Tianwu Continent, Yuyang City, Xiaojia Racecourse.

   "I didn't dream, I actually crossed it!"

   Xiao Chao stared at the tall horse in the stable, then looked down at his tattered ancient clothes, completely blindfolded.

   He still remembers looking at his cell phone in bed last night, but this morning he changed his appearance, and suddenly there were other people's memories in his mind.


   Xiao Chao gave himself a slap, and found that it really hurts, not a dream.

   "It's really **** capable of traversing, but traversing also finds me a rich second-generation identity, why is it a waste for me!"

   Xiao Chao said bitterly.

   Through the extra memory, Xiao Chao learned that the owner of this body was also called Xiao Chao, who was a branch of the Xiao family.

   Originally, the Xiao Dynasty was also a genius. At the age of 5, he entered the first martial arts class, and at the age of 12, he entered the martial arts class ninth class.

   However, the Xiao Chao decided to die on his own, and actually went to practice the forbidden law of the Xiao family, "Tenglong Huayang Jue". In the end, he fell into trouble, broke his veins, became a waste, and was driven out by the Xiao family.

   After his cultivation was abolished, Xiao Chao didn't have the face to return to the tribe to see his relatives, so he simply stayed at the Xiao family's horse farm and worked as a groom. It has been almost three years now.

   Xiao Chao recalled the life experience of the body owner, and could only scream.

   "Huh? What is this?"

   When Xiao Chaozheng was upset, he suddenly realized that there was something in his body, which looked very familiar.

   A 5-inch display with small square-shaped icons on it.

   "This...Isn't this my silk mobile phone that I have used for N years?"

   Xiao Chao said in surprise.

   "Others have cheats when they cross. Is this phone my cheat?"

   Xiao Chao was overjoyed, and then encountered difficulties.

   This mobile phone is invisible and cannot be touched, it is completely in his consciousness, how to operate it?

   "Does it use consciousness? And what's the use of traveling with a mobile phone?"

   Xiao Chao thought in his heart, imagining the sliding screen in his consciousness.

   As expected, the phone interface in my consciousness turned to page 2.

   "It's really good!"

   Xiao Chao touched his chin, but was not happy.

  On the earth, mobile phones have many functions, such as communication, entertainment, and office work. But what can you do in Tianwu Continent? No internet, no signal!

   "Huh? How full is this signal!"

   Xiao Chao was stunned suddenly, then looked up at the blue sky.

   "Can there be satellites in the sky? This, is it impossible?"

   Xiao Chao pressed his forehead, feeling the fog on his head.

   "See if I can download things!"

   Xiao Chao thought in his heart, opened the application store, and found that the software profile pictures in the store could really be refreshed.

   Xiao Chao randomly found a free game, clicked to download, and then saw the download progress bar moving rapidly.

   "Ding, successfully downloaded "XXX", you can buy game items in the mall."

   "Ding, the new game is on the market, the existing recharge 100 gets 100, the recharge 1000 gets 1000, the 100% rebate promotion, the first recharge, a gift package for the newcomer is also given, players are welcome to participate!"

   After the game was downloaded and installed, Xiao Chao had two pieces of game information in his mind. Not only that, he also saw his own information in the game.

   Character: Xiao Chao

   Level: Level 0 (Note: It is in a state of being abolished and unable to practice)

  Equipment: tattered clothes and a horse whip.

   Two silver coins: 2 coins.

   Xiao Chao looked down at his right hand, and found that he was holding a riding whip, and he touched his trouser pocket, and he really found two copper plates.

   "Huh? Actually show my real information? Does the content of the phone represent me?"

   Xiao Chao frowned. Before he could think about it carefully, he saw that the phone screen flickered a few times, and then the game shut down automatically and a few large characters were displayed on the screen.

  System error, please restore factory settings!

   "Restore factory settings? What do you mean?"

   Xiao Chao was stunned.

   The meaning of restoring the phone to factory settings is easy to understand, that is, to clear all user data in it, and the system is restored to the state when the phone was first released.

