"what is this?"

There was a look of shock in Lin Fan's face, staring blankly at the dozen swords in the air.

The breath of each sword qi is extremely terrifying, although these sword qi has not been settled yet, there is a long distance from everyone.

But everyone felt that the skin was aching and tingling.

"He was just a teacher. How could he have such a magical power?"

Lin Zijun's eyes flashed a shocking color.

She vaguely felt that this world is really going to change!

"Who is making trouble in Tianshuyuan?"

A loud drink came.

The crowd felt only a slight vibration on the ground. Then, they saw a group of iron riders rushing in, and the general, headed by them, was very powerful.

Lin Zijun recognized that the other party was his own second uncle!

"Second uncle, you are here. It's time to kill this demon. This Lu Yan has turned into a demon. Just Mr., was devoured by the monster!

Lin Fan shouted quickly.

Are you all devoured by the monster?

Is there really a demon in the world?

The general headed by him and his men Tieqi looked at the dozen or so white swords in the air one by one, his face gradually showing shock.

"This, what the **** is going on?"

The general was shocked and did not dare to act lightly.

Lin Fan wanted to speak again at this time. Only when his second uncle shot, he could find a chance to leave Tianshu Academy.

As long as he doesn't meet Lu Yan, it doesn't matter where he hides.

If he is unable to leave this place today, Lin Fan dare to guarantee that he will surely die in the hands of Lu Yan!


Lin Fan sang aloud, his voice had not yet fallen, and the complete language could not be spoken. His voice stopped abruptly!

A white sword qi descended from the sky, stunned, pierced through the heavenly cover of the forest fan, the horrible sword qi, and even left a deep mark on the ground.

The vitality in Lin Fan's eyes is gradually dissipating. Don't look at him at this moment, it seems to be no different from ordinary people, but Neiyi has long been broken by this sword.

If the King of Tianshu shots and has the ability to heal, then there is no second monk in the world of Tianshu except Lu Yan.

Lin Fan, doomed to death.


Lin Zijun exclaimed.

The general also reacted instantly. When he looked at Lin Fan's corpse and fell down on his knees, and the blood from his heavenly cover kept flowing, his heart became furious.

"I dare! Everyone slaughter the monsters with me!"

Under the leadership of the general, the horrible Iron Rider rushed towards Lu Yan in an innocent way.

Seeing this scene, the scholars around him stepped back to ensure that they were in a safe position, and then they looked at the scene.

Although those iron riders were shocked by Lu Yan's means, they have been alive in the education of immortal gods in the world in a short time. In a short time, the generals' orders can still be executed perfectly and they will not fear Lu Yan.

"Only by killing can you wait for him to wake up."

Lu Yan sighed softly.

The means of immortals, are these ants imaginable?

He didn't move, but the sword qi in the sky shuttled like iron arms, happily.

As long as the iron riders within three feet of Lu Yan were near, they were basically killed on the spot because the eyebrows were penetrated by sword air holes.

However, within a short time, with Lu Yan as the center and three feet outside, there were countless dead bodies.

Hundreds of iron riders brought by the general, finally in front of Lu Yan, did not even support for a quarter of an hour.

The general looked dull, turning his neck mechanically, and slowly looking at the corpse on the ground.

"You ... are you a ghost?"

The general's voice became very hoarse.

"I'm ... immortal."

Lu Yan faintly regained his sword energy, and did not take any action with the general, leaving the air directly.

Hundreds of iron riders are enough.

Everything in Tianshuyuan today will inevitably spread throughout the world like a plague.

"By then, they would know the gentleman and the saint, but it was a lie!"


Shen Luo Great World.

Fang Lengyu and Li Xin were somewhat surprised.

This time Ning Qi took Xiaoyue's two daughters out of the country to meet the world. Why did he come back so soon?

"I thought of a way for you to be promoted to God King in a short time."

Ning Qi smiled.

"Promote God King in a short time?"

There was a hint of surprise in Wang Xue's eyes, and he looked at Fang Lenghuan and Li Xin.

I can't believe it.

At this moment, they have not even achieved the state of God. How can they be promoted to God in a short time?

"However, this method must pass a small experiment to be successful."

Ning Qi laughed.

Fang Leng's hearts were a little stunned, it seems that Ning Qi returned to the world of Shen Luo ahead of time this time, because he wanted to test the means?

Not long.

Wukong and the Demon King stood together in front of Ning Qi, and Li Mochou and others also heard the news and stood by.

"Mother, dad, what do you do?"

Ning Rulai stood with a bald head and stood beside Fang Lengyun, a little curious.

"Your dad has a means and plans to experiment with them."

Fang Lengxi laughed.

Ning Rulai's eyes moved slightly, the curiosity in her heart was even more.

"King Xuan Great God, what means can you come to the old cow!"

The Bull Devil looked at Ning Qi with a look of excitement.

Goku's eyeballs moved a little, looked at the Devil King, and finally did not speak.

"you sure?"

Ning Qi smiled lightly.


The demon king was excited: "If the test is successful, it can advance to the realm of the **** king! The old cow has long been indignant about the cultivation in front of him and has become the **** king. Other big worlds dare to come and find fault. The old cow hit him with a punch! "

"it is good."

Ning Qi smiled and nodded, and his thoughts moved. Tianshu appeared in front of him immediately, and there was a piece of paper flying out of it. When he was about to land in front of the Ox Demon King, Ning Qi gently moved towards the void.

The paper immediately traced back to the origin, leaving only the purest knowledge and power.

"When you merge the pages of this book, you have a great chance to be promoted to God. Of course, there is also a great chance that you will be taken away."

Ning Qi laughed.

The ox devil looked stunned, and had no time to stop, he had been hit directly by the essence of the group's backtracking spirit.

The ox demon king stood standing still, his breath was erratic, and the power in the heavenly book was too majestic. With his strength, he could not afford to bear the power, and would probably explode.

At this moment, the physical body of the Ox Demon King has been faintly worried about the explosion, and the body is constantly bulging.

When Ning Qi saw this, his thoughts suddenly moved, and the buddha at the heart of his eyebrows suddenly appeared. A golden light fell on the demon king.

The ox demon king bathed in Jinhui doesn't look as embarrassed as he was just now. His drum bag is also receding, and the repair is changing at a speed that is visible to the naked eye.

The people present were all shocked.

Goku scratched his ears and scratched his cheeks, anxious. I knew this, he just came first!

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