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I have to ask which system is better, and I have the best trick or treat system.

If he didn’t hold it up, Immortal Seiya had to kneel.

Open the invincible plug-in casually, and the power and wealth are rolling in.

The god-level brother is there every day, and the human tank is open every night.

The tiger’s body was shocked, and the wealthy brother was flattering.

We met Nato to worship today and help us steal the manhole cover tomorrow.

The peerless master bowed, and the cold goddess came to act like a baby.

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- Description from MTL


Short Title:STOTS
Alternate Title:极品捣蛋系统
Weekly Rank:#6206
Monthly Rank:#6117
All Time Rank:#5530
Tags:Male Protagonist, System, System Administrator,
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9 Comments on “Super Trick or Treat System
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  1. So mean the quality is poor? A lot of poor review so i though that this novel is not good..but i want to ask why this kind of novel always the one getting pick or choose instead of those good novel?? I observe more and also i observe it on another site and its really the same, they will pick this kind of poor quality of novel(sorry not good in english)

  2. I think this type of novel is just popular so people just write this type of novel and they can make stuff up easily to make up the word count and just copy and paste the same concepts and storyline. Good novels require creativity which most authors don't have. Good novels are really hard to find. Good cultivation novels I've read are "the legend of futian", its pretty unique, quite different to other novels out there and I recommend it. Another is "Library of Heavens Path", it has really good face-slapping and good master-disciple relationships. Really good novel. I feel the start and mid is really good and towards the end may be slightly bad but overall is good.

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