? Chapter 1 533

   Time slowly passed, and the whole world fell into silence.

   The God Lord of Cloud and the Lord of Nine Dragons were born at the same time, shocking the whole world.

   But then, the two stunning martial gods disappeared at the same time.

   disappeared with them, as well as their hidden forces everywhere.

   such as the Black Mountain Tombs, the Oriental Purple Palace, etc., all disappeared, I don't know where they were taken by the two gods.

   There are rumors that the two **** masters are brewing a battle, preparing for the final death, to see who can finally become the only **** master in this world.

   However, only the strong above the heavenly mind knows that although the two gods are preparing for battle, the enemy is not each other, but the new Southern Lord.

   Time passed by like water, and years passed in a blink of an eye.

   During this period of time, the whole world seems to be peaceful, but the big powers all feel an extremely depressed feeling, as if the will of the supreme power is gradually covering the whole world.

   "This is the Lord of Nine Dragons and God Lord of Yuntian preparing for battle. Although the flames of war have not broken out, the storm is already brewing!"

   "The war is already on the verge, getting closer and closer!"

   "Maybe, the next moment, the war will break out completely. This time the battle of God will be more terrifying than before, the Lord of Nine Dragons and God Lord of Yuntian actually want to kill one person at the same time!"

   "That Xiao Dynasty is really powerful, and the Lord of Nine Dragons and God Lord of Yun Tian dare not make an immediate move!"

   "What do you know, the Jiulong Dynasty Lord and the Yuntian God Lord have not fully recovered yet. Once recovered, the Xiao Dynasty will be like an ant, and will be easily crushed to death!"


  The strong men in the sky are looking forward to it and discussing.

  He who has a strong mood in the sky, his memory was forcibly summarized by the Lord of the Nine Dragons and the God of Yuntian, and he did not know the true identity of the Xiao Dynasty.

   However, the thoughts of those who hide deeper into the Heavenly Realm are completely different from them.

   "That Xiao Dynasty is too Xuxu God, the Nine Dragon Dynasty Lord and Yuntian God Lord are all his disciples. If there really is a fight, the result is hard to say!"

   "The storm is about to come, but this repressive atmosphere is not because the war is imminent, but because someone is thinking of moving forward in the realm of the emptiness!"

   "Taixu God, there is only one Taixu God in the world. It seems that Xiao Dynasty's strength is about to recover!"

   "One person becomes Taixu God and will control the entire world. He is the true God Lord. At that time, Jiulong Dynasty Lord and Yuntian God Lord will not be able to compete!"

   "What a Taixu God, he did this deliberately. He wants to use this method to control the initiative, force the God Lord Yuntian and the Jiulong Dynasty Lord out, and die!"

   "It's true, but this method is obvious, but the Nine Dragon Dynasty Lord and Yuntian Divine Lord have to come out because it's too late, they will lose all opportunities!"


   The strong in the Heaven-Through-Sky Realm are powerful, know the truth, and see more thoroughly.

   While the powerhouses are waiting, the opportunity of the entire world is getting heavier and heavier. Even the existence under the Valkyrie feels that the power of the world is changing.

   Finally, the decisive battle that everyone is waiting for has arrived.

On this day, the sky above Xiaoyao Divine Mansion suddenly cracked, and a divine bridge rushed out from the void, reaching the sky and the earth, golden light shone in all directions, and the surging divine power, like a golden tide, hit the Xiaoyao Divine Mansion below. .


   This blow contains the nine-color true dragon energy, it is a superb martial arts supreme dragon fist, powerful, and it will smash the entire Xiaoyao Divine Mansion.

   The very central location was a secret room in Xiaoyao's Divine Mansion, and it was Xiao Chao who closed the door.

   Feeling the blow, Xiao Fengyun, He Bufan and others changed their colors.

   In the past few years, they have been diligent and practiced, and they have advanced to the heaven state of mind one after another, and Xiao Fengyun and He Bufan have advanced to the late stage of the sky state of mind.

   However, they found that even if they made rapid progress, they still had nothing to fight back when they faced the Lord of Nine Dragons and God Lord of Yuntian.

   "Only the strong in the same realm can contend with it!"

   Xiao Fengyun and the others showed a deep look of disappointment. Their struggle in the past few years feels useless and can't help Xiao Chao at all.

   At this moment, they are very unwilling and extremely angry.

   How much they hope, at this moment, they are also in the Heavenly Transcendent Realm, able to fight with the Nine Dragons and the Cloud God Lords, or even slightly contain them and share some pressure for the Xiao Dynasty.

   "You finally can't help it!"

   At this moment, the closed chamber of the Xiao Dynasty burst open suddenly, and the two great bodies of the Xiao Dynasty stood side by side.

   "Yes, my strength has returned to the pinnacle of the Heavenly Transcendent Realm!"

   Xiao Chao's first battle body's eyes flashed, his palm was lifted, and the palm of the palm dragged the Void Temple, and smashed it towards the other side of the bridge.


   The nine-color real dragon roared, and it was also a move of the Supreme Dragon Fist, which slammed into the bridge of the other shore.

   Xiao Chao’s ancient dream restored the memory of Taixu God. Since then, cultivation is just a process of strength recovery.

   So in just a few years, his first battle body has advanced to the peak of the Heaven-Through-Sky Realm, and he was sprinting towards the Supreme Void God Realm before.


   The huge impact sound turned into a shock wave, which was transmitted in all directions. At the same time, the collision of two divine powers also released a terrifying energy turbulence.

   These energies are vented out, enough to turn Xiaoyao Divine Mansion into ruins ~ www.mtlnovel.com~ and become a land of gods.

   However, the second battle body of the Xiao Dynasty moved.

   The second battle body of the Xiao Dynasty was only in the early stage of the Heavenly Transcendent Realm, but it was wearing an infinite sword suit.

   Right now, the Infinite Sword Costume could not raise him to a level and reach the Supreme Void God Realm, but it also allowed the strength of Xiao Chao's second battle body to reach the pinnacle of the Heavenly Heaven Realm, which was comparable to the first battle body.

   The two combat bodies are both the pinnacle of the Heavenly Transcendent Realm.


   Seeing that Xiao Chao's first battle body collided with the Jiulong Chao's attack, Xiao Chao's second battle body urged his divine power to envelop the battlefield, and did not let a trace of energy aftermath be released.

   "Go to the void to fight!"

   The two battle bodies of the Xiao Dynasty flew up at the same time, broke the barriers of the world, and came into the void.

  In the void, Jiulong Chaozhu and Yuntian Divine Master were looking at him coldly, with murderous intent in their eyes and a touch of confidence.

   Although they were forced to come out by the Xiao Chao, they also arranged assassins instead of coming to die.

   "Disciple Yuntian, pay homage to Master!"

   The God Lord Yuntian bowed slightly, his expression was very respectful, and he couldn't tell that he had ever acted like killing a teacher.

   "Master, your old strength has recovered a lot, and, with two combat bodies, two transcendent level techniques, once you advance to Taixu Shen, you will be stronger than before!"

   Kowloon toward the main road.

   "You guys are not bad too, they are all restored to their peak!"

   Xiao Chao's eyes swept over the two of them, his eyes flashing like electricity, making the minds of the Jiulong Chao and the Yuntian God Lord a little lingering.

   Xiao Chao is their master after all, making them extremely jealous.

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