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The high priest is a standard black man. Even if he is lucky to become a god-level master, due to his qualifications, his strength in the god-level master is also the bottom of the existence. Even Yan Fei, who was cut off from the innate peak, can tease him with the spider combat platform. But after only a few years without seeing it, the strength of the high priest has undergone rapid changes, and suddenly jumped from the bottom of the god-level master to the forefront.

Originally, it was just a "poisonous" ability of chicken ribs. For no reason, its power was developed to the limit by the high priest. The High Priest is now exhibiting "Very Poisonous". Not only are the **** formed by the "Poisonous" liquid larger, but the "Poisonous" liquid is more toxic. Needless to say, direct contact with the "very toxic" liquid, even near "toxic", will cause the terrible symptoms of poisoning.

Although the high priest stood on the spot without any action and was completely passively beaten, his "venomous" sphere shocked everyone. No one dared to attack the high priest. He really stopped everyone by his own ability. In the middle of the suspension bridge, an impossible combat plan was realized. So many god-level masters shot together, the scale is unprecedented, but no one can take the high priest, it is really unexpected.

The ancestral land was also shocked by the "highly poisonous" ability of the high priest, but he had a strong urge to kill the destiny organization, but hesitated a little, then quickly stepped forward and wanted to continue to attack the high priest. The ancestral land wore a metal armor, which wrapped all the body of the ancestor land, so the ancestor land had a certain resistance to "toxic" liquid. As the ancestral land approached the high priest, although "Poisonous" had begun to corrode the metal armor, it did not directly affect the ancestral land in the armor protection.

The ancestral land roared, and the fist wrapped in metal armor hit the "venomous" orb. When the metal fist comes into contact with the "Poisonous" orb, an obscure mass of energy is injected into the "Poisonous" orb, and then the liquid in the "Poisonous" or toxic ball is violently rippling. The high priest of the center murmured, apparently having been harmed in this attack on the ancestral land.

The metal fist of the ancestral land had just come into contact with highly toxic liquids, and those highly toxic liquids quickly corroded his metal armor. By the time the ancestral land injected energy into the "Poisonous" orb, the metal armor on the fist of the ancestor land had been corroded. When the ancestral land retracted the fist, it was found that the metal armor on the fist had been completely corroded, revealing the huge fist of the ancestral land wearing black gloves.

The ancestral land and other god-level masters have a different power system. He generates another strange energy in his body. Although this strange energy is largely dissipated by the "Poisonous" sphere, some of it passes through the poisonous liquid. Conduction acts on the high priest and hurts the high priest. However, the high priest's highly toxic liquid was really against the sky, and it only corroded the ancestral land's metal armor in an instant, making the ancestor's land unable to continue to attack the high priest. Therefore, although the high priest suffered a small injury, the ancestral land could not continue to attack the high priest, and the high priest was still a stumbling block for everyone to move forward.

The ancestral land saw that the high priest could not be repulsed, and was a little disappointed. His metal armor had corroded a fist with highly toxic liquid, and even if he continued to attack, the other fist would certainly not be able to kill the high priest until it was destroyed. So the ancestor's land only quickly observed the reaction of the high priest, and then quickly returned to the team behind.

Seeing the ancestral land's metal armor was also corroded by highly toxic liquids, everyone was a little helpless to the high priest. If there is no toxic liquid bodyguard, even if the high priest is more powerful, in the face of so many god-level attacks, there is only one way to completely die. However, the current high priest is hidden in a highly toxic liquid, and cannot be directly attacked, even if someone wants to approach him. Everyone has the feeling that the high priest has bitten the hedgehog and has nowhere to go.

When everyone was having a headache, Yan Fei suddenly said: "Look, the suspension rope of this suspension bridge is rapidly corroded by highly toxic liquid. Once this suspension bridge is destroyed, I guess it will be difficult for everyone to go across the shore.

The original intention of everyone was that even if the suspension bridge was destroyed by the high priest, they could take the other person to the other shore by virtue of the thunderbolt controller and who I am who could fly. But when they found that the high priest was holding a suspension bridge here, they felt that there must be something strange. So the biggest possibility is that only these two people who can fly can go to the opposite bank. Those people who ca n’t fly must not get through. If they want to pass, they can only pass this suspension bridge.

Tang Seng frowned, "The suspension bridge is indeed going to be destroyed, and the longer this guy has stopped us here, the more likely we are to be discovered by the destiny organization, and the purpose of the raid is lost. So we must Kill the high priest in the shortest possible time, otherwise we will not only lose the opportunity to attack, but we may also fall into the trap of destiny organization. "

Xiao Wudi said, "But this guy's poison is so powerful, we can't break the defense against him!"

