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Wang Yong has disappeared for many years, but no matter how others look for it, he will not get any information from Wang Yong. Wang Yong is the enlightenment teacher of Yan Fei's kung fu. It is because of the good foundation that Wang Yong has laid here that Yan Fei knows the true secrets of the human body and also guides Yan Fei to go on the road of god-level master Let Yan Fei take a lot of detours. It is a pity that Wang Yong disappeared suddenly after giving basic instruction to Yan Fei, and never appeared after that.

Yan Fei originally thought that she would never see Wang Yong again in her life, but did not expect that she would meet Wang Yong in the old nest of the destiny, that is, the second suspension bridge. Looking at Wang Yong's costume, it's completely coach style, and it's no different from his apprenticeship at Beyond Martial Art. Seeing Wang Yong like this, Yan Fei couldn't help but have a sense of familiarity, as if the years had reversed and he was back to the past.

Except for Yan Fei, no one from the God-level team has actually met Wang Yong. But after hearing Yan Fei shouting out the four words of coach Wang Yong, they all felt enlightened. Yan Fei's rapid rise in a short period of time. Everyone has conducted a detailed investigation of Yan Fei and found that Yan Fei's following Wang Yong Xi Wu was an important turning point in Yan Fei's life. It is a pity that Wang Yong did not stay in the demon for a long time, and then mysteriously disappeared.

Then these people began to investigate Wang Yong's information, but no matter how they investigated, they did not have any information about Wang Yong, as if Wang Yong did not exist at all. The data left by Wang Yong when he joined the gymnasium at that time has been proved to be all false, so no one knows the details of Wang Yong. What does he look like, where did he come from, where did he go after disappearing, more It's not clear what Wang Yong's strength is.

What's even more weird is that those students who are practicing martial arts with Yan Fei under Wang Yong at the same time can't even remember what martial arts tricks that Wang Yong taught every day, let alone what exactly Yan Fei practices every day. . Their martial arts experience is like a dream. With the passage of time, those memories are quickly forgotten. By now, their memory of martial arts has all disappeared.

In short, Yan Fei's entire martial arts process is very simple, but it is full of mysteries. Although he practiced martial arts in the eyes of everyone, he seemed to be completely invisible. No one knew where Yan Fei had learned from Wang Yong.

However, since following Wang Yong Xiwu, Yan Fei's strength has changed dramatically in just a short time. In just a few years, he has completed the journey of others for decades. Now he is breaking the human limit and becoming a god-level expert The strength also surpassed most of the god-level masters. Although Yan Fei's strength has its own golden finger, Wang Yong also played a very big role in it.

Now it's hard to see this legendary Wang Yong, everyone starts to observe Wang Yong, and wants to see the hidden secrets of Wang Yong. But Wang Yong, just like when he was apprentice, looked ordinary and ordinary. Wang Yong still hides his own strength, but everyone is a god-level master, and his eyesight is very powerful. Naturally, Wang Yong's strength is just the innate peak. Although he is infinitely close to the realm of God, he has not broken the limits of the human body and is still an ordinary person. An ordinary person appears here on the second suspension bridge. Any god-level master here can shoot Wang Yong in an instant. So what is the purpose of Wang Yong's presence here?

Wang Yong stood in front of these god-level masters, carrying his hands on his back, and looked like he was inscrutable in a fitness center. Everyone has a strange feeling that although Wang Yong is not a god-level master, he seems to be teaching himself to these god-level masters.

Wang Yong didn't look at the others, but just greeted Yan Fei and said, "Yan Fei, you are finally here. We haven't seen each other for a long time!"

Yan Fei said, "Coach, are you here so? Are you trying to stop us from passing here?"

Wang Yong did not answer Yan Fei's question directly, but instead asked, "If I want to stop you, will you stop moving forward?"

Yan Fei didn't answer Wang Yong's question either, and said to himself: "Coach, I didn't know it before. I thought you taught me only ordinary entry-level martial arts tricks. But recently I found out that you taught to My tricks are the most sophisticated methods of martial arts, and I want to thank you for teaching me. "

Wang Yong said faintly: "Those are not necessarily the brightest tricks, but they are just right for you. Only when you use them will they exert their greatest power."

Yan Fei said: "People who practice martial arts with you here, they slowly forget what you teach, and they don't even know what tricks you have taught me. Should you be influencing them in secret? "

Wang Yong said: "Yes, although these tricks are not so clever, I don't want them to be taught casually."

