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Super System Plundering the Heaven

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What kind of experience is it to have an open life?

Not long after high school student Ye Yu walked out of the school gates, he was assaulted by a ray of light that was descending extremely quickly from the sky. The people on the street were discussing why the ray of light had disappeared. However, Ye Yu knew that his life might soon be different! Because he was bound by the Great Celestial Way of the Heavens! The Great Way of the Heavens system could steal all living things in the world. There was nothing in the world that could not be stolen.

Relying on the Radix Swordgrass he stole, Ye Yu was truly reborn. flying sign technique, supercomputing, mantra solution, black technology glasses … These were all the functions and tools he obtained with the help of the system. And see how this high school student moves towards the peak of life!

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Short Title:SSPH
Alternate Title:超级系统掠夺诸天
Author:Dong Fang Qing Liu Shui
Weekly Rank:#287
Monthly Rank:#544
All Time Rank:#130
Tags:Beautiful Female Lead, Fan-fiction, Fanfiction, Game Elements, Handsome Male Lead, Level System, Male Protagonist, Multiple Realms, Overpowered Protagonist, Poor to Rich, System Administrator,

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17 Comments on “Super System Plundering the Heaven
  1. The price system is confusing. you first see someone biddin 1 billion then the next is 500 million. you need to work on that fam

  2. in chapter 376 it says that he has a thunder spirit body, but in early chapters he also has the same thunder spirit body. So what happened? did it double?

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