculated at first glance, and it must have been calculated by the royal family!

They coveted a treasure on their body, binding the spirit orb!

This is the treasure that Qin Yu picked up by accident a year ago, and the Ling Yu Master can rely on this treasure to catch 100% high-level spirit beasts.

Seeing that Qin Yu has achieved success in his cultivation and is about to become a one-star spiritual master, they finally made a move, and still use this method!

Thinking about it now, the emperor said that he wanted to marry the princess to himself, which happened to be a year ago. It turned out that people didn't like him, but this bead.

There was bitterness on Qin Yu's face, and everyone was innocent and guilty, and he was talking about him.

At this moment, the sword and axe were already in place, and he just waited for the hour to fall to his head. He glanced at the crowd and found that no one in the family had come.

That said, he has committed such a bad deed and has been expelled from the family.

With a slight sigh, Qin Yu once again remembered the appearance of the princess who groaned softly under him that night. Instead of a trace of tenderness, he was full of hatred.

"This bitch!"

With a curse in his heart, Qin Yu closed his eyes and waited for death.

Suddenly, a mechanical female voice rang in his mind: "Ding, the villain system is successfully bound, and the host has received a gift package for the novice. Is it open now?"

Qin Yu was taken aback for a moment. The first reaction was that he had heard hallucinations, and then he was overjoyed when he recovered!

"Eighteen years, Lao Tzu's golden finger is finally here!"

He roared wildly in his heart: "Turn it on immediately!"

"Ding, congratulations to the host for getting the novice reward: the villain is worth 1000 points."

"Ding, congratulations to the host for getting free space."

"Ding, congratulations to the host for acquiring supernatural powers: King Kong is not bad, current supernatural power level: Tier 1."

"The host can use the villain value to upgrade supernatural powers."

"Supernatural power! It turned out to be supernatural power!"

Qin Yu was overjoyed, this is a skill that only monks can cultivate!

The eternal world is a world of cultivators. There are many realms in body forging, qi refining, crystal condensing, channeling, **** transformation, etc. The so-called monk refers to the master of the qi refining realm!

At this time, the system prompt sounded again: "Ding, it is detected that the host is throwing down the princess in the palace. The evil is terrible. The reward villain value: 100 points. The host relies on itself to gain the villain value for the first time, and the bonus skill treasure box*1, please ask Do you want to open the treasure chest now?"

About to be beheaded, Qin Yu eagerly said in his heart: "Turn it on now!"

"Ding, the host opens the treasure chest and obtains martial skill: Gale Sword Technique."

Isn't martial arts magical powers?

The current situation is very clear, even if the Gale Sword Technique is upgraded to full level, it can't stop the executioner's blow.

Qin Yu said in his heart: "It's not bad to add King Kong to me first! Add as much as you have!"

"Ding, the host chooses to upgrade King Kong to not destroy magical powers. Each upgrade of magical powers requires 200 villains."

"Ding, the upgrade is successful, and the King Kong is not bad skills are upgraded to Tier 5."

A warm current rushed through his body, and Qin Yu clearly felt that the density of his body's musculoskeletal increased significantly. Although his appearance did not change, his musculoskeletal strength is now harder than steel!

"It's time!"

Xiao Si yelled loudly, and the supervising officer immediately said solemnly: "Zhan!"


The knife and axe in charge of the beheading also shouted, but at this moment, an indifferent voice sounded in the distance: "Wait, I have something to tell him."

Everyone was taken aback for a moment and looked intently, but it was a girl in a goose yellow palace dress, accompanied by two palace ladies, slowly walking over.

"Your Royal Highness! The Princess is down!"

"Ah, Your Royal Highness is really affectionate and righteous, even if Qin Yu is a beast doing such things, he still comes to see him for the last time."

"Wow... Your Royal Highness is so beautiful, if I can spend the night with your Royal Highness, I would also be beheaded."

The people whispered to each other and said everything, but the princess walked straight to Qin Yu, the swordsman consciously stepped back a bit, and only Qin Yu and the princess were left in front of the guillotine.

Qin Yu stood up slowly, looked at the beautiful woman before him indifferently, without saying a word.

Zhou Wanqing stared at him as well, with regrets in her eyes. After a moment of silence, she said lightly: "Everyone is innocent, and you are a wise man. You should have already figured out the ins and outs of this matter."

Qin Yu sneered when he heard the words: "Why, are you here to show the winner?"

"Is it glorious to **** my spirit-binding orb by such means?"

Zhou Wanqing smiled lightly and said, "It doesn't matter whether it's glamorous, after all, I have achieved my goal."

"There are two things in my palace this time. The first is to talk to you. With your appearance and physique, it makes sense to be my first man."

"The entire empire doesn't know how many men want to be the servants of this palace, and you are not at a loss if you get my virgin body."

Qin Yu sneered: "Really?"

"I don't think you have anything special, on the contrary, don't you think you are a little fat?"


When Zhou Wanqing heard the words, her face became stiff, and she coldly snorted, "Stubbornly stiff mouth at the end of her death!"

As she said, a faint smile appeared on her face: "Qin Yu, don't you wonder why this palace has to use any means to get your spirit binding orb?"

Qin Yu sneered: "If your Royal Highness can pay such a high price, you must have discovered a high-level monster, right?"

"Jin Fulong."

Zhou Wan smiled faintly: "I need your Lingzhu Orb to subdue that Qi Refining Realm Jin Fulong."

"If this beast is with me, I think next year's Tianhezong assessment, I should be fine."

"That's it."

Qin Yu sneered: "Since you are honest and honest, then I also want to tell you something."


Zhou Wan smiled calmly: "Let's listen."

I saw Qin Yu approached a little and said in her ear: "I am afraid that the person who died today is not me, but you."

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