? Chapter 1 534


   "You two are also good, your strength has been restored to the pinnacle of the Heavenly Heaven Realm!"


   Xiao Chao looked at the God Lord Yuntian and the Lord Jiulong, his expression calm, but also with a kind of hatred and regret.


   The talents of these two people are absolutely top-notch, and they are the disciples he has cultivated so hard. In the end, they betrayed him.


   "Master, let the two of us ask about your old strength again today!"


   Jiulong said in a deep voice towards the lord.


   "Good too!"


   Xiao Chao's voice fell, and the two fighting bodies had separated.


   The first battle body of Xiao Dynasty flew out and came to the front of Jiulong Dynasty Lord.


   The second battle body urged the technique, and the power of heaven and earth enveloped the body, turned into a flawless body, and flew above the **** master Yuntian.


The first battle body of the Xiao Dynasty practiced "Nine Dragons Bizarre Book", so did the Lord of the Nine Dragons; the second battle body of the Xiao Dynasty practiced "Cloud Void Return to God" and "Tian Xing Yun Jue", and the same is true of the **** Lord Yun Tian Gongfa.


   So, this is a battle between "Nine Dragons' Bizarre Book" and "Nine Dragons' Bizarre Book"; "Yunxu Guishu" against "Yunxu Guishu".


   "Let me teach you one last thing today!"


   Xiao Dynasty’s first battle body and second battle body opened simultaneously.


   "You guys, do it first!"


   The two fighting bodies of Xiao Dynasty said at the same time again.


   "Master, then I'm welcome!"


   Nine Dragons said to the Lord, and he held the Bian God Bridge with his right hand. The entire Bian God Bridge was like a red golden long stick. Under a sway, there was a loud dragon chant, and the nine-color divine power filled the surrounding space.


   Supreme Dragon Fist.


   Jiulong screamed at the Lord, and the dragon-shaped fist blasted out, condensing an image of a dragon in the void, swooping towards Xiao Chao's first battle body.


   Supreme Dragon Fist.


   The first battle body of the Xiao Dynasty did not retreat in the slightest, urging the Void Temple, which was also a move of the Supreme Dragon Fist.




   The Supreme Dragon Fist of the first battle body of the Xiao Dynasty blasted out and turned into a 9-color real dragon, spreading its teeth and claws in the void.


   is also the Supreme Dragon Fist, and is also the strength of the pinnacle of the Heavenly Transcendent Realm, and looks quite powerful.


   However, when the Supreme Dragon Fist of the first battle body of the Xiao Dynasty and the Nine Dragon Dynasty Lord's exercises bombarded one place, they actually only persisted for an instant and quickly defeated.


   bang bang bang.


   With one move, Jiulong walked backwards towards the lord again and again, shaking slightly in his hands holding the **** bridge on the other side.


   At the same time, Xiao Chao's second battle body also mobilized the Flawless Body, and collided with the God Lord Yuntian.


   Both of them are flawless bodies, and a random blow is the power of degrading martial arts.


   At this moment, Xiao Chao's second battle body and Yuntian Divine Master both threw a punch, and their fists collided in the void.


   Suddenly, a colorful light wave spread out in all directions centered on the two fists.


   Their flawless bodies have absorbed all the phantoms of the Valkyrie and contain all the power of heaven and earth.




   The light dissipated, and the Lord Yuntian took three steps back, his fists trembling slightly.


"How could this be?"


   Jiulong showed an incredible look at the Lord.


   He thought that he would lose to Xiao Chao, but he never thought that it would be a loss if it was just a trick.


   "You really have left behind, you don't really treat us as descendants!"


   Yuntian God Lord has gloomy eyes, and a deep hatred on his face.


   Xiao Chao listened, but shook his head slightly, and said, "No. I used to wander the void and explore a broader and more powerful world. If I wanted to keep my own heritage, how could I have left behind?"


   "Why is that? The same realm, the same technique, why would we lose?"


   Yuntian God Lord showed unbelief.


   "Master, please specify!"


   Jiulong Chaozhu also said lightly.


   "Since I said this is the last teaching for you, then I will naturally tell you!"


   Xiao Chao nodded slightly, and the two battle bodies looked at the Jiulong Chaozhu and the Yuntian God Master respectively.


   "It's actually very simple, that's suitable.


   "The Wonderful Book of Nine Dragons" is my own practice, perfected step by step, completely tailored to my own practice.


   Even if it is "Cloud Void Returning to God Technique", I did not just copy it and practice it word-for-word. Instead, I changed a lot and became the most suitable technique for my second combat style.


   And you have also cultivated these two methods. Although you have cultivated to the essence, there are still some places that are not compatible with your body! "


   Xiao Chao said this, and saw that the faces of the Jiulong Dynasty Lord and the Yuntian God Lord were slightly moved, and he was a little doubtful.


   "Do you know why I say this?"


   Xiao Chao asked again.


   This time, Xiao Chao didn't wait for the two to ask questions, so he directly replied: "That's because you want my foundation.


   Tai Xu Shen’s Dao Foundation, that is my Dao Foundation, the most suitable is me, but my Tao.


   Even if you get it and understand my way, it is still difficult to advance to Taixu God in the end.


   Become a Taixu God, only rely on yourself!


   You want to **** my Daoji to advance the Taixu God, you have gone the wrong way. "


   "Impossible, you are talking nonsense!"


   Jiulong said in a deep voice towards the lord.


   "Hmph, do you think that just a few words can make us give up? Wrong, we must get your Dao Foundation, Advanced Taixu God."


   Yuntian Divine Lord's expression was uncertain, he roared and charged up again.


   "Huh, you can try it!"


   Xiao Chao gave a sneer, and the two groups of fighting bodies rushed out again, fighting again with the Lord Yuntian and the Lord Jiulong.


   Three people and four powerful gods fought fiercely in the void.


   Each of their attacks can destroy a mansion and create a land of battle.


   Fortunately, at this moment they are fighting and fighting in the void, and the void is as empty as the wild, they can fight with all their strength.


   The two divine bodies of the Xiao Dynasty were astonishingly powerful, with one enemy and two, but they had the upper hand.


   Just like what he said, every master of the Heavenly Transcendent Realm has a de-class martial arts ~www.mtlnovel.com~ However, only the best for you is the best.


   And the Nine Dragons Bizarre Book and Supreme Dragon Fist of the Xiao Dynasty were all created by their own creation, completely in harmony with his body, just like his hands and feet, with thoughtfulness and natural divine power.


   Even "Cloud Void Returning to God" and "Tian Xing Yun Jue" have been improved by themselves, which perfectly fits his second combat body.


   Of course, this problem is very difficult to find. After all, there are only two out-of-class internal training methods in this world.


   Even Taixu God hadn't practiced "Cloud Void Returning to God Technique" before. It was still in this life that the Xiao Dynasty only discovered it after practicing. This time he retreats and revises it.


   It was just this difference. From the beginning of the battle, Xiao Chao only occupied a little bit of advantage. With every attack, his power would be a little stronger than the Jiulong Dynasty Lord and the Yuntian God Lord, making their arms numb.


   However, this is the advantage of this little bit. As time goes by, the battle continues, and a little bit of accumulation has given Xiao Chao a greater and greater advantage.


   (End of this chapter)