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Super Monster Breeding System

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Huskies that can bite the beasts to death, giant pandas with immortal bodies, and even those who call themselves dragon gods…

This is a story about a funny pet shop owner who got the system after crossing.

Blood, youth, and the return of the king! !

- Description from MTL


Short Title:SMBS
Alternate Title:超级异兽培育系统
Author:Laughing passersby
Weekly Rank:#881
Monthly Rank:#943
All Time Rank:#995
Tags:Beast Companions, Monster Tamer, Monsters, Pets, Store Owner, System Administrator,
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23 Comments on “Super Monster Breeding System
  1. Trash... the system punishes the "host" (forgot his name) for disrespecting it, the system literally gives him invincibility in the most "critical" part of battle (when he will die) and his pets can just come back to live after they die, the system gives him a quest that he will die if he fails and that is just stupid (not because he will die (which we know he wont because he is the mc) but because it is just a stupid quest).

  2. Almost a direct copy of astral pet store as others said but this mc is several times worse in many places imo, im still at chapter 70 or so will read a bit kore to see of theres any changes or romance

  3. People outside the shop will slander him and slash him with an intent to injure or kill him, yet he let them go because they "apologize" because they saw that the MC is stronger? Dude that's not patient that's being an idiot and pushover. Freaking MC, if they start attacking just fucking kill them, why bother giving face when you are fcking disturb on your own territory.

  4. It's a good novel, same vibe as Astral Pet Store obviously, it's the same concept but have different execution, some things bound to be almost the same, but it's nonetheless enjoyable. Recommend it.

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