? Chapter 1 535

   The more and more fierce the Xiao Dynasty battles, he is the true lord of the gods.

   The two battle bodies fought the Nine Dragon Dynasty Lord and the Yuntian God Lord respectively, but both had the upper hand.

   Although they fight and fight in the void, they are not far from the barriers of the world.

   The terrifying energy released by them was still transmitted, shattering the world barrier below, allowing many powerful people on the mainland to feel the horror of the two warring parties in the distance.

   "It's terrible. The Nine Dragons Dynasty Lord and the Yuntian God Lord have both recovered to their peaks. That Xiao Dynasty can actually fight one opponent and two, and still have the upper hand."

   "Have you heard? That person is the reincarnation of a Taixu God, the master of the Nine Dragon Dynasty Lord and the Yuntian God Lord!"

   "What, Xiao Chao is Taixu God? There is such a thing?"

   "The Lord of the Nine Dragons and the Lord of the Clouds once killed their teachers. The battle of the gods is that they are fighting for the foundation of the Taixu God!"


   In the void, the war is still going on, and the truth that has been concealed for many years has also begun to pass between the mainland, allowing more and more people to understand the truth of the year.

   The scenes of that year, the truth of history, were opened little by little.


   The war continues. The two sides have been fighting for ten days and nights in a row. However, they are not only the Heavenly Transcendent Realm, but also an 8-star talent. They form a world in their own body, with strong divine power and still abundant.

   Void trembles, and terrifying energy is transmitted from the depths of the void to this world.

   In the dark void, in addition to the terrifying energy fluctuations, a crimson river of blood appeared.

   These rivers of blood are the blood flowing from the main stream of the Nine Dragon Dynasty Lord and the Yuntian God.

   Even if Xiao Chao had the upper hand, there were some wounds in his body, and blood gurgled out.

   The qi and blood in the world-passing sky are too abundant, and a drop of blood turns into a vast ocean in the void.

   Their blood flowed out, their spirituality had been dissipated, they could not be recovered from their bodies, and their energy was flowing into the void.


   At this time, the two sides had already hit a real fire, all kinds of martial arts were displayed, and the divine power was unscrupulously vented.


   Suddenly, the God Lord Yuntian roared, his body began to rise up, and it grew to the size of a kilometer, and turned into a giant. He slapped it out with a palm, covering the bottom, and he attacked the two fighting bodies of Xiao Chao at the same time.

   Now, the God Lord Yuntian has fought madly.


   Jiulong Chao met the Lord, and quickly retreated, fearing being implicated.

   "Bring it to me!"

   Xiao roared toward the second battle body and threw his fist upward.

   At the same time, Xiao Chao's first battle body urged the Void Temple, and it also blasted upward.

   The two battle bodies blasted on the palm of the **** master Yuntian at the same time, turned into a terrifying power, and immediately lifted the **** master Yuntian away.


   While the God Lord Yuntian flew out, Jiulong stepped forward again towards the Lord. The moment he took a step, his whole body vacated and then dispersed, actually completely transformed into divine power and poured into the Divine Bridge on the other side.

   At this moment, the Jiulong Dynasty Lord merged with the God Bridge of the other side, transformed into a nine-color real dragon, standing in the void, his body shook, the nine-color divine power rushed, and small worlds evolved in the void.

   The world continues to rise and fall, generating chaotic air currents, and the mighty destructive force rushes forward.

   This air current rushed, and even the world where Xiao Fengyun and others were in front felt violent shaking, which was very terrifying.

At this moment, the Lord of Nine Dragons and God Lord of Yuntian have been desperate. They are no longer fighting against a battle body alone. Instead, they have started a melee. One attack covers thousands of meters, or even a radius of 10,000 meters, and their power is fully increased. Ten times, the consumption is extremely alarming.

   "It seems that you want to die for a lifetime!"

   Xiao Chao's expression was gloomy, and he didn't dare to neglect. The two fighting bodies depended on each other and launched a terrifying conquest.

   A more terrifying battle has begun, and the battle in the void has turned into a horrible air current and descended into the outer domain.

   The terrifying energy fluctuations changed the entire outer domain.

   For a while, the sky in the outer domain cracked. The wind was beautiful and sunny, but now it was a violent wind roaring, and the night moon retreated, leaving only a dark void with a burst of light.

   Below, everyone felt the terrifying power of the battle between the two sides, and each one was shocked. Although they could not see clearly, they felt their hearts beating violently.

   Although this battle is different from the number of people who participated in the battle in the land of gods, the intensity and influence of it are definitely beyond.


After fighting for more than half a month, after the God Lord Yuntian was blasted out, Xiao Chao's second battle body actually grabbed the bridge of the other side of the Nine Dragon Dynasty Lord, and the first battle body spurred the Void Temple and smashed towards the Nine Dragon Dynasty Lord. Past.

   "Let me go!"

   Xiao Chao issued a terrifying roar. Above the two divine bodies, the divine power was blazing, illuminating the entire void, emitting two terrifying energy.

   The Jiulong Dynasty Lord's expression changed drastically, and he wanted to forcibly retract the Bridge of the Other Side, but found that the palm of Xiao Chao's second battle body was like iron tongs, and could not be shaken.

   "If I don't let go, my body will be shattered by the Void Temple!"

   The Jiulong Dynasty had no choice but to release the palm of his hand quickly, and his body backed back again and again.

Zheng Zhengzheng~www.mtlnovel.com~ The Bi'an Bridge is struggling violently above the second battle body of the Xiao Dynasty. However, although the Bi'an Bridge is a Grade 10 artifact, it has lost the impetus of the Jiulong Dynasty Lord’s divine power. Contend with Xiao Chao.


Xiao Dynasty’s first battle body moves immediately changed, manipulating the Void Temple and smashing it on the bridge of the other bank, the temple fell, and the dragon-shaped Qi Jin was branded on the bridge of the other bank, randomized into a spiritual formation, and this 10-rank The spiritual seal of the artifact.

   Then, Xiao Chao's second battle body grabbed the bridge of the other bank, used it as a belt, and tied it around his waist.

   "Without the God Bridge on the other side, see what else you can do to contend with me!"

   The two fighting bodies of Xiao Chao rushed over again.

   This time, Xiao Chao pinpointed the weakness, but evaded the attack of the God Lord Yuntian, and the two battle bodies gathered on the Nine Dragon Lord.

   In this way, the Jiulong Dynasty Lord suddenly fell into a crisis. Within a few breaths, he was attacked dozens of times by the two fighting bodies of the Xiao Dynasty, and both of his arms were broken by Xiao Dynasty.

   Feeling such a situation, Xiao Chao's offensive was fierce, but he did not rush for quick success.

  Because he knew that although the Lord of Jiulong and the God of Yuntian were forced out by the movement that he was about to break through, they must have a killer when they came.

   "What kind of success did you leave?"

   Xiao Chao was guarding carefully, knowing in his heart that they had been forced into a desperate situation and they would definitely make a killer move.

   After a while, Xiao Chao pierced the chest of Jiulong Chaozhu, causing Jiulong Chaozhu to be severely injured, and finally scared Jiulong Chaozhu.

   "Yun Tian, ​​can't wait any longer, please get him out!"

   Jiulong roared towards the lord.

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