? Chapter 1 536

   "Yuntian, if this goes on, we will definitely die, so let's call it out!"

   Jiulong roared towards the Lord.


   Xiao Chao listened, suddenly showing a vigilant color, watching the God Lord Yuntian very cautiously.

   However, the God Lord Yuntian seemed unmoved, as before, waving huge hands and feet, and bombarded the two battle bodies of Xiao Chao.


   Xiao Chao showed doubts, and the two battle bodies continued to attack the Jiulong Dynasty Lord.

   However, Xiao Chao found that Jiulong Chaozhu looked angry, and while resisting, he continued to shout.

   "Yuntian, what are you waiting for? I'm dead, you can't live even more!"

   "Now that I have to take action, even if it is dangerous, I still have to use it!"

   "Yuntian, we said it in advance, is it possible that you want to regret it?"


   Nine Dragons roared again and again, showing fear.

   Xiao Chao met, and I could feel that the Nine Dragons Dynasty Lord was not cheating, and there really was some assassin in the Yuntian Divine Lord.


   Xiao Chao showed a look of vigilance and looked at the God Lord Yuntian again, and found that the God Lord Yuntian had a gloomy expression, and the attack paused a little, obviously hesitating.

   "It seems that their ultimate move is also very dangerous for them!"

   When Xiao Chao thought of this, he also paid more attention.

   "I want to see, when do you use the ultimate move!"

   When Xiao Chao thought of this, his attack became more fierce, and it was even more of a trick to go straight to the key point of the Jiulong Dynasty Lord.

   The Jiulong Dynasty Lord was completely suppressed by Xiao Chao, roaring again and again, and even screaming.

   The divine body of the Nine Dragon Dynasty Lord had been shattered in many places by Xiao Chao, and cracks appeared.

   "Yuntian, do you want to wait for me to swallow Daoji!"

   Jiulong Chao's Lord suddenly shouted, ignoring Xiao Chao, but instead rushed towards the Yuntian God Lord.

   "Kowloon, what are you doing? Do you know the consequences of calling him out?"

   Yuntian God Lord's expression changed drastically.

   "No matter how serious the consequences are, we will die. Now, we are already dead!"

   Jiulong Chao's lord was angry, and he actually started attacking Yuntian Divine Lord.

   "Good, good!"

   The God Lord Yuntian was also anxious, he gritted his teeth, and finally came to a cruel heart.

   "If this is the case, then I will be desperate, whether it is life or death, I will fight!"

  Under the persecution of the Jiulong Dynasty Lord, God Lord Yuntian finally made up his mind.

   Almost the moment he was speaking, the Divine Lord Yuntian suddenly had a breath.

   This breath is unique and incompatible with this world. It is a breath that does not exist in this world.

  Originally, Xiao Chao and Yuntian Divine Master were flawless bodies, and every kind of Martial God intent in this world, every kind of power of heaven and earth, both possessed at the same time.

   But at this moment, there is an extra one on Yuntian Divine Lord.

   The extra breath of the God Lord Yuntian was very weird. In an instant, the God Lord Yuntian was replaced by a person, and it suppressed all other breaths in an instant.

  In an instant, there was only one breath left on the Divine Lord Yuntian, which was dreamlike, but very vicious, actually devouring the breath of the Divine Lord Yuntian.

   "This is not the spirit of the **** of war in this world."

   Xiao Chao confirmed

   For an instant, Xiao Chao thought of the Taixu God who wandered into the void.

   At the same time, Xiao Chao noticed that the extra breath that came out of the Divine Lord Yuntian was actually similar to the ancient cave sky at the whirlpool of Beihai Guixu.

   "It's the phantom of the Taixu God. No, it's not exactly a phantom. This statue has already had an idea, it is an evil spirit that the phantom turned into!"

   Xiao Chao was too imaginary after all, and he quickly judged it.

   Evil spirits have a very complicated situation. It can be a remnant of the Valkyrie or a surviving energy.

   And the thing summoned by the God Lord Yuntian was an evil spirit transformed into a phantom of a martial god, extremely peculiar.

"Master, you taught me back then, it should be impossible to think of it. It allows me to summon another phantom of the Taixu God, and this phantom also tells us why we have been unable to break through for many years, and took us to find the poison. Let us poison you!"

   Yuntian Divine Lord looked ferocious, his breath changed drastically, and his voice became hoarse.

   The poison that can kill Taixu Shen is difficult to find, even Xiao Chao himself doesn't know it, let alone his two disciples.

   "It turns out that you obeyed its instigation!"

   Xiao Chao's eyes were gloomy, and his heart became even more angry.

   He raised the sky and let out an angry roar, and the two fighting bodies rushed towards the God Lord Yuntian like madness.

   But at this moment, the Divine Lord Yuntian has been controlled by that phantom, his combat effectiveness has been improved a lot, his techniques are fully compatible, and his combat effectiveness is no different from Xiao Chao's peak.

   However, after Xiao Chao attacked several times, the Divine Lord Yuntian suddenly screamed while holding his hair, and after that, the aura on his body completely stabilized.

   After that, the'cloud **** master' directly stretched out his hand, grabbed the Jiulong Chaozhu who was fighting with him, and swallowed it.

   The Jiulong Dynasty Lord lost the God Bridge on the other side, and his body was beaten to shreds by Xiao Chao. His strength was reduced by half. At this moment, he was even more defenseless. He was quickly suppressed and refined.

   "Huh, I finally came alive!"

   ‘Yun Tian Divine Lord’’s body expanded and turned into an illusory cloud-like existence.

   Not only that, the breath of the'Cloud Heaven God Lord' is rapidly rising, then turned around, stepped into the world below, drew the power of the world, and actually wanted to directly break into the Supreme Void God Realm.

"not good!"

   Xiao Chao’s expression changed, and he also flew into the outer realm, raising the aura of the first battle body to the extreme~www.mtlnovel.com~ competed with the'cloud **** master' for control of the world.

   At the same time, Xiao Chao also attacked the past.

"who are you?"

   Xiao Chao asked as he attacked.

   "Me? My name is Yunxu." Yunxu fought against Xiao Chao and replied at the same time: "My situation is not much different from yours. It is also the fall of the body, using the will wheels of other worlds to return.

   It's just that when I was resurrected, you were too imaginary, so I couldn't use the power of this world to break through to the top.

   Fortunately, you taught my exercises to your disciples, giving me the opportunity to encourage them and poison you. "

   Yunxu was very confident, and told the truth one to one.

   "It's just a pity that your disciple is so smart, he actually defended me, and sealed me before he poisoned you.

   Unfortunately, they still let me out now! "

  Yun laughed brazenly.

   "It turns out that you didn't leave the inheritance so simple, but leave the resurrection method! Encouraging my disciples to kill me, just to restore the peak."

   Xiao Chao suddenly woke up.

   Just like the God Lord Yuntian left the Tibetan Scriptures of Tianfu in the Tianwu Continent, the God Lord Yuntian is also a method for others to resurrect.

   Knowing the truth, Xiao Chao became even more angry, and the murderous intent was permeated in his heart, unable to subside.

   The Nine Dragons Dynasty Lord and the Yuntian God Lord betrayed him, but although Xiao Chao wanted to kill them, he still had a feeling of master and apprentice in his heart, which was a bit complicated; but now, he has a complete hatred for Yun Xu.

   Because Yun Xu was not only the real murderer who murdered him, but also used his two disciples and now devours them.