Abe Xiangming next to him suddenly said, "Maybe ... I can try it."

Yan Fei's eyes brightened and she said, "How are you going to try?"

Abe Xiangming looks that the smooth lubricity of the oil cavity is unreliable. During this period, he has not exerted his special ability after becoming a god-level master, so everyone does not know what the special ability of Abe Xiangming is. However, since Abe Xiangming dare to say this, it shows that he has a certain degree of confidence, so Yan Fei will speak.

Abe Xiangming did not answer Yan Fei's question, his face became somber, his hands began to switch between different handprints, and a spell in his mouth was incomprehensible to anyone. Then with a finger of his hand, a wave like water appeared in the air in front of him, and a dark thing suddenly appeared from the air, so it floated in midair.

This thing is between entity and illusion. It looks like a fox in appearance, but with extreme cold energy, everyone in the vicinity can't help fighting a cold war. Everyone thinks it's incredible, because there is a lot of magma here, the temperature is very high, plus everyone is a god-level expert, the resistance is very strong, but I didn't expect to be stimulated by this strange thing to fight the Cold War, this strange thing is what? Why is it so cold?

Others didn't know this thing, but Shao Zuo, who was also an islander, recognized it. Her face changed and said: "Abe Xiangming, I didn't expect you to really regain the fox-like god."

Everyone suddenly realized that the **** of style is a myth and legend of the island nation and a special spirit being. However, very few people have been able to recover the **** from ancient times. However, Abe Xiangming actually recovered such a strange **** in a silent way.

Abe Xiangming said: "My fox-like **** can curse any target, but only if it touches the body of that target. I need someone to help me tear the poisonous liquid, as long as the high priest reveals the poisonous liquid, even if With a little body, I can use the **** to curse him and let him die in a very short time. "

Tang Seng said, "Very toxic liquid is extremely toxic. Who can tear it apart?"

Hong Jitong from the cold country said, "Everyone, my flute can attack people from the air. I am confident that the high priest will be stunned for a short time, but I don't know if I can tear the poisonous liquid away. crack."

Yan Fei looked at who I was next to him and said, "Who am I? What do you think?"

Who am I to cast Western sects of light magic, light magic is the nemesis of the poisonous liquid, as long as the light magic is cast, naturally can dispel the poisonous liquid of the high priest. But who I am must rely on the three artifacts of the Western denominations to perform bright magic, and now the three artifacts of the denomination are not with who I am. Therefore, who I am can not perform bright magic. Naturally, the high priest's poisonous liquid is powerless.

However, who I am from is mysterious, even if there is no sect three artifacts, he has his own way. Who am I thinking for a moment and said: "If the high priest is stunned by the sound of the flute, I can condense the ultrasound into a very small sound beam, penetrate the" toxic "ball, and expose the high priest to the outside. It is this time It may be very short-lived, and the area exposed by the high priest is very small. I do n’t know if the area of ​​the size of the needle tip can play the cursing role of God. "

Abe Xiangming said: "A pinpoint-sized hole is fine. As long as it is cursed by my god, the high priest will undoubtedly die."

Contreras said in a nasty and eccentric manner: "I did not expect that Mr. Abe has such ability. If we meet your god, will you also curse us to death?"

After being reminded by Contreras, everyone only reacted. If the fox-type **** is really so powerful, he can curse a god-level master casually, then the most powerful person here should be Abe Akira, because he only needs to launch the God curse, you can kill all the god-level masters.

Abe Xiangming smiled bitterly: "Every person can only regain one type of **** in their lifetime, and one type of **** can only initiate a curse. After the curse is launched, not only will the **** of God be wiped out, but the master of the **** will also lose his energy and become weak. For a long time. So I cursed the god-level master only once, and after that, this ability disappeared. "

Although I don't know whether Abe's explanation of Shishin is true or false, everyone was relieved after hearing that Shishin had such a big limitation. If there is no limit to casual use, Abe Xiangming will be invincible.

Tang Seng said: "In this case, I hope everyone will work together and everyone will work together to solve the high priest's stumbling block."

Hong Jitong took out the flute, put it near his mouth, and prepared to play; who am I once again turned into a bat group, using the bat group to form a big horn, one end of the big horn is extremely small; while Abe Xiangming is focused, we must Initiating God's Curse.

