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   "Now that you know the truth, you can die too!"


   Yun Xu said again.


  "Through the heavens, there is a lot of power, but it is not endless.


   You fought with your two disciples for a month, and you consumed a lot of divine power. At this moment, it is not my opponent at all, and it cannot prevent me from advancing to the Void God. "


   Yun Xu roared, he urged his divine power to the extreme, doing his best to improve his aura, wanting to break through as soon as possible.


   As long as it breaks through, Yunxu is the **** of the emptiness.


"you dare!"


   Xiao Chao was extremely angry, his hair was bunched up and his eyes were cracked.


   When he knew that the culprit was Yun Xu, Xiao Chao was completely angry.


   Yunxu not only murdered him, but also mobilized the divorce and murdered his two descendants.


   "I must kill you!"


   Xiao Chao also fully urged the breath of the first battle body, raising his realm infinitely, getting closer and closer to Taixu God.


   Both of them are Taixu Gods reincarnation. At this moment, they are all in the process of strength recovery, and the realm of strength improves very quickly.


   As they fully urged their divine power and improved their realm, the power of the surrounding heaven and earth was gradually controlled by the two of them.


   Tai Void Realm, the power that controls the entire world, is the true lord of the gods and the master of the world.


   Now, their minds are clashing, their spirits are fighting in the power of heaven and earth, and the contenders are controlling the power of heaven and earth.


   There is no wind and no waves in this war, but it is extremely dangerous. If one is careless, the other side becomes a **** of emptiness, then the other side will be crushed to death in an instant.


   "Hmph, this is my world, you can never dream of success!"


   At the same time, the two fighting bodies of Xiao Chao rushed up and attacked Yun Xu at the same time.


   Of course, because he was not in the void at this moment, but in Outland, Xiao Chao was fighting while controlling his power to avoid destroying the world.


   "You are not powerful enough to stop me!"


   Yun Xu sneered, even in the face of the two fighting bodies of the Xiao Dynasty, he had no fear at all.




   Yunxu's body shook, the flawless body released a colorful light, and the power of the surrounding heaven and earth was drawn by his power, gathered on the body, and blasted towards Xiao Chao.


   Similarly, Yun Xu wants to use this world to become a Taixu God, and he does not want to destroy this world, so his attack has also been manipulated to the peak, without letting a trace of energy aftermath be released.


   Xiao Chao didn't dare to neglect, and the second battle body greeted him at the same time.




   The two attacked and collided in one place, making a loud noise, and the aftermath of energy rushed out, but they were suppressed in an instant.


   This battle was obviously more terrifying than Xiao Chao's previous fight with the Jiulong Dynasty Lord and the Yuntian God Lord, but the energy aftermath failed to vent in the slightest, leaving the surrounding world without the slightest damage.


   Boom boom boom.


   Xiao Chao and Yun Xu kept colliding. If Yun Xu said, the two battle bodies of Xiao Dynasty and Jiulong Dynasty Lord and Yuntian God Lord had been killed for a full month. Even if it was him, his divine power consumption was extremely serious.


   Moreover, when it was in the realm of Xiao Dynasty, the infinite sword outfit, speed talisman, etc. were no longer valid, and even the Sky Blue Pill and Xiaoyao Wine had also lost their effect.


   When it comes to this, the mobile phone system that has evolved randomly based on Xiao Chao's well-known memory has now been transformed into the base of Taixu Shendao and is helping him quickly improve his realm.


   Therefore, Xiao Chao couldn't recover his supernatural power at all.


   However, Xiao Chao did not give up.


   "As far as the matter is, it is only before Yunxu that you have advanced to the Void God!"


   Xiao Chao understood his direction, so while fighting, he tried his best to improve his realm.


  In the battle, it is difficult to improve, because the battle is too dangerous. If you are distracted, you will be killed, and you need to be very cautious when breaking through.


   Therefore, the two situations are very contradictory and there is a big conflict.


   But at this moment, Xiao Chao and Yun Xu both chose to fight while forcibly breaking through their realm.


   After fighting for about an hour, the two battle bodies of the Xiao Dynasty were suppressed by the God Lord Yunxu, and the confrontation of the two spirits and wills also reached the peak, which was very dangerous.




   The sword wing on the second battle body of Xiao Chao suddenly shook, and it was actually broken by Yun Xu.


   However, the strength of Xiao Dynasty's second combat body did not decrease, and it was still the pinnacle of the Heavenly Transcendent Realm.


  Because at this moment, Xiao Chao has already moved towards Taixu God, and the power of detachment has gradually realized that this power of detachment is the secret of infinite sword suit upgrading.


   Now that Xiao Chao had understood this secret, the Infinite Sword was shattered, and his second battle body realm still remained unchanged.




   But the next moment, Yun Xu just punched the chest of Xiao Chao's second battle body directly, causing Xiao Chao's second battle body to snorted, and his body flew out.


