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“Young man, want to become famous? Veteran, want to rejuvenate the second spring?”

“Not fast? Not strong?”

“Injured? Does the doctor say it will affect your career?”

“You don’t even have any talent !?”

Compare your fingers, “Little Case!”

As long as he works under Wansheng, all problems are solved. This is the growth story of a generation of football training master Wan Sheng!

- Description from Qidian


Short Title:STM
Alternate Title:超级训练大师
Author:XX God
Weekly Rank:#506
Monthly Rank:#527
All Time Rank:#650
Tags:Football, Game Elements, Male Protagonist, Second Chance, Soccer, System,
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13 Comments on “Super Training Master
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  1. One hell of a good football novel. Mc is a coach with system. Whole novel is comical. The novel is written good pace. Last 60 chapters were a rush. But felt good for not repeating same and same. Last twists are really good. Mc hadn't overestimated Chinese power. Some nationality was in there but tolerable. Wholly a fun pack ride sports novel.

  2. It was great in my opinion. The mc as usual go back to the past with different body but they had same names. The current body he has is a genius. He got the football system as usual and yeah he's op. He first had an affair with the landlord but later on he end up with the former so called enemy :3

  3. One sport involves people kicking a ball with their feet, thus it's logical to call it football. The other sport involves people running with a leather egg in their hands, thus it should be called hand-egg.

  4. Admin, itu volume 1,2,3 seterusnya kenapa ya dari awal 1 1 1 terus deh emang ga volume 1 bab 160 misalnya dilanjutin ke volume bab 161 kenapa bab 1 admin 🤔 binggung njir

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