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The traverser Qin Yu was sent to the guillotine for knocking down the princess, and awakened the super villain system at the time of life and death!

Throwing down the princess, causing public outrage, and making a big fuss all have villain value!

Punch the proud man of heaven, kick the peerless beauty, I am the villain, who am I afraid of? Behead? King Kong is not bad magical powers!

Are you leaving this to scrape me? Spelling magic weapon? Wutian Lianbao Jue! Xiaoye, my assembly line production magic weapon!

Bi Ling pet? The cute dragon girl, the soft cat girl, and the charming fox girl are not only spiritual pets, but also part-time maids!

what? The righteous people come together to destroy me? My eldest sister is the palace lord of Beihai Xuanjing Palace, and the second sister is the supreme elder of Yuhuamen. Come, you can encircle me again? The villain is just a mask, and there is often a gentle heart behind the evil.

The sturdy life needs no explanation, I am me, a different kind of firework.

- Description from MTL


Short Title:SVS
Alternate Title:超级反派系统
Author:Warm wind and light sun
Weekly Rank:#5399
Monthly Rank:#4185
All Time Rank:#2389
Tags:Antihero Protagonist, Beautiful Female Lead, Charming Protagonist, Cheats, Clever Protagonist, Clingy Lover, Cultivation, Cunning Protagonist, Dao Companion, Enemies Become Lovers, Eye Powers, Genius Protagonist, Godly Powers, Handsome Male Lead, Harem, Harem-seeking Protagonist, Heavenly Tribulation, Human-Nonhuman Relationship, Maids, Male Protagonist, Masochistic Characters, Monster Tamer, Multiple Reincarnated Individuals, Overpowered Protagonist, Pill Concocting, Ruthless Protagonist, Schemes And Conspiracies, System, System Administrator, Unique Cultivation Technique, Villain, Yandere,
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79 Comments on “Super Villain System
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  1. why didn't you immediately update the system?. he had more than 100,000 spirit stones. ~~ The system is currently LV1. If you want to upgrade, you need to turn in the spirit stone. Twenty thousand lower-grade spirit stones can be upgraded to LV2. LV2 to LV3 requires 30,000 spirit stones, and so on.

  2. Well, the start is good and interesting, but after some time i got only more and more triggered... First he cant kill the one who are responisble to frame him, because a white girl saved them, she is way stronger than him, meanwhile the white girl talks so hard arrogant, the mc has to leave.... 1x the enemy escaped.. after he left, he met a damn maid of his sister but she calls him LITTLE BOY and calls him stupid for what he did... AS MAID??? triggered... Than again later he meet a son of luck, he doesnt have the cliche behavior, just stupid, well after the fight the son of luck escaped OFC again 2x......... He goes to auction and meet again the white girl, after a bit pay back, he left and met again a girl, AND OFC SHE WANT TO KILL HIM BUT IS STRONGER AND DOESNT TAKE HIM SERIOUS CHUCKELD AND PLAYED LIKE A CAT WITH A MOUSE. 60 chapter and the mc didnt even started to cultivate because he has to collect resources.... after that he wants to learn alchemy first... triggered... I dont know maybe the author doesnt want to make it a satifsting novel maybe he just wants to make it a bit more realistic... and maybe it will change later, but im pretty sure it wont stop with all the trigger points...

  3. The writer is bored or no new idea to continue but ends the novel too suddenly.LOL.I thought there are too far distance between chapter 496 and chp 497(the end).Damn

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