   "You can't stop me, I can definitely restore the power of Taixu God!"


   Yun Xu roared, and once again slammed towards the first battle body of Xiao Dynasty.


   Xiao Chao was fearless, still fighting hard.


   It's just that his supernatural power is gradually fading, and he feels a little powerless.


   "Xiao Chao, our strength comes from you, but it was created with your ability. Now, we return the strength to you!"


   Xiao Fengyun roared, his body burning with supernatural power.


   "Xiao Chao, you absorb our energy and fight him decisively!"


   He Bufan also roared.


   "Father, I don't have the ability to fight for you, so you can take away my power and let me wish you a helping hand!"


   Xiao Yun also said.


   Xiao Chao listened to it, and he really woke up and quickly mobilized his divine power. With the help of the team system, he directly absorbed the energy of Xiao Fengyun, Xiaocao, Yunyao, Xiao Yun, etc.


   Immediately, Xiao Chao regained his strength. Although he could not return to the peak, he also recovered a lot.


   "This is my world, here, you can't surpass me!"


   Xiao Chao shouted, and rushed up again.


   The battle continued, the two men fought with power, splashing blood, turning into rivers of blood, staining the ground below with crimson.


   At the same time, the thoughts of the two are fiercely fighting.


  "Here is my world. I am very familiar with all the power and all the perception of heaven and earth.


   On the contrary, you are an outsider, and you are also a Taixu God, but you don't know anything about this, and the speed of recovery of strength is far worse than mine! "


   I don't know how long it took, Xiao Chao suddenly roared, and immediately followed by the light on his body, a special breath filled his body.


   followed, the aura on Xiao Chao's battle body quickly rose, and the whole world appeared in his heart.


   He felt that with his thought, the way the world works will change, the rules can be changed, a stone can be turned into gold, and a flame can be condensed into ice.


   Here, Xiao Chao is able to know everything.




   Yun Xu saw him, his expression changed drastically, and he turned and fled to the void.


   But Xiao Chao stretched out his hand to grab it, and the power of heaven and earth enveloped the cloud, and the pressure of a world suppressed him.


   "Murder me, kill my disciple, you must die!"


   Xiao Chao exerted his big hand, and the power of the extinguishment of the heavens continued to evolve in the palm of his hand. The terrifying force of destruction was like a magic knife, cutting Yun Xu's body.


   Yun Xu is also entering the Taixu Divine Realm. Although Xiao Chao has taken a step and cannot advance, he has also become extremely powerful and difficult to kill.


   The heavens are dead.


   Then, Xiao Chao had taken control of the entire world, and a small world was formed in his palm. The birth and annihilation of the small world were repeated, and the power of destruction turned into the tip of a knife, continuously cutting Yun Xu's body.


   A full day has passed, Xiao Chao waved his hand, and a layer of robbery was spilled on his palm, and the cloud virtual had completely disappeared.




   Xiao Chao breathed a sigh of relief.


   Yunxu, a Taixu god, was killed by Xiao Chao in this way.


   "However, it's still a bit worse!"


   Xiao Chao's expression moved, and he urged Yun Xu to return to the gods. In front of him, two figures appeared, one of which was the Lord of Nine Dragons, and the other was the Lord of Yuntian.


   This is the will of the Nine Dragons Dynasty Lord and the Yuntian God Lord to merge into the heaven and earth, and it is also the opportunity for the two to resurrect and reincarnate again. At this moment, Xiao Chao forcibly summoned them.


   "Master, the disciple knows it was wrong!"


   Jiulong Chaozhu knelt in front of Xiao Chao, begging.


   "Master, the disciple was deceived by him, it was Yun Xu who abetted the disciple!"


  The God Lord Yuntian also knelt down on the ground, showing a sorrowful expression, pleading bitterly.




   Xiao Chao sighed deeply, looking at Jiulong Chaozhu and Yuntian God Master who were kneeling on the ground, his expressions were extremely complicated.


   After he advanced to Taixu Shen, the memory of Xiao Chao's previous life was very clear, and it made Xiao Chao's affection for the Jiulong Dynasty Lord and the Yuntian God Lord deeper.


   However, after a long time, Xiao Chao still suppressed his emotions and suppressed Taixu Shen's emotions.


   In this life, his name is Xiao Chao.


   "One time of unfaithfulness, a hundred times of uselessness. Although you have been challenged, you still betrayed me in order to become a **** of emptiness.


  Since you have chosen to betray, then you should go! "


   Xiao Chao waved his hand, and a gust of wind struck, and the bodies of the two of them, like dust, dissipated with the wind and disappeared completely into the world.


   This time, Xiao Chao wiped out the hiding place between the world and the earth, leaving them with no chance of resurrection.


   "There are a few more people, don't bother me when they come alive!"