Yan Fei said earnestly: "Coach, I want to thank you. Although I have other adventures to become a god-level master, the method you have taught me has shortened my process of becoming a god-level master, allowing me to come in the storm I had the ability to protect myself before. The reason I was able to build Neverland is actually your credit. If you are willing to come to Neverland, you will get a very high status on Neverland. "

Wang Yong smiled: "Yan Fei, thank you for remembering me, but I will not go to Neverland. Do you remember what I told you, what is the biggest regret in my life?"

Yan Fei thought for a moment and said, "Is it impossible to break the limits of the human body and become a god-level master?"

Wang Yong nodded and said, "Yes, my whole life is focused on martial arts, and my biggest wish is to become a master of martial arts and set the peak of martial arts. However, due to various reasons, I can only be a master of congenital peak period at most It is absolutely impossible to break through and become a god-level master. Then I met fate, and it told me that it can change my destiny. As long as I complete the task it entrusted to me, I can become a god-level master. "

Yan Fei said, "The task assigned to you by fate is to let you teach me martial arts and help me grow into a god-level master?"

Wang Yong said: "Yes, helping you to become a god-level master is my task. Fortunately, your qualifications are very high, and there are other adventures, and finally you have become a god-level master. It is also the first one to complete my destiny. task."

Yan Fei asked, "Do you have a second mission?"

Wang Yong glanced at the god-like masters who looked at him with all eyes, and said lightly: "The second task for me is to guard this suspension bridge and not let anyone cross it."

Yan Fei said, "Do you help fate like this? Has fate made you a god-level master?"

Wang Yong shook his head and said, "Before you didn't show up here, I hadn't become a god-level master. But the moment I saw you, I noticed the breakthrough opportunity that fate arranged for me, and I'm about to break through and become a god-level Master. "

As soon as the words fell, everyone noticed that there was an abnormal fluctuation in the surrounding heaven and earth aura, and the center of the abnormal aura was Wang Yong. Everyone has rich experience and naturally knows that this is Wang Yong who is beginning to break through and is about to become a god-level master from a mortal ...

Everyone was stunned by the strength of the high priest at the first suspension bridge, so the following consciousness felt that Wang Yong here should be very powerful. But when Wang Yong showed signs of breakthrough, everyone suddenly realized that originally, Wang Yong was really just an ordinary person, and he had not become a god-level master.

Without awe, Xiao Wudi next to him was eager to try. He and Yan Fei had a deep resentment. After knowing that Yan Fei had risen because of Wang Yong's teaching, he immediately turned his hatred on Wang Yong and killed Wang Yong. Moreover, Wang Yong is now at the threshold of breaking through to the realm of God. It is the weakest time, so Xiao Wuji does not speak, and suddenly comes forward to attack Wang Yong.

As soon as Yan Fei's body shook, she stepped forward to intercept Xiao Wudi's attack on Wang Yong, but the Tang monk and the beast around him immediately surrounded him, blocking Yan Fei, and preventing Yan Fei from helping Wang Yong. Who was Captain Huaxia and I immediately stood up and started to support Yan Fei, and the ancestral land, Contreras and Augustus also stood out and began to confront Captain Huaxia and who I am.

Just a split second, the god-level team split and the two groups began to formally confront each other. Others who did not participate in the confrontation also looked at the two sides of the confrontation with desperation. As long as the situation allows, attacks may be launched at any time ...

It was this delay that Xiao Wudi's fist hit Wang Yong's body. Only a loud noise was heard, and a violent explosion sounded on Wang Yong. The aura of heaven and earth quickly flowed, and a small hurricane formed near Wang Yong.

It ’s just that Wang Yong is as stable as Mount Tai. Although his chest was hit by Xiao Wudi and his coach ’s clothes were blown violently, he did n’t have any expression on his face and did n’t even move his body. There is no such thing as an attack.

Several people confronting each other also found this abnormal situation. They hesitated for a moment, immediately ended the confrontation, and set their sights on Wang Yong and Xiao Wudi.

Suddenly Xiao Wudi became angry and angry, feeling embarrassed in front of everyone, and actually could not kill a mortal who had not yet completed the breakthrough of the realm of God. So he quickly punched out and hit Wang Yong's body again. Wang Yong's body continued to have fierce air explosions, but Wang Yong's pattern remained motionless, and the whole performance was light and light, as if he had not been hurt at all.