After getting ready, Tang Seng signaled that the flute near Hong Jitong's mouth suddenly issued a weird sound wave. The attack target of this sound wave was the high priest on the suspension bridge. Although the "venomous" ball can block energy attacks, the sound wave is not completely an energy attack, so Hong Jitong's flute still penetrates the "venomous" ball and acts on the high priest.

As Hong Jitong said, the high priest experienced a very brief syncope, which caused the strange poisonous spheres outside to start a weird wave. The vampire bat who I am who incarnates opened his mouth immediately and sent out ultrasonic waves. Under the focus of that big horn, all the ultrasonic waves were converged into a very small sound beam. This condensed to the extreme ultrasonic wave. " "Very toxic", although most of the ultrasonic energy is blocked by the toxic liquid, but a small part of the energy still cannot be blocked, so this weakened ultrasonic wave finally penetrates the toxic liquid and hits the high priest inside body.

This greatly weakened ultrasound could not hurt the high priest, and even this ultrasonic attack caused the high priest to wake up from syncope. After discovering that he had been attacked by someone, the high priest would mobilize the highly toxic liquid outside his body to block the pores punctured by the ultrasound.

In such a short period of time, Abe Xiangming's style **** drilled into that tiny hole, disappeared, and then the highly toxic liquid outside the high priest closed again, turning into a "toxic" circle without any gaps. ball.

The entire attack process was like an electric light flint, which was completed in an instant. However, after the high priest recovered his sobriety, the "Poisonous" sphere re-wrapped everything, and no one knew what was going on inside.

Everyone looks at Abe Xiangming. After Abe Xiangming has performed this big move, he is already weak and looks like he wants to fall at any time. He said stubbornly: "My curse has been completed, and my fox-style **** has Disappear forever, hope it can curse that high priest. "

Everyone looked at that "venomous" ball. The "venomous" ball did not change at the beginning, but slowly the highly toxic liquid inside began to ripple, and then a large amount of highly toxic liquid from the ball It broke out and dropped into the magma canyon below. These highly toxic liquids were evaporated by the hot magma below, and a strange black smoke appeared in the air ...

Slowly, a large amount of highly toxic liquid began to fall. In the end, all the poisonous liquid disappeared at once, exposing the high priest inside. The high priest at this time was stiff and looked very strange, and then his body fell towards the lava valley below. Everyone is assured that it seems that the curse of Abe Xiangming's **** has succeeded, the high priest was really cursed to death by the fox-like god, and the fox-like **** who completed the mission has disappeared.

The high priest did not accidentally fall into the lava valley. The high priest's body was ignited by the hot magma and began to burn. But at this moment, the high priest, who had thought of death, suddenly sat up, and his flame-covered people on the shore actually started waving, as if saying goodbye to everyone ...

Then the fire on the high priest was getting bigger and bigger, and slowly the high priest died completely, no longer moving, and his body was completely absorbed into the magma below. Looking at the disappeared High Priest, everyone had a heavy heart. This is not only because they saw the first god-level master of death, but also because of the anomalous behavior shown by this god-level master at the last moment. Why did the high priest wave to everyone, and what did he mean?

Then everyone became more vigilant about the fate organization they were about to meet, and they all felt that the fate organization was somewhat unpredictable. The high priest's strength was originally at the bottom of the god-level master, but he only followed the organization of fate for a while, and the strength has been so greatly improved. It is very difficult for them to send so many god-level masters to strike the high priest. kill. If they meet the fate organization behind the high priest, what price will they pay to kill the fate organization? Or can they kill the fate?

This temporarily formed team of god-level masters was very confident in the task of raiding the destiny organization, but after meeting the high priest, their confidence quickly disappeared, replaced by a deep sense of weakness ...

But at this time, the god-level masters have no retreat ~ www.mtlnovel.com ~ they only have one way to go black. After the high priest was no longer a road rover, everyone quickly passed the suspension bridge, and this time they came to the opposite bank without encountering any obstacles.

Everyone found a new road on the opposite bank, so they walked along this road. After the road in front was cut off by a cliff, they found another suspension bridge in front. This suspension bridge leads to the other side of the lava canyon. . In the information of who I was before, after passing this second suspension bridge, I was able to reach the main square in front of which should be the existence of the destiny organization.

A small wooden house was built next to the suspension bridge. When the god-level expert team was a little stunned, they saw a person coming out of the small wooden house. This is a middle-aged man with the face of a Huaxia person. He is also wearing a white exercise suit. If this person is not near the suspension bridge, his appearance will not attract anyone's attention at all.

After seeing this middle-aged man in the team, Yan Fei was very surprised and said, "Coach Wang Yong, why are you here?"


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