   Xiao Chao said as he said, there were phantoms of powerful people such as the Palace Master of the Oriental Purple Qi, the Nine-Colored Deer, the Scarlet Sword God, the Prince of the Sky Demon and so on.


   Xiao Chao also planned their minds, and put an end to their hope of resurrection.


   Let all enemies lose the chance to resurrect, Xiao Chao landed again, looking at Xiao Fengyun and others who were weak and only at the martial level. With a wave of his hand, the divine power fell, raising their realm again.


   "Although your strength has been restored, but, as I said before, your strength comes from me, you have drawbacks, and you still have to practice again afterwards.


   Don't worry, with my supernatural power, you will soon practice again! "


   Xiao Chaodao.


   "Xiao Chao, you are already too imaginary, what are you going to do next?"


   Xiao Fengyun and others did not care about their own strength, but more concerned about Xiao Chao.


   They all heard Xiao Chao talk about it, Tai Xu Shen was ready to control the Void Temple and travel around the Void.


   "Me? First use the Void Temple to cultivate the pill, and then travel to the Void!"


   Xiao Chaodao.


   "Then...then take us, let everything go, we also want to see the void!"


   "Yes, everyone is brothers, from Chaosheng Island until now, after that, we will leave Outland together to explore the void!"


   Xiao Fengyun et al.


   Xiao Chao groaned for a moment, nodded slightly, and said, "It's okay, then I'll wait for a while. When you rebuild, all of you will reach the pinnacle of the heavenly realm, and you will start together!"




   Tens of thousands of years later, in the dark and vast void, a huge ancient void temple passed by like a cyan meteor, and quickly disappeared into the distance.


   Soon after, the Void Temple broke through the barriers of space and stepped into a world, and then the speed of the Void Temple slowed down, like a star, floating in the universe, advancing unhurriedly.


   This world is very special. It does not have a main continent, but is composed of constellations of stars.


   "Brother Xiao Chao, is this the earth you call it?"


   Xu Bo stood on the Void Temple, looking at the vast and magnificent starry sky, and asked curiously.


   "No, the earth is just one of many stars."


   Xiao Chao explained.


   "The stars here are not formed by the power of stars. Each star has the power of the whole world, just like fragments of continents!"


   Xu Wanrong also observed in surprise.


   "Well, this is another world. The world moves differently and the world formed is also different."


   Xiao Chao explained again, while looking at the front, a blue star sighed.


   At this moment, a huge space battleship flew over and sailed towards the Void Temple.


   "This is the Earth Federation, this is the Earth Federation, please stop the spacecraft ahead for inspection!"


   A special wave from the space battleship, this wave is also a kind of power of heaven and earth, which was resolved by Xiao Chao and others.


   "I haven't come back for so many years, so I even have space battleships!"


   Xiao Chao also showed a look of astonishment.


   But after thinking about it, this is normal. It has been tens of thousands of years since he left the earth.


   thought in his heart, as soon as Xiao Chao thought, the Void Temple suddenly accelerated, and even the light could not catch up, and disappeared in front of the space battleship.


   "So fast, what kind of aircraft is that!"


   "Report that his final speed has exceeded the speed of light and is several times the speed of light!"


   "This kind of technology is far beyond the Earth Federation. It must be an alien somewhere in the universe!"


   "Hurry, let us know, there is an unknown alien invading the earth!"




   The interior of the space battleship suddenly became chaotic.


   In the space battleship to convey the news of alien invasion to the earth, Xiao Chao and others also came to the earth.


   The earth in front of him is completely different from Xiao Chao's impression. There are no tall buildings in the summer, the ecological environment is several times better than before, and the air is fresher.


   Xiao Chao's thoughts swept away, and the whole earth was found clearly in an instant.


   "It turns out that the earth has already started the era of space navigation. Many people have moved to the immigrant planet. The people on earth also pay more attention to sustainable development and don't fish in Chaoze!"


   After Xiao Chao found out, he nodded slightly.


   "This earth is completely different from what my father said, the environment is very good, and there is no war!"


   Xiao Yun also looked around curiously, because this was his father's hometown.


   Three days later, Xiao Chao and others left the earth again.


   "Hometown has become better, but it's not the hometown I know anymore!"


   Xiao Chao looked at the blue planet, and finally sighed, then manipulated the Void Temple and stepped into the void again.


   "Next, the place we are going is dangerous, even Yun Xu died there!"


   Xiao Chaodao.


   By his side, Xiao Yun, Yun Yao, Bai Lingyue, Xiao Cao, Xu Wanrong, Xu Bo, He Bufan, He Peiqing, Xiao Fengyun, Tie Xuantong, and Xiao Mo all showed their cautious colors.


   Everyone knows that they are about to embark on a new journey, there will be greater opportunities, and there will be greater dangers, but it is also worth looking forward to.




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