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Super System: My One-click Cultivation

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Novel Summary

Not enough talent, the system will come together!

By coincidence, Luo Chen traveled through another world and bound a one-key upgrade system.

With a light touch of your finger, the realm breaks instantly.

Don’t worry about martial arts, one-click to reach the full level!

Don’t worry about your qualifications, you can upgrade instantly with one click!

Can’t both Dan Dao formation and martial art take care of it? Luo Chen said I want it all!

Hold the system in your hand and step on the heavens with your feet. It’s cool when you open it, and it’s always cool all the time!

- Description from MTL


Short Title:MOCC
Alternate Title:超级系统我能一键修炼
Author:Wen Jian Zhong Nan
Weekly Rank:#418
Monthly Rank:#327
All Time Rank:#178
Tags:Alchemy, Arrogant Characters, Beast Companions, Calm Protagonist, Fast Cultivation, Fast Learner, Handsome Male Lead, Late Romance, Male Protagonist, Martial arts, System, Wars Weak to Strong,
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17 Comments on “Super System: My One-click Cultivation
  1. The start was quite mediocre with young master faceslap routine, but I pull through to keep read it. Turn out in later chapters the plot got more interesting so I didn't hesitated to bookmark this. A bit of reminder, MC's cultivation is as fast as missile and his luck is too good.

  2. Jangan guna nama Allah pleaae, seperti novel2 yg saya baca sebelum ni. Tolong tukarkan pleaae. Bnyk novel yg translator menggunakan nama Allah sbgai realm yg tinggi, tlong tukarkan.

  3. Hiraukan saja semua novel ini di terjemahkan pakai google translate jadi kalau dalam bahasa Inggris Lord itu dalam bahasa Indonesia nya di artikan Alloh jangan salahin novelnya salahin google translate nya

  4. Story start is similar to another novel in which MC has legendary physique but no cultivation technique so it's useless. When he finally learned the technique for his physique, he has experience tragedies and return to when he is young again. Same story except MC in this novel has cheats and his Character is the arrogant type. It would've been okay even if there were some generic copy paste but the MC has to disdain everything and act all arrogant ruins it for me. I can't stand MC who cross and suddenly change their personality because they got a Golden finger or something. I can stand the numerous same settings and things like that but ONLY if MC is humble and doesn't change his personality to be the arrogantly looking down on everything type of person. PROS: - Decent system CONS: - Copy paste story - System points easy to get but MC acting as if the points are precious ( He got 30points/min easily which is about 43,000/day. MC only need 1,000 to upgrade his aptitude to low-grade from waste-grade but he doesn't want to b/c points are precious. Those 1,000 points are like 30min waiting time. This is kinda stupid really.) - MC personality be changing to arrogant and looking down on 400 points from 4 bandits he killed because the wolf he steal killed (wolf partially damaged by others while he hide to steal kill) is worth 200 points. He looks down on those points as if they're not precious and yet he could've just stayed and wait patiently and he not have wasted energy on killing others to get points. All in all, not that good of a read. MC makes the story hard to read with his arrogant attitude and dumb brain.

  5. Another novel of "hey look I crossed over, now I can freaking kill as much as I want and fu*k all moral barrier ever taught to me" I wonder if every crossed over MC is just a psychopath repressed by society.

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