   "Play a game, the state shown above is myself, obviously I and the phone have become one, now if I restore the phone to factory settings and clear the user information, will the things in my mind be gone?"

   Xiao Chao looked at the phone interface, showing hesitation.

   While he was working on the mobile phone system, a 2 meter high bay red horse galloped up.

   The man who drove the horse galloping was the second son of the racecourse owner. His name was Xiao Lie. Today, he is 13 years younger than Xiao Chao, but he is very strong and looks like an adult.

   Xiao Lie held a horse whip in his right hand and a charming girl in his left hand. After seeing Xiao Chao who was in a daze on the road, he didn't mean to stop at all. Instead, a sense of hostility rose on his face.


   Xiao Lie flicked the reins, and the tall burgundy horse neighed and rushed towards Xiao Chao.

   Xiao Chao, who was studying his mobile phone, suddenly heard the sound of horses, and heard the sound of horses hooves approaching in his ears. With a glimpse of his eyes, he immediately spotted Xiao Lie coming from the horse.

"not good!"

   Xiao Chao was shocked and flew forward completely out of instinct.

In the process of    pouncing, Xiao Chao could feel the heat emitted by the maroon horse when it ran. The tattered clothes were also torn off by the saddle with several pieces of cloth, becoming more tattered.


   Xiao Chao fell to the ground, his back burned even more, he was bleeding from the saddle, and his palm was also worn out.

   Seeing that Xiao Lie hadn't hit Xiao Chao, his face showed disappointment, then he took the rein and turned his horse's head.

Da da da.

   Xiao Lie rode to the front of Xiao Chao.

   "The trash without eyes, dare to stand in the way of the young man!"

   Xiao Lie yelled at him, and slammed Xiao Chao's back with his horse whip.


   This blow was fierce and heavy, and Xiao Chao's back had a whip mark like a ferocious snake. The painful Xiao Chao was sweating and his body convulsed.

   "Brother Xiao Chao, aren't you a genius of our clan? Why don't you fight back if you are beaten!"

   The girl in Xiao Lie's arms showed a worried look, but her eyes were full of mockery, asking completely knowingly.

   "Feng'er, have you forgotten? This guy's forbidden practice has been abolished!"

   Xiao Lie laughed.

   "Oh, I remember, Brother Xiao Chao is already useless!"

   Xiao Fenger said with a ‘innocent and innocent’ smile.

   Xiao Chao listened to the cynicism of the two people, UU reading www.uukanshu.com, his eyes were red, and he was panting hard, wishing to rush up and fight the two people desperately.

   "Forbearance, you must be forbearance, now you go up and go desperately for a while, and you will die in vain in the end!"

   Xiao Chao lowered his head, bit his lip, suppressing the anger in his heart.

   "Huh, trash is trash, and I don't even dare to let go of a fart after being beaten!"

   Xiao Lie saw that Xiao Chao was silent, and the contempt on his face became thicker.

   "Xiao Chao, you are now a useless person and you are totally unworthy of Feng'er. I now advise you to go back and divorce Feng'er, otherwise, I will see you once and beat you once!"

   Xiao Lie snorted, and took Xiao Fenger away.

   "Two dog men and women!"

   Xiao Chao looked at the back of the two people away, clenched his fists and creaked.

   Xiao Feng'er grew up with Xiao Chao and was a follower of Xiao Chao. When Xiao Chao entered the main clan, her family worried that they would lose Xiao Chao’s sweet pastry, so they offered to be engaged.

   But 2 years ago, Xiao Fenger

"Xiao Feng'er, I don't want to bother you. If you ask me to divorce directly, I will definitely agree; but you shouldn't, you shouldn't find a wild man to come back before you leave and force me to divorce!" Xiao Chao had difficulty He got up from the ground, his eyes flickered.

   "Fight, even if you die, it is better than being humiliated alive!"

   Xiao Chao turned his mind and pressed the ‘restore factory settings’ button on the phone screen.


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