Suddenly, the aura of heaven and earth on Wang Yong's body stopped fluctuating. Everyone knows that this means that Wang Yong's breakthrough has ended, and he has officially become a god-level master. When Xiao Wudi hit Wang Yong again, there was no explosive air on Wang Yong's body, just like Wang Yong had a black hole on his body, and absorbed all the energy created by Xiao Wudi.

Wang Yong closed his eyes and began to feel the great changes in his body. The expression on his face began to appear suddenly realized. When Xiao Wudi hit Wang Yong again, Wang Yong suddenly opened his eyes and waved a fist, which was in the middle of Xiao Wudi's fist. I heard a violent air wave explosion in the air. In the explosion, Wang Yong was still intact, but Xiao Wudi was ejected towards the rear as if he was hit by a high-speed train.

Xiao Wudi was smashed into the cliff behind, his body was inlaid into the cliff, and the entire cliff seemed to have suffered a huge blow, and began to show small cracks ...

The people who had been divided into two factions are also stunned by the result. They have all played against Xiao Wuji. Although Xiao Wudi's name is domineering, he is not really invincible, but his power is very powerful. However, when fighting against a newcomer who has just become a god-level master, Xiao Wudi was completely invincible in strength. He was beaten by Wang Yong and flew away. Is the special ability that Wang Yong obtained after breaking through is power? Enhanced?

Wang Yong did not go to see Wolverine Xiao Wudi. He looked at Yan Fei and said, "Yan Fei, you are my only disciple. Unfortunately, I was not a god-level master before, and I was unable to impart the fighting skills of your god-level master. Now I break through Now, I have some experience in the power skills, I will show you now, I hope to be able to help your combat experience. "

Xiao Wuji, who was embedded in the cliff, was struggling to climb out. He was hit by Wang Yong. He had already suffered serious trauma, but this injury was nothing to the god-level masters. He soon controlled the injury. It was just that Xiao Wudi felt that his face was not good-looking and made him look blushed and ashamed.

Xiao Wudi realized the attack of Wang Yong just now, he suddenly reacted, pointed at Wang Yong, and said, "No, you are not attacking me by your power, you are using my power. You just let me attack you. The attack actually absorbed my power in the dark, and then you exploded the absorbed power and reacted to me, so you hit me. In fact, it was me, not you, your power that hit me. It doesn't look so powerful. "

Tang Seng was taken aback and said, "Wang Yong, isn't the ability you gained the increase in power, but the ability to absorb the attacking power of others, and then fight back the absorbed power?"

Wang Yong ignored Tang Seng, but said to Yan Fei, "Yan Fei, the special ability of the god-level master that I have obtained is to absorb all the energy and transform it into me. I am stuck at the peak of the congenital realm. Years, because I ca n’t break through, I will focus all my attention on the study of power. If we only understand and use power, there can be no more powerful person in this world than me. Because my understanding of strength has reached its peak, when I break through, I naturally acquire the ability to absorb and rebound the enemy's energy attack. "

Yan Fei is also imagining how to use this ability of Wang Yong ~ www.mtlnovel.com ~ Xiao Wudi over there is obviously dissatisfied with Wang Yong's words, he rushed up again and fought with Wang Yong. But Wang Yong did not resist Xiao Wudi ’s attack at all. When Xiao Wudi hit Wang Yong, that huge energy would be absorbed by Wang Yong. Because these energies were all absorbed by Wang Yong, the battle scene between the two seemed very quiet, and there was no explosion wave that happened constantly before.

After the energy absorbed by Wang Yong reached a certain level, Wang Yong suddenly shot and forcibly competed with Xiao Wudi to use Xiao Wudi's power to attack Xiao Wudi himself. He actually knocked Xiao Wudi into the cliff again and looked embarrassed. Unbearable.

After seeing Wang Yong's ability again, everyone realized Wang Yong's horror. According to Wang Yong's explanation of his ability, Wang Yong had already achieved immunity against physical attacks. No one can hurt him, but he can absorb the enemy's power to attack the enemy. If Wang Yong ’s terrible special ability cannot be eliminated, then even if everyone here goes into battle together, how can Wang Yong be ...

These god-level masters also thought the high priest on the first suspension bridge was very difficult, but after seeing Wang Yong's true strength, they found that the high priest was nothing at all, and Wang Yong was the real super master, although he Just became a god-level master, but has begun to show the invincible style of the god-level master.

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